Tuesday 14 May 2013

A trip to Scone Palace

About my performance at the Fair City Dog Agility Competition, Gail has instructed me that the less said the better...

Well that's no problem at all, because I have so much else to tell you about my exciting day out in the grounds of Scone Palace.

Yes I had just the most brilliant time, once I had overcome my slight disappointment on finding out that Scone Palace is an important historic building and nothing at all to do with my predecessor Hamish's favourite teatime foodables...

Did you know that this is where the Kings of Scotland were once crowned?

Today, you only get to see a replica of the famous Stone of Scone, on which the monarchs reputedly sat during their coronation.
(Gail hopes that it will be solid enough to withstand the weight of our future King Alex....)

In the gardens there was this handsome fellow...

and a peacock...

Gail goes all mushy over Highland cattle and especially their calves. I guess I can see her point, although I was not allowed up close. 

I was also not allowed in the gift shop, but Gail spotted the perfect tea towel for our dear friend Jazzi:

Outdoors, there was no shortage of interesting toilet facilities for us pups.

Oh and about the agility show, which took place in the Scone Palace Parklands....

Well frankly I was a bit miffed right from the start as it seemed all the other dogs had been transported there in style, by camper van, whereas we only have the Mini.

Then Gail kept pointing out all these swotty grade 7 collies, and saying "Bertie, see, that's how it's done".

As if that wasn't enough to put one off, the weather couldn't make up its mind what to do.

It was, I must say, a relief to encounter another terrier chappie amongst all the collies and poodles.

I am sure you will want to see the wee video showing the highlights of my own performance...

Now Gail is reminding me that in this blog we always aim to be truthful, and that perhaps the edited highlights do not give a totally accurate impression. 

Oh well then, let's include the long version as well. 

After all, at over two minutes running time, I'm pretty confident that the great majority of my readers will not bother even opening it up...

It is true that I am not a big fan of the seesaw, unless it is adorned with a trail of sausages.


  1. Oh Bertie, that's hilarious, you made my morning. I was most impressed with your majestic leaping in video 1, and then to see your reluctance and slipping under the fences in video 2 was brilliant.
    Bravo Bertie!

  2. We have to agree with Graig. But really, you did it ONCE, why do it again?

    We have heard of the Stone of Scone. It was returned with great pomp and ceremony with Sean Connery a little while back, wasn't it?

    Seesaws should ALWAYS have a trail of sausages on them.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

    Ignore the Border Collies.

  3. Hari OM
    Well Bertie... &*/

    So let's talk about hielan' cattle. Gail would have to work very hard to be a bigger sop than YAM regarding these gorgeous animals! That is a stunning fotie you got of the calf and it's mother. Did I mention I adoooooore them? My father (in Edin.) posted this year's pinup calendar full of the braw beasties - but the local Indian Post Master must have taken a fancy and it never arrived. Cows have very high status here y'see. Did I say I LLLUURRRVVV Highland cows?

    Hope you managed to have a scone and jam for tea at least? Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty. xx

  4. Drats no scones! Video 2 cracked us up. That is the kind of thing I would do. Glad you had a fun day. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Ok that is the place for me, now if only they had real cream scones. We actually wrote about tea time on our new vintage blog The Old Fashioned way today, the link is on our dog blog if you are interested. We loved your comment on Pings b day by the way, she doesnt mind dresses actually and she LOVE the basket, we do sometimes queation if she is a real dog. The boy pugs are more rough and tumble. Some day Id like a wire terrier like you or a corgi and I know that will be an adjustment towards a moer rough and tumble type doggie but then thats what Norbert is like. By the way you look amazing competing of course

    urban hounds

  6. Bertie, us Terriers are bred to go under things and dig DOWN. Why on earth would you want to go over something when you can just as easily pop under it?
    We are off for a lie down now as your videos have worn us out.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  7. BOL watching your long version of the video. Mom says thats how I'd do it, if I did agility. I did go to pre-agility school so maybe we'll go back. It looks like fun.

  8. I agree, no sausages, no see saw. That palace is a cool place, glad you brought us along for the visit!

  9. I think that Scone Palace is false advertising. Why no scones?!

  10. Bertie, I can see in, oh maybe several years time, with constant daily practice, you might be fairly good at this. All you have to do is run and jump, right, oh, and master the weave poles. Keep at it, Bertie!



  11. Bertie was that a fake out start?? And where were the treats for each jump?? I personally think you won. Now I know Jazzi would like the towel, I sent her a scotty pot holder for Christmas.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Sweet William The Scot

  12. oh Bertie... You made Mum chuckle. I do hope the judge did not count you running under that first jump as a start, surely you were just walking the course to learn the route, I suspect that you cas not rely on Gail to remember it for you, much the same as my Mum. I do like the seesaws a lot though, in fact, I run off to them wherever they be on the course.

    We is entered in our first real weekend competition on the 1st of June. Wish us luck!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  13. OMD Bertie WE loved the Castle tour.

    BUTT we are CRAZY about your Agilities videos.. WE watched EVERY SECOND of BOTH of them.. YOU did SUPER... ESP. with INVENTING THE LIMBO thingy for agilities.. You will be FAMOUS fur THAT buddy.. it was GRRRRREAT and we are PROUD of you.

  14. I am not sure what a scone is, but I thought you did pawsome. You were doing it "Berties Way" and what is wrong with that??

    Loveys Sasha

  15. Bertie, You look great! Your doing it your way! When I first starting ratting, it took a while to get a senior leg in earthdog. You should try ratting. Us terriers are great at playing the chase the rat game.
    Sally Ann

  16. From now onwards agility is spelt B-E-R-T-I-E.

  17. Agility isn't natural you know.....sleeping is natural..zzzzzz Deccy x

  18. Oh, Bouncing Bertie,

    There is ever-so-much difference between the short and the long versions! The short version leaves out your most wonderful negotiations about the start and about that seesaw! You can sure bounce.

    I was bummed the castle didn't include an actual scone.

    Keep on wagging,

  19. Oh Bertie, I was so proud to see you go Under it!! WTG!! I would come and ride that see saw with ya anytime Bertie!!


  20. Hey there Bertie (and Gail)
    What a wonderful, fun-filled blogpost. Thank you for sharing it all. I loved your tour of the grounds of Scone Palace and I relished watching BOTH your videos. You are an absolute delight and had me giggling at every turn. (So what if you have a different take on some of the obstacles (some of us can't do 'any')). Getting it 'wrong' is the best part of it all, we think - you have served to entertain your blogging-buddies immensely.
    But I must say, I am most impressed with your agility abilities (YES!) as well as Gail's patience and persistence. Keep it up, sweet boy. You are such fun!!! You really are!
    Sending lots of love and lots of 'well done scritches'. You were/are a star!!! :)
    MAXMOM and the clan in SA

  21. Bertie what a wonderful post....we love the proud peacock and actually my mom nearly jumped in the monitor when she saw the baby calf. Lots of hugs madi your BFFF

  22. What you need is a zoom lens on the camera so we can actually see what's going on. Mostly, we followed your barking. Seems to us you were successfully making the point that the whole object of agility - or anything else - is to ensure YOU are having fun, not the peeps. Rules are for those too dumb or too dull to make it up as they go along, we say. Of course, mama reminds us that following the rules helps keep one out of the hoosegow - a valid point.

  23. I really enjoyed watching your run. I was tickled when you went under and not over the first time it's something I would have done. :) I'm a cat and while I don't normally watch canines in agility trials Mom was reading about the Stone of Scone and I made her click on the longer video. I think it was a well done run, bravo Bertie!