Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Shipping News

In the normal course of things, I would be in quite a huff about having to announce that my computer help is jetting off on holiday very shortly, and I am being consigned to prison "my special vacation residence", so will be out of contact for a week or two.

However, I have been perusing a novel set in the land where Gail is meeting up with her American friends, and I am now not sure that I am the one that you should all be feeling sorry for.

Why ever do you think Gail might want to abandon me for ten days, when the rival attractions appear to be:
  • Squidburger and seal flipper pie 
  • Fog and damp (as if she doesn't get enough of that in Scotland)
  • Winds so strong that houses are held down with cables*
  • Dirty and dingy (but expensive) motels
  • Gruesome boating accidents
  • Peculiar natives (not all friendly)
  • A local press concerned mainly with incest and car wrecks 

Did I do something terribly bad?

PS In case you are still puzzled as to Gail's destination, here is another clue. She expects to be seeing lots of these!

*I have been reminded that our garden shed in Torridon is similarly anchored.


  1. What a great place to visit - Remmingtonland!

    Loved the Shipping News... Oh sorry, Bertie! Prison again? Sorry.

    PeeeS: We loved your comment on Wilf's blog this morning. We offered to provide security for you, but mom insisted on coming along for lunch, too...

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  2. Actually, Newfoundland is being explored by the local morning show at the moment. Looks cold, even if it is summer.

    Rug may make Scotland look tropical.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

    SHE didn't like the book, so didn't see the movie....even Judy Dench couldn't coax her.

  3. Dawling Bewtie
    Gail is leaving you fow that newly found land???
    I can't pawsibully see what would be mowe intewesting than being wif you, but as you know, hoomans awe stwange..anyway, I will be ovew to spwing you fwom jail as soon as I am finished wif the wedding stuff..Now I'm suwe that being a sensitive and kind lad, you awe not suggesting that I dump my fwiends who have been wif me thwoo thick and thin(even if they awe kittehs) twoo fwiends simply don't do that, as i'm suwe you'll agwee once you have given it some thought, but I will fly stwight ovew to abewdeen fwom holland as soon as I pawsibully can
    I do love you vewy much
    Pleez don't be sad little Bewtie
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess, I just had the oddest wowd vewyfication MANDG I think they wewe thinking of you

  4. Bertie we will miss you while you are in your holiday residence. Hope the room service is good and the meals are 4*.
    We wish Gail a safe journey.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  5. Hope Gail has a wonderful time in spite of not having your wonderful company. Sounds like you might be better off staying in your holiday home- at least it wont blow away;)

  6. Wow! What an amazing holiday destination - Newfoundland! Horatio and I are both v jealous. Our summer hols are also on an island.... Arran in September... might not be too dissimilar from Newfoundland.

  7. Sorry about being sent to the special vacation residence! But I am sure you'll be brought back some nice treats!

  8. From your fotos, I take it you don't give da book a good review? Heehee

    Safe travels to your mom..........

  9. Well now Bertie.. I think you are taking the right method here. Accentuate the NEGATIVE.. ignore the Pawsitive.. and she just MIGHT change her mind and stay home with YOU where she belongs. GOOOOOD MOVE Buddy!! Mark all those Pawticular Pages fur her to REread!

  10. I can't imagine any one CHOOSING to visit Newf Land for TWO WEEKS. Even most of the Newfie Dogs are moving to the USA according to an article in Canine Times.

    But don't despair, Bertie, you will get good care, food and maybe find some new friends at your Pup Inn.

    Let us know if we can do anything for you, Bartie.

    Stella and the gang

  11. You will undoubtedly be safer at home!
    Benny & Lily

  12. Oh Bertie, all this travelling is tiring you know!
    You were so right about the ticks too - even with that horrid Frontline they stick on you we got them!
    Sometimes it is good to have some time away from your human - after all we know she will miss you.
    She will feel so guilty there will be presents we are sure.
    We feel sorry for Gail - the human quest for adventure seems to last them into old age - we have similar problems this end although they have never ventured as far as Remington land!
    We know that everything a dog wants in life is right here at home!
    Much love
    The travelling Aunties xxx

  13. Hey there Bertie...
    Geesh, at first I was really confused. Okay, I admit I am still confused...Here's the thing:
    I thought all our buddies had got it see, if you google "Pyrenean Mountain dog", then this particular picture comes up together with its 'whitish' counterparts. It is logical then for me to assume that you were going to the Tour de France. And I was getting all excited for you!!! (uh, I mean Gail) And I could understand the reason why Gail is abandoning you.
    Now you will just have to explain this Newfoundland thingy....
    From your confused friend,
    BTW, I love my word verification.....'splash', BOL

  14. Yeah, we think you're probably getting the better end of that deal, Bertie! Mom read that book, too, and has not put that destination on her wish list.

    The Road Dogs

  15. Oh Bertie; we're so sorry you're being abandoned soon. Our mum loved the book and movie. Tell your Gail she'll probably love Newfoundland. It's very beautifully stark - not unlike Scotland in places. Put a warm coat and hat into the suitcase for her!

    Buzzy & the Pip

  16. Gee Bertie I agree with everypup who said you will be safer at home. Even if it is prison. But no matter what your food in the "joint" will be 100 times better than seal flipper pie! BOL

    Bon Voyage to Gail.

    woos, Tessa

  17. Didn't Gail just get back from leaving you for a bike trip to France? Just so she can go to a place that is so much like Scotland it will apparently be hard to see the difference? Sheesh.

    OK, here's Jed's method for keeping mama at home ALL THE TIME. Create a wound [licking with your tongue works great; that's what Jed used] on your person [Jed picked a rear leg] that NEVER HEALS! There is a downside to this plan: Jed has to wear the evil Cone of Shame half the time [at night and on the rare occassions mama leaves the house] and has to take so many antibiotics that mama says we should buy stock in them, whatever that means. But the upside is mama can hardly ever leave us alone. For Abby, it's pure upside.

    Hope they treat you as good as you can expect in prison.

    Jed & Abby

  18. Oh, Bertie. We honestly believe she should've planned to return to Ponca City. We've already heard Moma say something about going back there ... and we think it's a good idea ... there's a little boy there who's waiting and waiting for us.

    But that doesn't really matter right now. What matters is that BOTH of you come back with tales of adventure and plans for new ones to come. As always.

    We'll be thinking of you ... Jake and Fergs

  19. Bertie, I think you got the better end of the deal. Stay nice and snug and warm at your B&B, because that big black Newfie in that photo looks COLD!

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell

  20. Oh Bertie
    How could she leave you for palce like that?? You can come and see me if you would like??


  21. Well, I guess at least she won't be dealing with triple digit temps like we are here in Texas...

    but I don't think I'd like all that cold stuff... I got bored with the snow we had last winter after a day...

  22. Sounds like you should thank your lucky stars Bertie! Want me to come and break you out?

  23. Its a very good place to spend holidays and have fun.When ever think for your post a very sweet smile comes in mind.