Sunday, 31 July 2011

Gail shows me her holiday snaps

So Gail asked me if I would like to see some photos from her Newfoundland holiday.

To be honest, I was in two minds. I mean, why not rub it in Gail, that you were over the other side of the Pond, gallivanting with your friends, while I was stuck in prison 'my special vacation residence'.

Then she told me that she saw some statues of dogs, and I decided I was at least a teeny bit interested after all.

But first I was anxious to find out more about her travel companions, Marse, David and Jody, and most relieved to learn that they are all dog owners too, so must be a good influence. 

Marse, pictured below, lives in Tacoma, Washington State with Liddy, a part-corgi part-Tibetan spaniel, and Boo, a border collie who, as a tiny puppy, was rescued from a locked mail box by Marse and her Cuban sister-in-law (hence Boo, from buz√≥n, Spanish for mail box). 
Marse in the cloud on top of Gros Morne
And David (Marse's youngest brother) and his wife Jody share their life in Austin Texas with a mellow Australian Shepherd, Jessy. 
David and Jody by Bakers Brook Waterfall
I can see from the pictures that there were lots of interesting places in Newfoundland where Liddy, Boo, Jessy and I could have thoroughly enjoyed exploring, had we not all been left at home. Or in our 'special vacation residences'. 

I would not have minded at all that the ground was so swampy the trails through the forest were mostly on boardwalks.

The houses in St Johns looked so colourful on the outside

And dog-friendly, surely, on the inside.

It would also have been nice to have met all Marse and David's relatives (their mother came from Newfoundland).  Here are Aunt Frieda and Uncle Dan in Corner Brook. 

Aunt Frieda won this year's local downhill ski race (over eighties category) and is president of the Scottish Country Dancing Club!

Oh and if only I had been there to appreciate Gail's lecture on the Table Lands Ophiolite Zone, where the serpentinised peridotite rock from the earth's mantle is exposed at the surface. It is not clear from the photo that Gail's American friends were all that enraptured by this rare geological occurrence.

I learn that in Newfoundland you are never far from water (which I, as a terrier, have mixed feelings about.)

You are never far from a moose either.
Gail says it wasn't like 'The Shipping News' after all. Apart from the fact that the local radio station did spend a lot of time talking about car wrecks...

Finally friends, can you help me with this one, please? Supposedly there is something amusing about the changing uses of this building on George Street, St Johns. Beats me though. Perhaps if you biggify it you will be able to tell me the joke?


  1. Oh, it's beautiful in Newfoundland, I'm sure I'd love to explore the places. I'm totally on your side - it was not nice from Gail to left you at home (prison). On the other side - maybe it was a good Idea to let you at home. Do you know how big the Newfoundland dogs are? Well one of mom Friends has a puppy and wenn he wants to play..... oh, I better not tell. I think it's enough if I say that since I first met him I'm afraid of big black dogs.

    Mai the Westie

  2. That Sports bar has had a varied history!

    Beautiful pictures. And now, Bertie, Gail owes you a least!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Someone asked if we were Scottish spaniels today....haven't heard that one before.

  3. Lovely pictures Gail... Newfoundland looks excellent. I loved "The Shipping News" by the way.
    Oh Bertie, you're far too young to be told the amusing story about the building. Lets just say it's something to do with when it was built...

  4. Wonderful pictures! Beautiful scenery. Sorry you missed out Bertie!

  5. Bertie - With scenery and sunshine like that you will have to make sure that space is reserved for you on next yers trip to Candialand ! Perhaps you could be the bouncer in the Sports Bar ?

  6. What a beautiful place to visit. We are sorry you couldn't go with, maybe Gail could take you on a mini vacation at home?


  7. Hey there Bertie-bud,
    Thanks for the super pictures and the wonderful tails (oops..tales). I am sure Gail thoroughly enjoyed the walks - even if she spoke rock gibberish!
    As for the cornerstone...well, Maxmom thinks that perhaps those Catholic girls finally grew up. mmm...naked dancing...must be cold....brrr!
    Sending lotsalicks
    ps Maxmom says, "Yes, keep the check book handy - not for the book, but for a trip to SA. I am sure you could help to launch it". BOL!

  8. COOL pics Bertie and I can see NO reason why you were left at home!! I think this NEEDS an explanation from Gail bout this one!! Oh the fun that you could have had!!


  9. Wow Bertie those are some wonderfull pics! I really do enjoy them and so does Mom.

    woos, Tessa

  10. Well Bertie, these holiday pics were certainly fascinating but thank dogness you did not go to a place where dogs are turned to stone.....!
    It was lovely to hear the story of Boo - we cannot begin to imagine how the poor pup got into a mailbox!
    Sounds like the work of nasty humans so we guess we should all be happy to have nicer ones than that - even if they do chose to abandon you!
    As for that last pic - well we think it looks entirely unsuitable for you to visit Bertie.
    Much love
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  11. What beautiful photos, Bertie! You must have helped Gail pick out the best ones. You must be very happy to get to return to your routein, but we agree - Gail might owe you a Munro!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  12. wow so gorgeous. The pictures are like postcards
    Benny & Lily

  13. Hi Bertie:

    You are getting kind of sassy, aren't you, Bertie!!!

    The scenery was wonderful, and the pretty painted houses, too.

    As far as the last picture goes, its just best that you forget about it. Not for young lads like you.


  14. We are very pleased you shared Gail's photos with us Bertie, Newfoundland looks really great. We would have loved to have sniffed out a moose or two.

    MOlly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

    Pee S. Bertie you really don't want to know about the last picture..honestly I had to scroll down the page quickly before Monty and Winnie saw it, they are like you far too young to understand.


  15. Oh Bertie you are correct you do have such a lovely long face, dark eyes and a lovely beard as well as Louis.

    I have told you many times how handsome you are but you must be shy with the girls because I never heard from you. I only told Louis he was handsome once and he came calling on me.

    Maybe you should pay a bit more attention to girls Bertie cause they really do pay attention to your handsome self. BOL

    I still think you are a cutie Bertie.

    Hugs and woos, Tessa

  16. Gail does know some interesting people!

    The pictures are marvellous!!

    The Sisters of Mercy and the Catholic schoolgirls would be very shocked if they got into a time machine and came to visit 2012, wouldn't they?

    Love and licks, Winnie

  17. Hi Bertie
    Good to see you are back out of prison, mom just popped out so I've taken the chance to get on the laptop, I'll have to be quick!! Gail looks to have gone to a very beautiful place, fancy her being on a street called George Street!!! I think I can help you out with the joke, looks like its going down hill, seedy, you know what I mean ;)
    Going back to your post on "what kind of a present", well mom did her best to go and find a puffin on holiday, she even went out on a boat, did she see one, yes but it was sooo far away it was just I dot on the photo lol.
    Sheep poo, rabbit poo all taste's good to me, let me know what puffin poo taste's like, I would think a bit on the fishie side!!
    Just heard the door, got to go
    George xxx

  18. Gail - You're right. There comes a time when humans earn the right to throw away the rule book .

  19. hey Bertie,

    What great photos! Such beautiful country! And the serpentinised peridotite rock is very cool. My human especially liked that part.

    I love the dog statues! However, I think what would have made a much better photo is if you had been in the shot. I am sorry you still feel a bit sore about being left behind during Gail's fantastic - I mean, very dull and boring - trip. I will cross my paws that you get to join her on her next adventure!

    Thanks to Gail for sharing her wonderful photos. Her friends look very nice.


  20. We want to know more about the doggie statues. Were they just generic breed statues, or were they of specific historic doggies of great importance, in which case what is their story? And what, more specifically, is serpentinised periodotite? We're assuming it has nothing to do with dentistry.

    Wonder if that building was always called 'Cornerstone'? Around here, 'Cornerstone' is almost always followed by 'Baptist Church' or 'AME Church' or 'Assembly of God Church.' You will have observed a pattern by now, young Bertie. Looks like St. John's Cornerstone has suffered a Fall from Grace.

    Jed & Abby

  21. What an amazing trip your Gail went on ... and we know these were just a fraction of the memories. Still, we're sure that she was happy to return to you. You look must softer, warmer and fuzzier than those stone dogs.

    Jake and Fergs

  22. beautiful trip--that ws DEFINATELY NFLD no question!