Thursday, 7 July 2011

An operatic tragedy!

There was all sorts of commotion in Duthie Park on Monday morning, with my normal walking route barricaded off, can you believe?

Gail explained that they were preparing for a big outdoor event that evening, a live relay of  'Madam Butterfly' from the Covent Garden Opera House in London, sponsored by BP.

Here is the tent where all the BP bigwigs would get to sit. (Only the most extreme kind of optimist trusts Aberdeen's weather..)

Well I can tell you, this was most exciting. I could barely contain myself. I snuck off to a quiet corner of the park, the wildflower patch, and practiced my arias. I mean, surely, everyone would welcome a dog that could sing along so lustily.

Just imagine my disappointment when Gail announced at about seven o'clock that she was going off to the park with the neighbours, equipped with wine, snacks, and a warm fleece, while I would be staying a home, alone... 

Disappointment turned to outrage when Gail came back later in the evening, radiating enthusiasm, telling me that, not only had everyone had a splendid time, the weather stayed fine, the music was gorgeous etc. etc, but also, there'd been several dogs present, who were well behaved and had not attempted to join in.

And her point was, exactly?


  1. That does sound like a fun way to spend an evening. Poor Bertie... perhaps you're more of a Gilbert & Sullivan dog Bertie?

  2. Bertie,

    That's a great photo of you in the wild flowers.

    It is so unfair you didn't get a chance to perform. Did you have your own solo concert at home (without Gail) just for the neigbours to hear?


  3. Ahh, Bertie- they missed a trick! I bet you would have harmonised beautifully;)

  4. Ah heck, who needs crowd of humans having a fun time when you an sit at home all alone, by yourself, lonely and sad.

    Who needs it?


    Sorry you didn't get to go Bertie

    maybe next time....(Like I havn't heard that before)


  5. Poor Bertie!! Well, they were the loosers and they missed out fur sure!! Sometimes humans dont get it right all the time!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  6. Bummer Bertie...I'm sure YOU would have been the star of da show.

    By da look MARVELOUS in da field of flowers. Great foto

  7. Oh Bertie. SO unfair.

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  8. Bummer!!! We bet you would have added a few special notes that even the great Poochini never thought about!

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  9. Oh Bertie how dare they disrupt your walk with the event. We love the picture of you in the field
    Benny & Lily

  10. Terrible, terrible tale. And after you had been practising and all! Have you requested an entry to Britain's good talent yet?

  11. Unfair! You would have Bertified that event beautifully!

    On the other hand, you would have had to sit still for a very long time.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  12. Believe me Bertie you did not miss a thing! Those hoomans think they can howl and you know what??? They can NOT! BOL

    woos, Tessa

  13. Ah, Bertie, life is full of injustice. I know you won't let it get you down!

  14. Sweet Sweet BEwtie
    how vewy unfaiw
    I mean it sounds like a lovely event and I do love Madame Buttewfly, BUTTTTTT
    it would have been impwoved a thousand times wif youw live awias
    If I would have been thewe and not seen you, I would have taken my pick nick and blankie and headed wight home despite the lovely weathew
    smoochie kisses

  15. hey Bertie,

    So...other humans took their dogs to the show, but Gail left you behind? That had to hurt! And, after you practiced so diligently in the wildflower patch. Is Gail embarrassed by your howling?

    My human thinks it sounds like Gail had a splendid evening. I think she could have had a better one if you had been with her.

    The photo of you howling in the wildflower patch is simply gorgeous!

    Sorry you missed a great show. I hope Gail let's you tag along next time. Paws crossed!


  16. Hey, Bertie! Got to learn to roll with the punches here. For me, I cannot even go for a train ride like you can, dogs aren't permitted on trains or busses. So just take the bitter with the sweet, eh?



  17. I would have tried to join in on the singing - momma calls me a barkaholic!

  18. Bertie! How mean was that? Outrageous! You should have been there. Not only were you robbed of singing solo but also missed out on a picnic.

    Bet you really did have a long face today!

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  19. Oh Bertie-bud, that's not satisfactory at all!- For you, I mean. That Ma'am flutterwings would have been wonderful to watch - and I am sure you'd have gone down perfect harmony. Life's tough, isn't it!
    What shall we do about it? I' also left out of many of the acitivites in this household.
    Sending my condolences.
    Your bud,
    PS Plz tell Gail that MM did get her email - thanx. Not had time to respond yet (since I'm hoggin the computer, BOL!)

  20. I can't believe you were dumped at home while the hoomans had a splendid time at the event. Huge bummer!

  21. he's such a sweetie
    we have 2 welsh tewrriers ( so similar) and a scottie....

    nice to catch up with your blog ( through craig)

  22. Sorry we have been MIA we have been busy flitting around here and there. Now listen very carefully THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED REPEAT NOT THE FIRST TIME something really must be done and even if you did sing a long a little SO WHAT it could only add to the ambiance... geesh... as for the swimming GOOD SHOW and listen we are looking forward to haring about the clsses..We are going to think of a good pay back and will get back to you( Imean there is always the mussy feet on a clean floor but we don't feel that is enough) Love A+A

  23. We're so sorry. And ... we totally understand and agree. Perhaps we should form our own chorus.

    Jake and Fergs