Sunday, 14 November 2010

More on this grooming business

Is it right that our humans should give priority to their own grooming needs?

I'm just asking 'cos I overheard Gail the other day saying to a friend "well at least if I deal with Bertie's coat myself, then I'm no longer spending more on the dog's haircut than on my own. Which was the case when Hamish was around..."

Talk about selfish!

Now a certain person disappeared for a couple of hours yesterday morning after our walk in the park, and I couldn't help but notice when she returned that the pathetic little patch of fur on her head was even shorter than before and had changed colour. Less 'Aberdeen granite' now, and more 'ripe cornfield in the setting sun'.

Do you think she's been hand-stripped?

Oh, I am being told to stop focussing on trivia and knuckle down to work on my forthcoming quantum physics lecture (Monday 22nd November). I know some of my readers were hoping this next class in my course for budding canine scientists would also involve a field trip. Well I regret to inform you that theoretical physics is a subject best practiced indoors, with one's head stuck in a textbook full of very complicated equations.....

I'm sure you all can't wait!


  1. Our mommy prefers to have her hair color described as "a silver mane". BOL. Bertie dear, we sure hope you aren't being pushed into the world of academia at too young an age. We didn't get into quantum theory until we were at least 2 years old. Have a fun week sweetie!
    BabyRD & Hootie

  2. You know Bertie, it really doesn't matter how much money Gail spends on her furs - she will never look as good as you!!!!
    We look forward to Monday's class and have our books ready.....well Martha has just eaten a couple of the pages but we are sure there was nothing important!
    love you lots
    your adoring Aunties xxxx
    ps our human says she is sure Gail's fur is looking just lovely and we shouldn't have said that!!!

  3. It is a mystery that my Mom gets older and older yet her hair never seems to get grey...of course, like clockwork every 5-6 weeks she gets some lady to cover her head with some stinky mud. She says it has something to do with roots but as a dog who spends lots of investigative time at the base of trees, I've never seen such things on her head.

  4. This is a bit out of my area, since Pei don't need haircuts. I suck up a lot of grooming dollars, though, in dealing with breed related skin problems. I guess it all balances out in the end. I would just as soon have everything done at home, as I prefer not to be left in places. Maybe Gail will get really good at it in time. Think pawsitive.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  5. Well Bertie as you know I go and get plucked at the groomers, I should go every 8 weeks but its longer, I think moms stuck in the 70's a bit of a mullet,Bay City Rolars look lol!!! she just gets it cut at the back and cuts the top herself, it looks dead funny sometimes!!!
    Looking forward to the quantum physics lecture!!! I think. Looks like it will be alot of thinking to!!!
    See Yea George xxx

  6. My Mum has gone pure white in the hair department, but she doesn't much care, being quite old. She is having a birthday next week, where she will be even older.

    This quantum physics I think may not be my cuppa, but I will give it a go since it doesn't involve rain, climbing mountains or parading around in mud holes.


  7. Well, our Mom goes about with her hair as wild as our some days - and she has even left the house without brushing it first... She doesn't always remember to. She has secret stashes of combs everywhere she goes for days like that. Our fur sometimes looks better than hers, but don't tell her we said so!


  8. Bertie - Aberdeen granite to cornfields in the setting sun ? Now that's what I call quantum physics.

  9. Same thing in our part of the world, Bertie. Though she gets blond streaks, so people think she has 'blond moments' instead of dementia!

    When Bella came, she bought the expensive clippers and we get home jobs.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  10. AWW>...come on!! NO field trip!!! sigh....

    Yep, I think you got it figured out. SHe needs to do your hair as she would hers!! Im just sayin....


  11. we agree. momma should wash her own hair
    Benny & Lily

  12. we agree. momma should wash her own hair
    Benny & Lily

  13. Quantum physics...would that 'splain while Scruffy's breath smells really bad after Stan goes potty out in the yard...

    It's almost impossible to type when one has one's nosie pinched shut...Yeesch...

    Yes..we know how odd hoomans are with their fur...Mumsie dried and dried and dried her fur with the dryer today only to realize that their was only cold air comin' out of it...

    Not as bad as it was one day this week when she showered and realized she had soaped up with my dogie extra conditioning fur shampoo...the one with the big Khyra-like Sibe on the front...IS SHE BLIND...she smelled just like me... odd...

    I am not reading all 12 chapters of that book of yours...I have a new mystery to read...The Body in the Cubboard...


    Lacie Girlie

  14. Quantum phsics is that like the TV programme? You know when Sam used to jump all over the place .... well it sure looked physical.
    Just saying.

    Molly, Taffy and MOnty

  15. My vet said I need a special shampoo (for my itchy bits - otherwise I lick the areas raw) so mum spent about 27 pounds of your sort of money for a small bottle that will give me four or five washes. That's far more than mum's ever spent on shampoo for herself, and my dad was horrified at the cost even though the stuff works and keeps me away from trips to the vets and lots of pills.

    See you in class next week - I always enjoy ripping into a good book, as I savour each section as I tear out the pages. Focusing on the small stuff could be fun.


  16. Bewtie
    mommi has gotten so despewate she colows and stwips hew own haiw as well as mine..bad time si tell you..we awe not looking ouw best, sheeesh
    I pawsonally think you should always be the pwiowity
    I can't wait fow youw lectoowes not least of all because it would be lovely to show that I'm smawtew than mommi(Physics is the only class at oonivewsity whewe she weceived a shockingly bad gwade, BOL
    smoochie kisses

  17. Somebody has their priorities confused. There is no problem with spending more on majestic dog trims than on silly human furs. My goodness.

    Now as far as the new color goes, what is up with that? You know that would eliminate her from the show ring right off.