Monday 8 November 2010

Learning about girls!

So. I have this new neighbour, Bunty. She's a border terrier, just twelve weeks old, and she came round to visit yesterday afternoon.

Well of course I bounced up to greet her with my customary enthusiasm. But she didn't seem to like that at all.

It was all "ooh I'm ever so timid, I just want to be with my Mummy, Mummy please stop that huge beast from jumping all over me, look at me, I'm so cute, with my big brown eyes and slightly trembling fluffy wee body, Mummy I need protecting, please make him go away".

I thought Gail might have sprung to my defence, but no such luck, and I was unceremoniously booted outside while darling Bunty held court in the kitchen.


Eventually, after loud and lengthy protests I was allowed back in and resumed my rightful place on Gail's lap, held tightly (Gail can be surprisingly affectionate at times), as Bunty roamed free.

Well, you won't believe what happened next....

Bunty, suddenly all bold as brass, went and ate MY DINNER!!!!

The little minx!

I was so flabbergasted I could only look on in mute horror.

Lest anyone imagine that this story casts some doubt on my masculinity, I refer you to the picture at the top of this post, in which I am demonstrating my latest accomplishment.


  1. As they would say in the highlands : " That'll learn ye !"

  2. Oh Bertie, that first pic is so very impressive - didn't even look as though you fell over!
    Now Bunty does look kinda cute and cuddly but this is where you have to put your paw down.
    Yes Bertie you must not let Bunty get away with ruling the roost!
    But take heed, you must 'caw canny'!
    Just take you time and be calm - that way you will find Gail loosens her grip - oh sorry Gail we should say cuddle!
    Let the humans relax with their coffee and when they are not looking you just set down the rules for Bunty when she is in your house.
    Your proud and adoring Aunties xxx

  3. Oh, dear. We asked the boys what they thought. Sam, being quite the gentleman, argued that Bunty is a girl and you have to be nice to girls. Monty, on the other hand, says you should defend your turf, girl or no girl.

    We aren't a lot of help are we?


  4. That is not fair. It is YOUR house after all. Who cares if she is all cowering scared. Obviously she is a big fake anyway since she had no problem eating YOUR kibble.

    Next time give her a smack down grrrrr... puppies. Ish.


  5. Well done Bertie! I bet you did fall over just a little bit, though, right?

    You just has to learn that girls always win. Take Stella for example. The sooner you gets used to it, the happier you will be.

    I find also, rabbit-dogs and cats is also the boss of me, but not TNP's or grandpawents.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  6. Bunty is cute! I think once you are a little older you may appreciate that! hee hee. I'm very impressed with your Bertie Ballet! Can you do that to the other side too?

  7. Bertie I found you cool and awesome, well awesome, and it was great of you to sit by while I scoffed your luncheon. In fact I thought you'd left it there specially for me.

    By the way, I'm a little bitch not a little minx - what sort of creature is that? I think you’re getting confused.

    Never mind.

    Your place or mine next time? But no paws on the table please.

    A bientôt


  8. We think in her own naïve and as yet innocent sort of way, Bunty may be flirting just a bit, Bertie. Keep a close eye on her, 'specially when she's near eatables. You know girls. Most of 'em love a special tasty treats. (Or is that just Fergi?)

    Your border terrier loving pal (there's a full time resident at the wire fox terrier rescue house from where we came and to where we occasionally visit)
    Jake (and Fergi)

  9. Well it seems Bunty knows about manners................ "No paws on the table" Hmph. Obviously not got to the chapter about waiting for your host to invite you to eat!!

    MOlly, Taffy and MOnty

  10. Bertie. She was a guest and VERY young. But eating your food was a bit much. AND putting YOU outside! Definitely unfair.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Impressed with the leg cocking!

  11. Good leg cock that Bertie, as for Bunty well, I'd make sure this dosen't turn into an habit next time just make sure you don't leave your food! and hide you toys:)
    See Yea George xxx

  12. Hello Bertie!

    I am a little astounded at your attitude toward little Bunty. You probably don't recall when you were little and did dopey things, but you did them!

    Take Ludo's very good advice and accept the fact its a femmes world that you live in.


  13. Well getting kicked out of your own house doesn't seem fair!

    Don't try to understand the girl ones, it will just make your head hurt!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  14. oh Bertie how quickly you forget that you were jost like her when you were that young age!

    woo woos, Tessa

  15. Oh no!! How could she eat your dinner!! I hope you got extra snuggles for that!! Don't worry, I'm sure you and Bunty will be fast friends!!

  16. The most impawtent question here is - did you get a replacement dinner. I certainly hope so!

    lotsa licks, Lola

  17. how rude that baby eating your dinner. He could have asked
    Benny & Lily

  18. Dawling Bewtie

    I hope this howwific expewience wif the admittedly adowable Bunty wiull not put you off giwls.
    I am so sowwy you wewe tweated in this way
    I would welcome you and let you eat my food anytime
    smoochie kisses

  19. Thanks ever so for the link Bertie, most appreciated.


  20. It's an unavoidable and unfortunate fact of science, Bertie; some folks are just not prepared to handle so much awesome in such a concentrated package.

    As far as girls go, though, well... there's more yet to learn, son, never you fear.
    - - - - - - - -
    dog beds and more

  21. Ah Bertie. I do believe that little minx was flirting with you Bertie. Did you show her you 3 legged standing? Most impressive dogga getting you leg right up there.She'll soon be eating of ouf your paws Bertie not your paws.

    And your furs look fab!. You got some great advice( Mom took notes) You know when I go to the strippers I'm there 4 hours. Be thankful for Gail's little n often approach then you'll keep your lovely black back and square tan face.

    Proper properly proud Uncle Eric

    Smashing photo of you peeping over the table...

  22. What a manly man!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  23. hehe. You've mastered the leglift! Good work BertieBoy!! I still,on occasion,revert back to the "girlie stance" when I get lazy.:0)

  24. That little visitor of yours was quite forward to take your food and have you booted outside. Glad you got return to your Gail's warm lap.