Friday 4 March 2022

Walkies and puppies

You will I am sure be pleased to hear that, on our one day of nice weather this week, Gail decided to prioritise my need for an outing over her desire to meet up with her cycling pals.

We went to an old favourite, Millstone Hill, a place whose tranquil beauty never grows stale. 

In common with most of our forested areas right now following the recent storms, the first part of the walk was something of an obstacle course.

And if these days I stop more often as I ascend the Hill, let me assure you it is only so Gail has time to take in the lovely scenery on the way up and nothing whatsoever to do with what she sometimes calls my 'not as bouncy as they used to be' four legs!

There is no holding me back on the descent.

I was a bit surprised that when we got back to the car Gail didn't head straight home but instead drove a few miles further west and up a farm track. She then parked in the farm yard and instructed me to stay in the car and enjoy the view across the fields to the Ardmore whisky distillery, while she disappeared into one of the farm buildings to "spend a bit of time with Nobby"...

Oh and finally, by the way, here's a photo Gail took on her bike ride this week. Shame it wasn't sunny for them that day...

Happy Nature Friday to all our friends. Especially the LLB Gang of course. I hope you all have been making good use of any nice weather that came your way this week!


  1. we love your millstone hill Bertie. It's the sort of hill I might get F to carry my back pack up....she'd love the scenery (i'll tell her that).

  2. how great that you had such good weather...have you visited da whiskey place while your Gail spent time with Nobby? i would do that, to be prepared when a bro moves in LOL

  3. That looked like a fun walk, Bertie. Quite an obstacle course, as you say, just like being at the gym! A few more walks like that and you'll be fighting fit for when little Nobby arrives! You'll need every ounce of stamina to keep the little chap in line! (So will Gail, but don't tell her that!)
    Little Nobby already looks more like a WFT, and though I doubt he'll ever be as handsome or as erudite as your good self, I'm sure we'll learn to love him just as much as we love you.

    Inca xx

  4. Your hiking route is so beautiful and we can't wait till you and Nobby meet, Bertie!

  5. Hari OM
    My word, what a fine outing you had, Bertie lad. I am just envious that my less than bouncy legs can no longer carry me to such heights and I am super impressed that yours do!!! (Oh, and I see that you and Tigger have connected - that brightens my morning!) Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Dearest Bertie....
    You might not be as bouncy as you were BUTT ONE THING IS 100% CERTAIN. Up and Down the trek you were 200% more bouncy and Bryan and I. What a gorgeous view you had and OMDS. Nobby was born in a most beautiful location too. And he is the quiet a handsome puppy. BUT mirror mirror on the wall you are the most handsome of ALL
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. PS and Gail might I add neither of us could ride like you and your friends

  8. Sounds like Gail got her priorities right this week. What a beautiful walk, we can understand all the much to take in.
    Rosy, Sunny & Jakey
    PeeEss...We once again apologize for any Mama SQUEES you may have heard all the way across the pond.

  9. What a beautiful day you and Gail had for your hike up the hill. It's too bad you couldn't meet your little brother yet but we have to say he sure is a cutie...but not cuter than you, Bertie.

  10. I am glad your mom realized there is not better day then one spent with you. It is good you have learned to stop and enjoy your climb

  11. What a beautiful climb, Bertie and very considerate of you to pause so that Gail can appreciate the views. Nobby is getting bigger!

  12. We are so happy prioritised a walk over cycle friends….looks like a beautiful walk…..

  13. Sometimes you get the best smells going under rather than jumping over. It has nothing to do with 'bounce' ability. It looked like a beautiful walk and Nobby is sure a cute little one. Lee and Phod

  14. Your walk looks so stunning, how wonderful a day you both had! And of course, we love the extra cuteness of little Nobby!

    Rosie and Redford

  15. You're getting a Nobby! I'm so happy for Gail and you Bertie
    Sweet William The Scot