Sunday, 1 June 2014

But what about a wee dram for me?

You'll be pleased to hear that Gail and I went back to the shop where we had spotted the 'Sweet Wee Scallywag' whisky in the window a couple of weeks ago. (How could anyone resist a drink named after a family favourite wire-haired fox terrier?)

She was about to tie me up outside, but I noticed the sign on the shop door.

Clearly, the 'Deeside Drinks Emporium' understand all about keeping their customers happy. And phew, what a relief it was to find that they had not yet sold out of 'Sweet Wee Scallywag'.

I was a bit suspicious of both the man in the shop and the box containing the whisky bottle, but of course, curiosity won out in the end.

Gail was keen to sample her new purchase, although for some reason she deemed it inappropriate to do so when we arrived home before midday.

I was intrigued by this tasting note from the whisky blender's website:

Scallywag has a rich, dark colour – extracted from the many fine Spanish Sherry Butts selected.  It carries a richly spiced character on the nose woven into delicious vanilla from the Bourbon Hogsheads selected. On the palate detect layer on layer of sweet stewed fruit, Christmas pudding & dark chocolate fused with spice (nutmeg and cinnamon) much of which can be attributed to years slumbering in those Sherry Butts. The finish displays a burst of zesty orange with sweet tobacco, cocoa & rich fruit cake

Another specialist website went further:

Nose: very malty, with Frosties and grain biscuits. Very heavy on sticky toffee notes. Some honey, icing sugar and dried grasses. Vanilla custard. Macadamia nut brittle ice cream. Spices like cinnamon, candied ginger. Some overripe orange in the back. Mouth: sweet and spicy. Raisins, oranges again, revolving around a core that screams young malt. Sugared cereals and caramel. Abundant spices: pepper, ginger, as well as a vanilla woodiness. I think there’s quite some sherried Glenrothes in there – not everyone likes that. Finish: medium long, grainy with a slightly harsh / bitter edge and a dry end.

Imagine how disappointed I was when Gail declared this 46% alcohol/volume tipple NFB*

Later in the evening she poured herself a wee dram, mixed with a splash of water, and declared herself well satisfied with the new addition to the drinks cabinet.

*NFB - Not For Bertie


  1. I'd try to sneak a sip if I were you.

  2. Spanish Sherry Butts....that's a new one on us.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  3. Crikey Bertie .... NFB ..... hmmmmmmmph!!! I wouldn't be having any of that. Surely Gail could at least let you lick the glass.

  4. NFB?????? Tragic Bertie. Just plain tragic. Have a serene Sunday and let us all partake of some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Oh NFB!!!!! And your picture on it and everything!

    retro rover

  6. We agree - NFB - if its NFB - it should be NFG too. But hey what gives with it only having 46% per alcohol?

  7. Bertie, I guessed it who can resist something whats named after a Fox Terrier? I'm happy that Dogs are welcome in that stores. Maybe my mom should spend more time too at Drink Emporiums with me instead wasting her time in the junk store where dogs aren't allowed. Even when the content of the bottle is NFB, bet you will get the cute bottle box :o)

  8. We don't have a drink cabinet but might just keep an eye open for that one. It does have a great box and bottle!


  9. Hari OM too many BUTTs in there if you ask me. Glad to see the 'yardarm' was adhered too though. Can't have the neighbours thinking Gail was pigging out on all that tasty foodstuffs... Trust me Bertie, you are on the right side of this particular bottle and NFB could become a slogan for responsible tippliture. Indeed why should the scallywag not become the symbol of such on EVERY bottle?!

    (No, I haven't been near it...but if there was a chocolate with some in, I cannot be held responsble) Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  10. While the description makes it sound delicious, I am not a fan of whiskey. But I would certainly have to have that box it came in! It's perfect!

  11. We always thought Scallywag was an Airedale...BOL.

  12. Sorry you can't enjoy the drink, but so lucky you could go to the shop with her!

  13. Bertie - You're living a sheltered existence. There are many people in Aberdeen who thrive on a wee drop of Scallywag before noon. Perhaps you should go for a walk down by the harbour ?

  14. Not sure at all about all those butts either. And just remember to tell Gail that IT IS ALWAYS FIVE O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE!!!

    Wirey love,'

    Just Harry

  15. Bertie is is a known fact you can surely judge a wee bit of spirits by the bottle and carrier. AND most of all if it is sold in a store welcoming gentleman such as you.
    hugs madi your bfff

  16. Yay, you went back to get it and they even let you in! So glad Gail liked it

  17. Oh no, NFB!! Sometimes Momma declares things "human stuff". I hates that. It's soooooo exclusionary.

  18. That sound like a drink after my own tastebuds. We have a lot of local distillery popping up in Cincinnati. We are finding the locals have quite the pleasant taste.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  19. Is there dachshund whiskey, Bertie?! Methinks my grandpa would love a dram of yours. And my mom applauds your mom's self control. My mom has lost all control now that it is gelato season. Every hour is a gelato hour.

    I've been woefully far behind on everything, but I remain your faithful God-dog-mother. I am really glad you are working out the Pet Passport Situation, so you can come to continental Europe! There is a room here with your name on it!

    Lots of love,
    Toots (or as mom calls me lately: Tube of Fur)

  20. It is still pawesome that you got that photo that looks a lot like you on the bottle.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie