Sunday, 11 October 2015

The terrier who forgot how to dig..

Don't you think it odd, and a tad unfair, how humans will make sweeping generalisations about different dog breeds, while often strongly disapproving of anyone doing the same with their own species?

For example, I am a terrier. (Did you know?) Terriers supposedly like to dig, and in fact it is a skill I mastered at a very early age, as described in a post from my puppyhood (Work, rest and play, 4 May 2010).

But the truth is, I very soon tired of the whole digging thing, and anyway, who wants to be stereotyped like this?

I think Gail could be more sensitive about such issues. You know what she said in the park this morning when we stopped by one of the ponds to inspect some excavation work?

"Bertie, I don't know what kind of terrier you think you are. You seem to have completely forgotten one of the signature traits. Let's just watch how a real digger operates, and perhaps you might be inspired to act more true to type again".

You know, I soon got bored and wandered across to sniff around the base of a tree.
Now that is something I really am good at.

PS Some readers might be wondering why I have been quiet on the subject of the Rugby World Cup tournament, currently taking place South of the Border. Well I am a tactful wee laddie, and would hate anyone to think I was gloating if I mentioned that Scotland, however shakily, are through to the quarter finals and, er, England are not...

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

And then it was autumn

A treat most unexpected,
But welcome as a bone,
A week of sun, blue skies, still air,
When summer should be gone.

It could not last, it felt
So undeserved. And yet
When normal service weatherwise
Resumed today, and wet,

Cool, blustery, and dour,
The world o'ernight transformed,
I thought it quite unfair,
And for the sunshine mourned.

Then Gail cried "Chin up Bertie,
Remember what they say,
There's no bad weather just bad clothes.
Put on your coat, and seize the day!"

Sunday, 4 October 2015

The five year wait for a REAL TACO

Stop Press! Hold the front page!

The five year long wait is over.

But first let me backtrack...

Here in Aberdeen, we are not blessed with an abundance of Mexican food outlets. So when it comes to celebrating Taco Day with our dear (now departed) friend Jazzi, a soupçon of creative improvisation has been required.

I wonder if any of you remember our 2011 effort, the Aberdeen MacTaco? (Haggis and oatcakes were involved and actually, it was rather good).

In 2012, my Human Grandad was in hospital and we missed the event entirely.

The situation was not much better in 2013 - in fact some might say worse - when Gail forgot until the last minute and I ended up with a photo of a taco, printed from the internet…

Last year things just got weird, when a certain human decided we should celebrate Jazzi's favourite colour and, with the aid of some food dye, fashioned a taco out of 100% pink ingredients.

Well this year I opted to take matters into my own paws.

A short session on Google and I discovered that Uncle Sabino's Mexican Restaurant & Takeaway  is now open on Little Belmont Street, only a mile away from our house.

So I suggested that Gail might like to bicycle into town and pick up a REAL taco for me.

You know, sometimes she is surprisingly obedient.

Mmm these tacos are yummy. Wee Jazzi had good taste, for sure.

And didn't Gail do well too?  If the oil price continues to drop, I'd say she has a promising future as a taco delivery lady...

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Waiting for Addi

Oh my, I am all of a flutter and I don't mind admitting it.

My gorgeous girl Addi has invited me to Dory's 'Sadie Hawkins Dance' and will be arriving to pick me up any minute now.

I never can quite believe how lucky I am to have such a splendid, strapping lass like Addi for a partner, a girl who is confident enough to ignore boring and outmoded dating conventions. Between you and me, it is quite a relief not always to be the one who makes the first move. (I don't think I am compromising my masculinity in saying this, am I?)

I hope you think I am looking suitably handsome?

You know that neither Addi nor I are big into getting all dressed up, but I have had a thorough brushing and a paw wash. Also, although I am not a vain fellow, I am aware that my markings draw admiration in certain quarters and I feel it would be a shame to cover them up.

Oh oh oh, what is that I see descending through the Scottish mist?

I am barkless (almost). This is like a dream come true! And, given Addi's chosen mode of transport, I confess to being somewhat relieved I did not chose to wear a kilt…..

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