Sunday, 24 May 2015

Duthie Park comings and goings

So we were late to the park on Saturday morning. I had allowed Gail a wee lie in and it was past eight o'clock when we reached the rather fine North entrance.

"Oh my goodness it's like Piccadilly Circus here today", Gail exclaimed as I checked the visitors' register and signed in.

Indeed, several of my pals were already racing around and I hastened off to join them.

On workday mornings Gail can be quite the bossy boots with the "come on Bertie hurry up don't dawdle we haven't got all day I need to go to the office" business , but, thank heavens, a more relaxed regime operates at the weekend and I had plenty of time for socialising.

Eventually I reached the far corner of the park, and saw that Gail was still chatting with another park goer, about, one assumes, something rather boring (most human conversations are like that).

On Saturdays we usually extend the outing with a stroll along the River Dee. This entails leaving the park by these southern gates and crossing a busy road.

So I sat patiently waiting for Gail so she could attach my lead and we could safely proceed.

Yes, you are right, I can be very well-behaved when I choose.

I was set free again when we reached the riverside path, although I decided not to run over and say hello to the two Westies near the park bench, as one them was off-puttingly yappy. (Sorry, Whitley and Finley, but it's true!)

And sometimes one prefers just sniffing around by oneself anyway.

I do enjoy my Saturday mornings.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Historic handshake between Prince Charles and Gerry Adams 19 May 2015 

Do you remember that incident last September when my neighbour, flat-coated retriever Jake, took a chunk out of my left side?

It was so scary, but you know what? Almost before Gail had time to say thank goodness he's insured, my shoulder had healed up and I was back to my usual bouncy self.

I see Jake quite often (he lives nearly opposite after all, and we both take morning constitutionals in Duthie Park) and he has been friendly enough, although I am of course a little wary around him still.

But just lately I have noticed that Jake, who is only two years older than me, has been limping and seems rather listless.

This morning Gail and I learned that he has a tumour on his leg. His humans don't know much more at the moment but it is such a worrying time for them.

Oh poor Jake, I do hope he will be OK. If Prince Charles and Gerry Adams can forgive and move on, then surely Jake and I can settle our differences too?

I would like to bounce across to Jake's house right now and give him some soothing licks, but Gail says bless your dear little terrier heart Bertie only perhaps it's best if you hold back for the moment and let me take charge of administering the hugs and cuddles.

PS Gail wonders if Prince Charles ever heard about Gerry Adams' favourite dog-related hobby? In serious times, our humans can be so trivial...

Monday, 18 May 2015

Hello I'm on the train

And heading home to Aberdeen
And the Wi-fi is actually working.
And Gail has just discovered Photo Booth on her MacBook…
And if you are wondering why I am, somewhat unusually, wearing my red harness, well, let's just say one word.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Good news from Human Granny

Can you believe that we came all the way down to Nottingham and a certain person failed to bring with her any sort of a device for taking photographs?

And when I complained about having no pictures to illustrate this post I just got a lecture about how I was supposed to be focussing today on Human Granny, who doesn't like having her photo taken anyway. And how nobody's world would come to an end for having to wait a few more days to see new images of my handsome phizog (or should that be phuzzog?)

So. We went to visit HGY in her nice new 'care home'. Gosh I thought Gail was skating on thin ice when she greeted her mother by saying, "Hi, you're looking well, I think you've put on weight".

Now we all know that etiquette is a sensitive and complicated issue, where humans are concerned. Being a dog, I can't pretend to have mastered more than the basics, but until today I was pretty sure you were ABSOLUTELY NOT supposed to tell a lady she has got fatter (even if she has). Only now I learn it's probably OK, if and only if, said lady has recently been very ill and had shrunk to almost nothing.

Well it's certainly true that HGY seemed jolly pleased to see both me and Gail, although apparently she had been a bit alarmed earlier in the day when Gail's brother and sister-in-law pitched up at the home with my two standard poodle cousins, Coco and Percy (he's HUGE). 

I need hardly tell you I was a big hit with all the care home staff and residents. As, I'm told, were Percy and Coco.

Well, OK, one old lady did look a bit grumpy when I trotted past, but Human Granny later told us "she's a right old misery, never happy about anything".

Oh how lucky we are that there is nothing of the 'right old misery' about HGY. She seems quite bright and cheerful, enjoying having time to read books and write letters to her many friends and not having to worry about cooking and housework. Really she is doing so well making the best of her new and more constricted life. I feel very proud to have such a brave Human Granny.

Gail, I hope we going to see her again soon?