Friday, 21 October 2016

Friends together

It's such splendid fun hanging out with Tootsie.
Everyone should have a Swiss doggy godmother!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Another day, another country

Staying near Lugano, we are close to the Italian border.

So when Gail told me we should take Renee, Daniele and Tootsie out for a meal to thank them for their wonderful hospitality, I suggested we pop over to Italy to dine.

I want you to know this suggestion had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with me being Scottish and Italy being quite a bit cheaper than Switzerland...

So yesterday evening Daniele drove us all across the border to a wee Italian town high in the hills overlooking Lake Maggiore.

We had a gentle pre-dinner stroll through the chestnut woods before settling down at the Smerelda restaurant. While the humans enjoyed their ossobucco and polenta and porcini etc, Tootsie hid in her mobile burrow and I supervised proceedings and generally  put on a masterclass in 'perfect dog behaviour in a restaurant'.

My only disappointment was that STILL no-one has checked my passport since we left the UK. I mean, really, I so might be a terrorist or something.

Monday, 17 October 2016

A rest day with Tootsie and a dip in the lake

You know I am going to be honest with you and say that I was not entirely sorry yesterday to be told I was having an enforced rest day staying at home with Renee and my doggy godmother Tootsie, while Gail went hiking in the mountains with Daniele.

I have even decided that Tootsie is a quite agreeable companion, despite her persistent attempts to steal my breakfast. After all, she is very small, and I guess she thinks if she had more to eat she might grow as big as me.

It is quite tiring, this foreign holiday business, and what's more, I have a slightly sore paw  (front right) - the result, Gail thinks, of someone treading on it a few days ago on the train to London.

Later, Gail showed me some photos of her hike, although why she imagines I would be interested in pictures of the "charming and good-looking young Italian men" they spoke to at the summit of Camoghe, I am not quite sure.
When she returned we all went for a short stroll by Lake Lugano and I got the biggest surprise of the trip so far.

Did you know that lake water can actually be quite pleasantly warm?
I had absolutely no idea!

I even, heaven forbid, considered taking my paws off solid ground and going for a swim.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

A question about hiking in Switzerland

OK, so these footpath signs that tell you how long it takes to walk from A to B...

How much sniffing time do they factor in?