Sunday, 24 July 2016

Safe and sound. And a reminder...

So Gail flew to Amsterdam for work last week. She was gone A WHOLE DAY AND A NIGHT!

I stayed again with neighbours Yvonne and Neil. These days, what with all the terrorism stuff on the news, I do tend to fret about Gail’s safety when she travels outside of Scotland. But I think I managed to hide my worries. I even sent her a reassuring text message and picture. It read:

“Well Gail, I decided since I’m guest of honour here I would sneak into Yvonne’s lounge & sleep on my favourite chair! Bertie, 3 am this morning …..”

Oh but I was blithe as a midge on a damp still day in the Highlands when Gail returned home all safe and sound. I even forgave her buying a big chunk of Gouda cheese for Yvonne and failing, once again, to bring home a gift for me.

PS There is still time to enter my Blogville Pawlympics event. I've already received loads of splendid entries, but for sure there are yet more of you who would secretly love to climb a Scottish mountain, and this is your golden opportunity! For full details, click here. The deadline is 31st July.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Seize the day (or at least the sausage roll)

Friends, I know that many, perhaps all, of you live in places where the summers are warmer than ours here in Aberdeen.

And maybe you will think I am taking the 'cup half full' thing a bit far when I say that there are advantages to living in a city where hot days are rarer than icebergs at the Equator. But please bear with me.

The thing is, if we do, by some fluke of the jet stream or whatever, actually experience properly warm weather, all normal rules of behaviour are suspended for the duration, and this can be to a pup's advantage.

Take last night. Most unusually, it was still over 20ºC when Gail and I went for a late evening walk around the harbour mouth area.

We were not alone.

Other dog walkers, golfers, frisbee throwers, photographers hoping for sight of a dolphin, kids bravely venturing into the always frigid North Sea, cyclists, joggers, Polish workers from the fish processing factory relaxing with a beer, students tending a barbecue…. you name it, they were out there enjoying the (relatively) balmy conditions.

And I am pleased to report that one group of giggly girls were not paying attention to their half eaten picnic on the wee beach by the harbour wall. So I decided to help them out (don't you just hate food going to waste?) And I must say those sausage rolls were most delicious.

The giggly girls just giggled some more at the sight of this happy wire-haired fox terrier licking flaky pasty from his beard, as Gail tried unconvincingly to reprimand me, while herself failing to suppress a smile.

Although Gail did not see fit to record this particular episode on camera, she did take some other photos on our walk, and I hope these will give you a flavour of our one day of Aberdeen summer.

(You will just have to imagine the flavour of the sausage roll.)

Sunday, 17 July 2016

A Night at the Opera (Bertie re-imagines 'Il Trovatore')

Gosh I just knew something exciting was going to happen when I saw the big truck in Duthie Park on Thursday morning. 

But even so, later that day I still couldn't believe my flappy little ears when Gail asked me if I wanted to join her and the neighbours at a performance of 'Il Trovatore' in the park, screened live from Covent Garden Opera House in London.


Now I will confess here that I am somewhat indifferent to music. And as for the opera's plot - are you familiar with 'Il Trovatore'?  If not, perhaps all you need to know is that it doesn't end well. So sad, 'cos had Leonora opted to settle down on her own (maybe with a dog for companionship) and everyone else had been sensible and avoided bonfires, there could have been the possibility of a happy outcome...

Those of you who do enjoy a good tune might like the wee video. My favourite bit is around 20 seconds, where the couple in front of us start nodding their heads in time to the music. Does your human ever do that?

Friday, 15 July 2016

Pawlympics Munro Bagging event reminder

Gosh I am thrilled to have received so many tip top entries to my Blogville Pawlympics 'Munro Bagging' event. The following adventurous friends have already Bagged their Munros:

Madi; Casey; Arty; Dougie Dog; Easy; Frankie and Ernie; Jessie; Hailey and Zaphod; Macdui, Roxy and Bella; Princess Leah; Sarge; Murphy and Stanley; Wyatt and Tegan; Millie and Walter; Charlie.

But there are still plenty of Munros (Scottish mountains) to be bagged (climbed).

Remember, all you have to do is chose a mountain from the list:

Then send an email to me at bouncing(dot)bertie(at)outlook(dot)com, saying which Munro you want to climb, and attaching a photo of yourself to the email.

For full details, see my previous post: PAWLYMPICS: Munro Bagging explained