Wednesday 15 September 2021

The Trans-Siberian Railway?

My glory days as an international traveller might be behind me, but the urge to visit foreign parts has not gone away, and so I was delighted to find a map of the world, carefully drawn on the pavement in Duthie Park a few days ago.

It allowed me a few moments of fantasy.

I first found myself in a particularly troubled region, and as much as I would love to explore the rich cultural heritage of Iran and pit myself against the mighty mountains of Afghanistan's Hindu Kush, I decided now would not be the best time to linger in these parts.

So being an experienced train traveller, I made for the Trans Siberian Express, and after a long, long journey through the taiga I alighted at Vladivostock and continued east across the ocean and on to Canada and the USA.

Carefully steering clear of the grizzly bears further north, I eventually arrived Florida. (Beau, I do hope I'm not sitting on your home town!)

Next I spotted a ship bound for Africa, and finished my world tour bravely facing down the local cat population...

A chap can still dream!


  1. oh that was a wonderful way to travel... we wish we could travel together that way... imagine that... (or better not LOL)

  2. That was a very nice whirlwind world tour Bertie! I haven't been to any foreign places, but my human has travelled quite a bit, and will sometimes say, when watching a TV programme - "Oh look Inca, I've been there"!
    I have my passport, so we have discussed taking a trip, just over the border, to France. But who knows when we'll be able to do that safely?

    Inca xx

  3. OMDs Bertie...there is an artist in your part of the world. Any your geography skills are absolutely astounding. Your kinda travel is the best 'cause you can always sleep in your own bed at night.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful park art
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. You have just taken the World Travel Tours that I would like to take. Not in real person that just like you a virtual tour. Go said to tell you you are safe you're on the East Coast not the West Coast and about 200 miles away from sitting on our hometown

  5. Dreaming is a wonderful thing but the best place on earth is home, in my opinion, Bertie.

  6. Hari OM
    OMD Bertie lad... my heart was thumping at this exciting tour!!! what a furbyulous find and whoever drew this out for the visitors to Duthie Park is deserving of an ice cream! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. What a fun trip around the world you took, Bertie. Next time you are in the USA you can stop a bit farther north and visit us.

  8. Nice post - cheered me up after a tough few weeks. Saw some lovely EFT socks in Fatface today too which made me smile.

  9. Imagination is such a wonderful way to travel!! What a wonderful tripo Bertie! Thanks for taking us along!!!
    Jakey & the Gang

  10. What an awesome post! I love the drawings. Please don't sit on Beau! :)

  11. Hi friend, Ojo here! Oh yes, definitely come to Canada where the bear is! We have bears! Lots of bears! I met some this spring! I met a big pappa bear who walked away and ignored me! (My person says this is very good, but I think it's very rude!) Also I met a momma bear when I accidentally chased her two bear cubs up a tree! (My person says it's a good thing I come back when called, but I really don't see why I couldn't stay and play with the baby bears!) Keep travelling, friend!

  12. That is so cool that you were able to "travel" the world, and the artist that drew the map is very talented! Thanks for taking us along Bertie!

    Rosie and Redford

  13. Ahhhhhh. Travelling the world with the comforts of home.