Friday 4 June 2021

What no treats!!!

Today we return to an old favourite, Millstone Hill.

In younger days I would scarcely have noticed the gradient, but I will admit it now seems quite steep.

It was a warm day (yes really!) so I needed to rehydrate when we reached the top.

And now finally I was ready to pose for my summit shot.

Can you believe Gail had forgotten to bring treats?

Another photo? I don't think so...

Happy Nature Friday!


  1. no treats?... that means you have to go back with the complete equipment... yay...two walks ;O)

  2. No treats - oh Bertie, that is just too much!
    How on earth did Gail manage to forget them? You will have to give her a good talking to, just to make sure she remembers next time.
    However, it looks a beautiful walk in glorious sunshine through spectacular scenery, so there was something to enjoy.

    Inca xx

  3. Hari OM
    She was lucky to get one pose out of you. No treats indeed.

    Meanwhile - fabulous views!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Wow - you made it to the top, Bertie, and no treats? What was Gail thinking!

  5. My heart is in my throat looking at you walking up that path with nothing to prevent falls and at the summit i nearly fainted. i am afraid of heights and could never walk up there. I can't even climb the stairs that are enclosed in a lighthouse and seeing you on the edge is well Terrifying.. butt beautiful from here

  6. Dearest Gail's defense I must remind you she did remember to bring hydration BUT on your side of the coin I remind her that one does one's best work with treats and hydration. Thank you for the pose. What a lovely view from atop the granite.
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. Bring hydration?
      No, that was me drinking out of a puddle!
      Toodle pip!

  7. What a beautiful place for a hike, Bertie. We hope you got those treats when you got back to the car.

  8. OMD, how could she come so unprepared?! But at least you got a gawjuss view.

  9. Sooooo beautiful!!! Too bad Gail forgot the treats, humans can be so unreliable some times!
    Rosy and the Gang

  10. What no treats!!! I hope Gail didn't have human food for herself then...
    We've been away for a few days up north leaving Oscar with our son... not sure who missed whom the most; can't wait to see him again tomorrow.

  11. No treats? No pose!!! Right, Bertie?

    No worries about the steepness. Mom is struggling in the heat to make it up the very small hill of our street:) Once at the top it is nice and flat but by then she is quite winded.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. You are lucky you get treats. We get nothing for doing photos. Mom says we should just do them to be nice. Pfffft... Looks like a nice walk you had there, though.

  13. That looks mighty nice, Bertie, all except for that oversight by Gail. Ah well - she remembered water! Enjoy those sunny days.

  14. It looks like a lovely place to walk and we are glad you refused to pose for free.

  15. Another splendid adventure, Bertie! But I think you may need to keep a close watch on Gail to make sure plenty of treats have been packed.

  16. According to the Yum Yum Coalition Guide to Doggie Employment, by my late, great associate Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel, you should get two Yum Yum doggie treats for a photo session. Hope you got them when you arrived home.

  17. Hi friend, Ojo here! What a beautiful place! Keep on climbing, friend!

  18. Wow! That looks like quite a climb...if you didn't have treat, we hope at least there was some water for you! What a great view!

    Rosie and Redford