Monday 1 March 2021

"Phew. It's only diarrhoea..."

It's very odd.

In common with most dogs, I occasionally get a tummy upset. Infrequently in my case, but it does happen. 

I'm guessing that many of my fellow pups will, like me, have noticed how when one demands urgently to be let outside in the middle of the night, one's human sometimes struggles to be sympathetic.

They can be quite cross even. 

Last week, when there was a night time 'occurrence' in our household, I was trailed round the garden by Gail in her pyjamas. She was holding a torch and anxiously leaning over and peering underneath my belly to check my 'waterworks' function.

I could have told her she was barking up the wrong orifice...

But you know what Gail said when she finally stepped back and noticed a somewhat liquified stream of brown emanating from the below the tail area?

It was a most surprising reaction.

"Oh Bertie, thank goodness, I'm so pleased, it's only diarrhoea..."

PS from Gail: given Bertie's bladder cancer diagnosis, I am hyper-vigilant about his pattern of peeing, watching closely and dreading any change. So when his uncharacteristic need to go outside in the night turned out to be a case of 'the runs' (which thankfully turned out to be short lived), I think readers will understand my relief.


  1. Hari OM
    I am resisting the urge to BOL, Bertie lad... but I do understand Gail's relief at your 'relieve'!!! Glad it was a temporary state. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx
    Pee Ess, love the daffodil yellow bandana to welcome March!

  2. We understand that.... and we are glad there was only the revenge of manitou and nothing to worry seriously... hugs to you, we hope you feel much much better soon...

  3. You do look smart in the bandana Bertie.
    We're glad that your tummy is now back to normal. It is a worry for Gail, and good that she loves you so much to follow you round with a torch, just to check all is well.
    My human just opens the door and out I go - to be lit up by a floodlight - not the sort of illumination you want when you really need privacy!
    Take care and keep safe, both of you.

    Inca xx

  4. we are thankful it was only Diarrhea just like your mom. I did the same thing with Big Boy, watched how much he put out and how many times, because he held water and took water pills. watched him pee by flashlight many times. Hugs sweet Bertie

  5. Our moms do worry about us all the time, don't they, Bertie. We're happy to hear that the diarrhea episode has passed.

  6. Bertie darlin' let me just say this sentence sent me into a state of giggles: "I could have told her she was barking up the wrong orifice..."
    OMWFT not at all laughing at you, as nuttin is worse than a case of the squirts. I loved how you worded this. I am very thankful that was all it was!!
    Gail I 187% understand your diligence....been there done that many times.
    Sending Monday morning hugs to you both

  7. We're glad to hear your tummy troubles were short lived. Our pawrents do seem a bit preoccupied with keeping track of our bodily functions. Since our pawrents alternate who takes us out they usually report an "all is well" or what and who had any deviation from the norm. We guess that just means they care about how we are doing so three cheers to Gail for making sure you were doing well.

  8. OMD, Momma gets SO GRUMPY if I have to go out during the night. Sheesh, I usually let her get at least an hour of sleep furst!

  9. Bertie, it never ceases to amaze us about the things that seem to please the peeps:)

    Hope your tummy is feeling better.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. Glad it was just an upset tummy Bertie! Maybe you can get some soothing chicken and rice for dinner!

    Your friend Rosie

  11. Completely understand your relief! Hope he did get a little sympathy for his tummy upset, though.

  12. I certainly understand your relief :) Thank goodness for diarrhea, as long as it's not as bad as Hachi's.

  13. I Pocket, have had the same issues. Sometimes everything in my body turns to water. I am glad it was no something more serious.

  14. I have been there, mind you I have a headlamp and not a torch as with 2 I don't have a free hand. Glad it was not more serious.