Monday 28 September 2020

Well done M!

Conversation first thing in the morning, a few days ago

Gail, where are we going to go for our walk with M and J this week?

Well Bertie, I promised to show them the nice route by Cowie Water, near Stonehaven. You like that one, don't you?

I do Gail, but do you think M will manage it? There's a rather steep section, rough, with lots of tree roots and loose stones, and I seem to remember that our friend once said she preferred flat walks.

She did Bertie, but that was pre-Pandemic. I do believe M will soon be sprinting up Munros after all the intrepid hiking she and J have been doing these past few months.

The walk

Post-walk conversation, back home.

Gosh Gail, that was fun, those huge old beech trees beside the burn are particularly impressive. And you were right, I was under-estimating your former German teacher. 

Now Bertie, I see you have only posted the photos that I took. M emailed us a couple of lovely ones too.  They turned out rather better than mine in fact. Why don't you put those on the blog?

Well Gail, they are indeed excellent pictures, but I fear they might get us arrested. Remember that people from separate households are supposed to keep two meters (or for those who read my last post, three and a third Berties), apart.

Bertie, don't worry, we can soon sort that out...


  1. Hari Om
    ...BOL... oh Bertie, your Gail may not have everyone convinced with that little edit at the end, but those in the know can surely forgive! What a delightful walkies, fitting the season perfectly. Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  2. well done... we love the wonderful photos and how clever you solved the distance-thing! Bravo!!!

  3. Clapping wildly for the M, J, G and B legally acceptable hike. Everyone is smiling and for sure at least one of you has a wagging tail.
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. As long as you know for sure that Gail and M and J are healthy, we don't see anything earthshattering to worry about, Bertie.

  5. It looks like you all enjoyed your walk in the woods. We think your careful edits of those photos will keep Gail from any fines.

  6. Bertie, those are wonderful photos, and the last two are particularly heartwarming. I am glad Gail is so clever.

  7. Those are beautiful pictures of a lovely walk, and don't worry, we won't tell anybody about how far apart you all were!

    Kiki and Rosie

  8. BOL!! Your Gail sure knows how to make sure she stays socially distannt.

    What a beautiful hike!

  9. BOL, those are grreat pictures from M.

  10. Great photo modification BOL!! But that walk just looks so lovely....we're envious. We are not restricted on our walks, but the scenery can't compare.

  11. There's a photo again of that beautiful heather. I had hoped that Gail would keep the one of you bouncing through it posted just a bit longer...or perhaps permanently.

  12. BOL - very well done. You gave us a good chuckle and we needed one tonight. Glad you all had such a good hike.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. Another beautiful walk in excellent company, you lucky boy Bertie! We love the way you self-distanced, but it probably wasn't necessary in so much fresh air!
    My human's old computer died last week and now she has a new one with a big, big screen. You are almost life sized Bertie - and so handsome!

    Inca xx

  14. Glad you could social distance on your walk😜

  15. What a wonderful hike! I love your problem-solving! I hope that the police do not read this post. You may want to delete it, just in case....