Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Gail says I am looking "pensive" as I wait patiently in the hall in the photo above.

Hmmm. Let's look up the definition of pensive:

"engaged in, involving or reflecting deep or serious thought"

Well there is much that is serious to consider right now, don't you think?

Could the unimaginable happen, and Boris Johnson become the British Prime Minister?
Is England's hottest summer on record a sign that a climate change tipping point has been reached?
Will the far right AfD party continue to gain influence in Germany?
How has the main opposition party in the UK become embroiled in a toxic row about anti-semitism when they should be focusing on Brexit damage limitation?
How will Gail's Iranian colleague Hamed's aunt get the drugs she needs to treat her multiple sclerosis now that the USA have re-imposed sanctions on her country?
And what about my lovely friend Maria (the one who "melted" when Gail emailed her a photo of me) who must be so worried about her family back in Venezuela?
Why has Aung San Suu Kyi stayed silent on the issue of genocide in her country?

Oh dear. It is all too much. And I haven't even mentioned Presidents P**** and T****.

I do apologise if you came here hoping for jolly anecdote today. Normal service will resume in my next post, I promise.

PS Closer to home, I am sending lots of healing licks to dear YAM-Aunty, to hasten the healing process in her poorly wrist.


  1. our world becomes a bear garden full of evil and madness... I'm glad we can not live on another planet, I fear it would become the same cold place like our earth...

  2. HARI OM
    valid concerns Bertie lad and we ought all to be somewhat pensive.

    ta for the healing thoughts! YAM-aunty xxx

  3. There sure is a lot to think about these days. Our pawrents are lucky to have us pups to comfort them during this time.

  4. Bertie...this is a lot for a WFT to carry on his shoulders. Give yourself a good shake. We too have been thinking and purring for YAM-aunty
    Hugs madi and mom

  5. The most pensive thoughts we are having today is pondering when the rain, rain, and more rain will stop:(

    Lots of POTP from here for Aunty Yam too.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. Quick...Bertie, you need a treat and a LONG walk. Too much thinking will make your head explode....

  7. There is so much to be pensive about. At this moment we are sure we are going to die in the storm. Lady assures us it is a little thunderstorm and we will be fine. It is a distraction from the rest of the world at any rate.

  8. It is not easy these days so we just live our lives in our littel corner of Idaho
    Hazel & Mabel

  9. I feel your pensiveness. Mom gets all worked up when she watches the telly News. It takes me hours to calm her down.

  10. We understand. My humans walk around with a similar look most of the time. I try my very best to cheer them up but we are living in scary times.

  11. Dear Bertie,

    That is a lot to think about! My biggest thought today was why there isn't more bacon in the world. Clearly I am not as worldly a Dog as you!

    To answer your question to my silly packmate Ojo's post, my person says that marijuana is not legal here YET, but will be in a couple of months. The big government people are making changes. The place where we live is also called "pot capital of Canada", because apparently the people here grow lots of green plants? It is very common. Our person is mostly just surprised that Ojo has not eaten any sooner!

    Silly Ojo.