Monday 10 September 2018

Bertie is unimpressed by Frida...

Can you see me here in the window anxiously waiting* for Gail to return from a weekend in London?

Foolishly (given bitter past experience), I was expecting a present.

I mean normal people come home from jaunts to the Big Smoke clutching a colourful array of shopping bags, and if they are dog owners they will surely have been tempted into buying some special and exclusive 'not available in Scotland' treats and toys for their Best Beloved. Am I right?

I think you can tell where this is heading...

The sum total of Gail's putative credit card extravaganza was this:

One postcard. Yes, ONE POSTCARD! And it's not even a picture of London. Or a dog.

So it seems Gail had met up with a friend on Saturday and visited the very popular 'Frida Kahlo: Making Herself Up' exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, along with a surprisingly large number of Frida fans who were expressing their devotion by dressing up as their heroine.

You know, I myself have done a little research in Ms Kahlo (can I remind you, Boffins don't always have to stick to science) and I have discovered that dogs feature in several of her paintings. No mind that they were those funny little hairless Itxcuintlis - a breed rarely seen in Scotland - I feel rather offended that Gail did not scour the V&A gift shop for a one of these pictures.

My google-based research also turned up a tutorial on how to make your very own Frida Kahlo dog costume. Oh how grateful I am that Gail's needlework skills are limited to sewing on buttons.....

After the exhibition, I gather Gail went to a schoolfriend's 60th birthday party and wore, as requested on the invitation, a sparkly dress. I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE NOT BEEN PROVIDED WITH PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE OF THIS UNHEARD OF EVENT!!!

So, I'm sorry my friends, but no treats and no sparkly frocks today. In fact all Gail had to show me was a nostalgic photo she took of the institution, hard by the Victoria and Albert, where in 1982-3 she spent many hours attempting to digest blackboard after blackboard crammed with differential equations expressing the fundamentals of geophysics. Happy days!

*Gail says: Please rest assured Bertie spent most of the weekend with neighbours Neil and Yvonne, being introduced to new foodstuffs and generally spoilt rotten.


  1. Well....we must admit we are completely in the dark about Frida AND the equations. However, we do understand NO treats and being ABANDONED!

  2. the mama awwed and ohhed she would go to see that eggshibition too... probably because of the fact that fridas dad was from germany...can you ask Neil and Yvonne please if they can take care of two abandoned weimaraners too when the eggs-hibition comes to our area too?

    1. Phenny, would we be making trouble if we pointed out that you in Brittany are a lot closer to London than we are in Aberdeen!

  3. Even our Muzzer brings stuff home from trips. However, on her last trip to Scotland, she was forced to abandon the elk chewie thing because it could not be imported into the USA. That was a week and a half in the kennel for nothing.


  4. We can't believe Gail didn't bring back some special treats for you Bertie. At least it sounds like Neil and Yvonne were gracious hosts.

  5. OMD, Bertie, you poor thing!!! Momma's only left me twice, but she's brought back extra special treats both times. Sheesh.

  6. We aren't sure we know who Frida is, but Misty is worried you may have given Mom a silly idea:)

    We think Gail needs to head out and get something very special for you right now!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. Bertie - Fear not. It's clear all the exciting presents have been bought in London and hidden away in readiness for a bumper Christmas. I'm betting there's a day glo rabbit with a variety of squeakers woven into its extremities in your future.

  8. Hari Om
    Well now Bertie lad, 'tis pawssible that Gail has another 'treat' in mind for you later in the week... nudge nudge wink wink. Am a bit miffed at the lack of sparkly evidence though! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Rest assured YAM-Aunty, the party givers have been contacted and I am hoping to sneak a photo of Gail's dress on to this blog before too long! Don't tell Gail though...

  9. Hi Bertie,
    I know a wee bit about Frida as the female one went to a party dressed as Frida (complete with flowers in her hair and jewellery she bought on her travels around Mexico back around the time Gayle was studying beside the V&A)… BOL!

    She even gave me extra cuddles and pats while we watched the 2002 movie “Frida” so perhaps you could humour Gayle and suggest an evening together on your couch watching Salma Hayek act in a film about Frida's art, life and many loves! She she thought was a good film - I pretended not to enjoy it but it was worth the time we spent together.

    That said, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE FOR NOT GETTING TREATS every time Gayle returns from her travels whenever she steps outside your front door!


  10. Apologies to Gail for my spelling of her namve above - Mum types frequenetly the name with a "Y" and after she pushed "publish" we realised the mistake.

  11. Dear Bertie,

    No matter how spoiled you were, I still cannot believe no treats came home with the postcard!

    Also, I do love a dog who can cross dress with confidence. And I don't mean a cat costume.


  12. Bertie
    Geeeeeez a post card was all you got and you can’t read nor do you have thumbs to hold it. I bet that sparkly dress dress Gail wore temporarily made Gail’s eyes see crazy things. Oh what I we give for a photo..
    this crazy storm has my peeps seeing crazy too. Sis and BIL cut their vacation short due home tonight and mom is exoecting they will gather the kitties a few belongings and ins papers and head this way. Their county is under voluntary evacuation. I have never met Sissy’s kitties 😻😱
    But I have mellowed as I have aged.
    Hugs Madi your bffffff

  13. Our peeps left us for 22 days and we didn't even get a postcard . .. and we were in jail.

  14. No treats or photographic proof of the sparkly dress, sigh.