Saturday, 3 February 2018

News from Nottingham

What do you like to do on a cold, wet Saturday morning in early February?

Speaking for myself, I, Bertie, would be quite happy these days with a long lie in, but as usual Gail has different ideas.

So we are still in Nottingham, staying with our lovely, kind friend Janet, and Human Granny is still in hospital (where I am not allowed to visit her, boo hoo). And before heading off to see if HGY had had a good night, Gail took me for a walk this morning along the River Trent - a longer walk than necessary I thought, given the conditions, but Gail seemed in need of a good leg stretch.

And believe it or not, some humans are even nuttier about exercise than my owner! I don't know if you can spot the big crowd of runners in the background of the picture below. Apparently they gather at the same place every Saturday morning, come rain or shine for this 'Park Run' business.

Most inconsiderately, they follow my favourite walking route, and I am not allowed to mingle with them.

Even though it is many years since I last attempted to grab a juicy morsel of jogger's calf muscle for a post-breakfast treat.


  1. Yes, those runners do gather in a pack don't they? Hope HGY slept well last night!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Hari OM
    So lovely to see you are out and about. Those Park Runners are a fiercely dedicated lot. I know. Mac1 is one!!! What a shame you are not allowed to visit HGY. Am sending wishes and huggies for her healing. Hugs and wags, to you and Gail. YAM-aunty xxx

  3. We don't like walking in rain...but sometimes you just have to. Best wishes to HGY, though we think she'd feel much better if you, Bertie snuggled with her in bed!

  4. we are sure the runners would have been happy to meet you, even if you have a history. Hope you got a long nap.

  5. We bet Human Granny would recover much faster if you could visit! It's nice of you to give Gail a long watch to help her feel better.

  6. Even on rainy day it's good to get out and stretch your paws. We are sending lots of snuggles and hope HGY feels better real soon!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  7. Bertie we have been thinking about you and Gail and HGY. WE hope Gail found her health steady when she visited earlier today.
    OMCs you took a nip at a jogger good to know you lost your taste for human calf meat. Mom used to work with an avid jogger a trumpet swan literally chased him around a lake once never quite caught up but it was hot on his trail.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. Oh dear, very sorry to hear about HGY being in hospital and you not allowed to visit.
    There is quite a large group of runners that congregate on our beach car park and Mum wont let Arthur herd them up into a tight bunch.
    Such spoil sports.

  9. Ahh Bertie sometimes the humans just need us to be there on a long walk for comfort. Yep when times get tough we can go the distance because that is our job. Our prayers are being sent upward for Human Granny.
    Sweet William The Scot