Sunday 28 May 2017

Imagining a different future

We've been having super lovely weather in NE Scotland this week, and my paws are now feeling tip top, so on Saturday morning (I'm delighted to report) Gail decided to abandon the household chores and take me for a walk up Morven, long our favourite Deeside hill.

One learns, given the climate in these parts, to seize the moment.

Half way up the initial steep ascent, we ran in to a chap who Gail knows a bit through her work, who was out walking with his wife. It was a good excuse to stop for a breather, and it turns out this couple are both geologists and hail from the southwest of France, near the Pyrenees. Wife was ever so friendly and as she tickled my belly in a way I might describe as 'très agréable' her husband warned Gail to keep a close eye on me, as wife yearns for a dog and he said there was a danger I might be kidnapped.

You know what, I am thinking, would it really be so bad to be kidnapped by a French geologist and maybe end up living close to the Pyrenees?

I am imagining a life spent hiking in the dramatic mountain landscapes, enjoying croissants for petit dejeuner, a selection of smelly fromages for lunch and maybe cassoulet cooked with generous quantities of goose fat for dinner.

Gail could still come to visit and perhaps even fulfil a lifetime ambition of cycling up the Col du Toumalet.

Who knows, I could get the chance to visit my blogging friends Bob and Sophie and thank them properly for sending me that comfy soft collar earlier in the year.

Oh and if I stay in France long enough, that nice young Monsieur Macron might yet permit me to retain my precious EU passport?

For some reason, when we reached the summit, Gail seemed keen to hold me tight …

… and was reluctant to let me get too close to the French couple (that's them, sat behind me in the picture below, sheltering from the inevitable wind).


  1. The Kidnapping fantasy sounds wonderful opportunity boffin Bertie particularly as they are scientific people. However and it is a big however you would miss Gail. It just would not be the same without her now would it? You would also miss the visits on the train to visit Human Granny and what about all the hens party girls you see on the train?

  2. Bertie - You could get croissant crumbs when you visit the bakers !

  3. I don't know, I heard goose fat and I just started fantasizin . . .

  4. Well, if you did get dogknapped and taken to live in France, you'd be a lot nearer to Bob and Sophie, and me ! That would be lovely, but who would Gail take with her on all those lovely walks we've seen, and you'd miss your weekends at the cottage. Life isn't all about slivers of croissant, you know !

    Inca xx

  5. Well....maybe you could just go for a visit (leave Gail at home and send her a postcard and no treats.)

    We can't tell if Gail is trying to keep you from blowing away, or herself.

  6. Bertie Bertie have Gail ....finally.....trained‼️
    Do you really want to start w new trainees? MOL MOL
    That was a beautiful hike And we are so glad your studdly feets are feeling fine
    Madi your bffff

  7. Wow, that really looked windy! We are so glad you paws are tip top!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Perhaps pointing out this possible alternative life will help Gail fully appreciate you and get you lots of extra treats.

  9. glad your Gail was there so the wind could no blow you away like that dorothy and her crib once... ;o)))

  10. Now now Bertie, I think you are on to a great thing with your lovely Gail. France is a beautiful destination for a holiday but you know Scotland's where it's really at.

  11. Bertie, you seem to have been provided with some refreshment at the summit. I think it would be best to stay with Gail rather than risk a leap into the unknown, tempting as it is to daydream.

  12. Dear Bertie,

    Hurray for tip top paws! Hurray for climbs and hikes! Hurray for good belly rubs!

    Maybe you could have two sets of people? You could have the best of both places! Although I think your person is pretty darned good, so you might want to stick where you are...