Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Artemis the Westie

So we have a new dog in the Duthie Park. A fluffy white Westie pup, all of three months old.

Nothing remarkable about that, I hear you say. And indeed it is true there is no shortage of cute wee Westies (and some larger and grumpier ones) in these parts.

But this new friend does have one unusual feature: her name!  None of your common or garden  Kirsties or Floras or Mollies for this little lady.

"Artemis! How very distinguished!" Gail exclaimed, and I experienced a brief pang of jealousy, wishing for a moment that I was named after a rather awesome Greek deity.

When folk hear my name, the most common response is thus.

"Bertie? Oh yes, he looks like a Bertie!"

And what's more, it is said in a voice which suggests the person is suppressing a gentle chuckle, hardly calculated to make a chap feel important or distinguished. 

What do people say when they learn your name for the first time?

PS We do not have a photo of Artemis, so you will have to make do with yet another picture of me in the park, taken a couple of weeks ago - there are far more leaves on the trees now.


  1. guess what? the mama had the name Artemis on her list too... because it is the name of the greek goddess of the hunt... but I'm a boy and I came with a name, so ...
    The people always laughed when they heard my angel brother Easy's name after they saw him in action ;o)

  2. Artemis - what an exotic name - and we thought Petite-Chose was fairly exotic too ! My kennel name was Berta, but my peep didn't like it, so called me Inca, and everyone says what a fine name that is.
    Don't be jealous Bertie - you have a fine manly name and it suits you very well.

  3. Bella and Roxy came with their names...they were about 5 months old, so they weren't changed. Most people steer clear of Dui, so we haven't had to explain it! Now, Bertie, we know that Gail does have a thing for Westies, so just keep reminding her that there should be only ONE dog in your household.

  4. Bertie, Westies are very cute but there is nothing quite as dignified as a WFT. A hand stripped WFT is a very handsome dog.Boffin Bertie suits you perfectly

  5. There's an Atemis works wiv my Mum, a peep not a pup!
    That's a great photo of you Bertie, the weather looks very sunny.
    I think Bertie is a regal name. Wasn't Edward VII a Bertie and he was an Emperor!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. Well Bertie...I THINK Bertie suits you purrfectly. You are the first being we've ever known named Bertie. When I hear BERTIE I think of a fun, handsome, sporty guy with a great big heart and a fine WFT tail!! Should I meet another Bertie he will have to meet your standards!!
    I don't get out and about to meet folks like you do so we don't get to tell many my name in purrson!!
    Your photo is exactly what I wanted to see today.
    Hugs Madi your bfff
    Speaking of names mom said it took longer to name me than it took to name my human sissy!

  7. OMD...Artemis was a GIRL??? Mama calls me Artemis Maximus sometimes...I think I may have to talk to her about that. In the meantime...we thin your name suits you AND I think since it is your blog...your pictures should be the ones we see!

    High Paws!

  8. Mom and dad learned about her on their trip to Greece. Such a special name!
    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Thats a big name for a little westie. We know a big lab with that name.


  10. You better watch out for those little buggers
    Lily & Edward

  11. Artemis reminds me of Artemis Racing as my humans are watching their rectangular box at strange hours of the day, so we're guessing your new friend might be a speedy wee thing capable of making quick manoeuvres.

    As for my name, people hear it and then ask if I am a boy or a girl! If it wasn't for my long golden retriever furs in my lower regions (covering the obvious bits) I would be very insulted.

    Riley (who is definitely a DOG).

  12. Artemis is a very grand name for a wee dog :-) My peeps say that the name Bertie always makes them think of "Burlington Bertie" the song about an aristocratic young man who stayed in bed until 10.30 BOL sounds good to me :-) Nose licks and love from Moth xx

  13. Artemis is a pretty amazing name! People sometimes chuckle when they hear my name, too. They usually say "awe Ruby"