Tuesday 28 March 2017

It all turned out perfectly in the end...

In the gardens of Inshriach House
I'll be straight with you. On Day Two of the long weekend at Inshriach, I wasn't altogether sorry when Gail decreed I was to stay in the house and be cared for by fellow guest Sean, while she and some of the others went off for a nine mile tramp over to Loch an Eilein and back.

I mean, it's true that my paws are lots better, but after a day of setting to rights that young Border collie chappie Hemp, it felt time for some rest and relaxation.

And anyway, Sean and I have so much in common, both being noted writers and poets and all that. In fact I wondered if I should show him a few of my poems - perhaps he might welcome some tips? But Gail said she thought on the whole perhaps not, and it would be much better if I just sat there quietly and did not disturb him while he worked. And being an obedient sort of a chap, I did just that.

Come the morning of Day Three, and after John had supplemented my breakfast with a generous helping of the 'Best Black Pudding in Scotland' I was fairly bouncing off the walls of Inshriach House, and made it quite clear I was up for the planned four mile walk around Glenmore Forest Park.

Gosh it was hard to believe it really was March and we really were in the Scottish Highlands.

Don't tell Gail this, but I was secretly pleased that she had stripped my furs the other week! The humans were sweltering in their merino wool thermals and by the afternoon, when the temperature hit 20ÂșC, some of them were even wishing they had packed their shorts.

(Although, curiously, no-one saw fit to join me when I went to dip my toes in the pretty lochan at the top of the path.)

All too soon it was over and Gail said we had to head back to Aberdeen.

Oh I do hope I shall not have to wait another six years before I visit Inshriach and spend time with such a lovely group of people again.

Lyn (above) gives the best ever cuddles. And who knows, I might even make friends with Hemp one day...


  1. That looks like such a lovely place for a holiday :) Looks like there where some great walks to be had :) Milo & Jet

  2. Bertie, This looks like a lovely spot. Good for the soul no doubt. Just a quick question , did you write any poetry on this visit. It very much looks like a place to stimulate a poet or author into action. Really enjoy your snippets into your very busy life Bertie.

  3. that was wonderful to see all that beautiful places of your country with ya...and I bet Sean will love your poems... and maybe you can write one together?

  4. It looks like it was the perfect weekend. The highlands are beautiful!

  5. Hari OM
    20'C?!! Do we live in the same country??? To be fair, the sun did shine on Sunday - but 20'C??? Struth.

    Meanwhile, I hope you took the opportunity to soak up some 'muse' from Sean and enquire about process and purpose in poetry??? One must never loose such chances when in the presence of the masters! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. looks like a wonderful weekend away and yes we agree - you need to go back soon

  7. Bertie we think you got the very good end of that deal with Sean. Two writers sharing ideas and space and a good rest for the paws too.
    MY WORD that is a most gorgeous area of Scotland. My peeps would just love to take one of those hikes....and the weather was so cooperative. I loved the photo of you and your WFT tail profile
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. Furstly, I am VERY pleased to hear how much better your poor paws are Bertie, thats GREAT news.
    Butt, next time you're gonna haf Black Pudding, could I pleeeeeeease come too 'cos I LUFFS black pudding, oophs, I may haf just drooled a bit!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. Wow. Looks like your 4 mile trek was very scenic!
    Lily & Edward

  10. OMD, that sounds like the pawfect trip, Bertie!

  11. We think Inshriach needs to be put on your FREQUENT 'to visit' list. Black Pudding for breakfast. SHE won't even consider it here, the wimp. Glad your paw is better and you could get out for a walk. Our night time temps are 20°C at the moment...

  12. What a wonderful holiday Bertie! It was so nice to see to sun out and warming your furs on your hike!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  13. Looks like everything worked out just pawfectly! They are probably going to be begging Gail to bring you back!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. OHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh
    DAWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwGg BERTIE...

    OH MY DAWG.... LOOK BESIDE you in the Picture where you are dipping your paws in the LOCH.... OMD IT IS A LOCH MONSTER... SEE IT???????????????????? O M D it NEARLY GOT YOU... OMD OMD
    We thought LOCH MONSTERS were just another Blogville LEGEND...MYTH... thingy...
    B U T T .... we can see it with our own four EYES... OMD OMD BERTIE... it was LONG and HUMPTY and everythingy... just like in the LEGENDS/MYTHS...
    We are sooooooo glad that the Loch Monster did NOT get you.
    Confession time... we BOTH DRIBBLED... no we didn't... we PEED when we saw that.

    1. Oh my goodness Frankie, I never spotted the An Lochan Uaine Monster. Phew that was a lucky escape...

  15. What a pawfect day!
    Yur Furend
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  16. What fun you had Bertie, so glad that you enjoyed your stay, and were able to go on some walks in the beautiful countryside.
    When you were dipping your paws by the frightening Loch Monster, did you see that other dog nearby? It looked a teeny bit like Hemp !

    Inca xx

    1. The other dog did indeed look like Hemp, but was not!

  17. I can't understand why Gail wouldn't encourage you to share your poems and poetic tips!