Saturday 4 March 2017

Impeccable manners, compliments and even a tripe stick...

You know what? When Gail came home on Thursday evening from an all day meeting at the Aberdeen office of the French oil company Total, she gave me a big smile and an extra treat as well as the usual fond hug.

Yes I was surprised too, until Gail explained the backstory.

If you have been on a train at all in the last twenty years you will certainly have come across those irritating people who engage in long work-related conversations on their mobile phones, thus disturbing their fellow passengers whose only wish is to sit quietly and read. Well a week last Friday, during the journey to Nottingham, Gail became one of these annoying types. For the time it took us to travel between Darlington and Doncaster she was engaged in a conference call involving colleagues at Total in Aberdeen and at Danish company Dong in London. (Yes 'Dong' is a funny name isn't it!)

I was a wee bit insulted to learn later that she had felt it necessary to pre-warn the other call participants she would be on a train, with "a dog", and so things might not all go smoothly.

Well as you are aware, these days my train manners are impeccable and I snoozed quietly on Gail's lap for the duration of the call. We were past Newcastle so the hen parties had disembarked and the carriage was relatively quiet. Since Gail was mostly listening not talking, she hopes the other passengers were not too put out.

Anyway, this week's meeting at the Total office was an 'in person' one with the same chaps (it is still mostly chaps in her business) who had taken part in the earlier conference call. Apparently they all said how mightily impressed they were that Gail had managed to join in without any interruptions, and what a well-behaved dog I must be.

Hence the tripe stick!


  1. they saw that totally right... you are always well bee-hived like all terriers and you deserved that big stick. TOTALly. btw: If we feed the elephant skate at total will we get a fat rebate because we know you and your Gail? that would be pawsome!

  2. Bernie: I hope you are saving these comments and praises from your readers and Gail's co workers! Next time you want to apply fore an ambassadog post, you will have a ton of references! And we still think you wuz robbed

  3. Well done Bertie you are quite mature now and thank goodness there were no Houdini events...during the call that required Gail to run down the train platform. You deserved a triple stick. I trust your feet are doing nicely too!
    MOL MOL yes that fairy look gave mom's fave the shape of a baseball diamond.
    Hugs Madi your bfffff

  4. Hari om the conversation turned out not to be a load of old tripe then, eh what?!! 😉 hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  5. We think that was a very well deserved tripe stick!! Good job Bertie!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  6. well of coarse you were perfect - how could you not be ???????

  7. Good heavens Bertie, everyone who knows you is aware of your impeccable manners and your cool, calm demeanour in the face of such trying circumstances.
    You really are a model of perfection, so of course you should have a tripe stick - but why only one?

    Inca xx

  8. The only part of train travel SHE hates is the mobile phone conversations. So SHE'd need more than a tripe stick. BOL! You'll have to work on her manners, Bertie. Bwahaahaa!

    SHE gave us tripe. We just looked at HER like SHE was nuts and walked away!

  9. Crikey Bertie ..... you got a TRIPE stick????? How good are they??? I've never had one until just the other day when Mum found them in a VERY EXPENSIVE pet shop. OMD!! Are they ever good?? I can't get enough of them. Mum says I'm not to get to like 'em too much though as they cost an arm and a leg. She thought tripe should be cheap. After all she was made to eat it when she was little because it was sometimes all her Mum could afford.

  10. We are so jelly and cannot even dream how delicious that must have been. Of course you deserved it and MORE!

    Your Pals Who Are Heading Out In The Morning,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. We are glad your contribution to Gail's work was rewarded!

  12. What a deserved reward!!! My mom has conference calls all the time here at home and if I don't bark, her colleagues think they have a wrong number. And I've never had tripe...JH

  13. Thats my guy...the most behaved!!


  14. Hey Bertie good to meet ya!


  15. oohhh tripe the bestest treat and the one that most disgusts humans, our dad wont touch it. Well deserved

  16. Grreat job! It's always nice to get a little outside recognition. Especially when it comes with a treat!

  17. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! You definitely earned that tripe stick! Oh so tasty and stinky! Hurray!