Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Considering hibernation

Can you believe it hasn't once stopped raining since Gail and I returned to Aberdeen on Saturday?

What ever happened to the idea that the east coast of Scotland is the dry side?

Usually, on Friday mornings, Gail takes me for a walk along the river near our house. This was me on a sunny day earlier in the year.

And here is the scene earlier this week...

Frankly, I am considering hibernation. 

The idea of dozing through the winter, cuddled up somewhere cosy and dry, appeals to me just now. 

Although I admit am not so keen on the reduced food rations aspect.


  1. We sooooooo get it Bertie! It has been raining more than sunny here in the Pacific Northwest US too!! Stay warm and dry...
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  2. Bertie, with all the flood warnings and storms that haf been you way, I am VERY pleased to hear you are safe and sound! Keep warm, safe and stock that larder!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Oh my! It hasn't stopped raining here but we aren't flooded like you! I would hibernate...wake up when the weather is better.

  4. OH MY DAWG.... BERTIE that walking place is TOTALLY FLOODED.... OMD Buddy... that is terrible... butt WAIT.... let us think Mathematically and Scientifically here fur 87 seconds...

    Water + Soil = M U D
    OMD yes, think of all the GLORIOUS MUD that is forming under there...
    We suggest that you have a day or so of NAPPING and Planning.... fur your walkie on the MUD SIDE...

  5. Wow, Bertie, that's such awful flooding! Gosh, I don't blame you. Maybe you can cuddle up somewhere AND take a stash of foodables with you. I'm surely hoping you get some dry weather soon. Holy cow!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  6. Oh my gosh, that is a lot of rain. Hibernation always sounds like a good option in my book. Hoping for some sunny skies in your future.

  7. that does look like an awful lot of rain - that building looks like it needs floaties

  8. Hari OM
    I'd sympathise, but, well... you know.... (hehehehehe.... ahem... how indecorous, wummin); Gail and Bertie, industrial strength galoshes required methinks! Then again, hibernation seems like a pawsitive choice! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  9. Maybe you should buy a raft! That is a lot of water! Is that from El Nino?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Yeah, we HATE that reduced food ration! Whoever thought that up! You have had a lot of rain. That water ate up your path!

  11. It was -29 C here Monday and Tuesday and we did just hibernate from them. Hope the rain stops for you soon.

  12. Normally, I wouldn't have any idea about that much rain, but we are actually having an unusually wet winter here in California, so get it. With everything you and Gail have had going on, Gail might want to hibernate with you? We've been reading your posts and must say it hits close to home for us right now too, and we have she'd a tear or two.

  13. Bertie. Oh my word...what in the world..that River has nearly become twice as wide. Terrible terrible weather. We are surely hoping for the rain to quit sooner than later.
    Dad tapes the British Prime minister q&a on Wednesday mornings. They were all talking about the flooding today.
    Madi your bfffff

  14. I say hibernayshun wif increased food rashuns.

  15. The news is of course full of the eastern rain. Like you I always considered that you live on the dry side of the country with us on the west bearing the brunt. Our village is on high ground so flooding isn't a likely scenario but we do get wind! I read that next week is to be much colder so hopefully that should mean cold but dry weather for you!

  16. Reduced food rations ?

    Bertie - we can believe it hasn't stopped raining in Aberdeen. It could be worse. You could be on Uist. At least you have street lights to pierce the gloom.

  17. Bertie, you have my sympathy with all that rain. Can you believe here on the west we have had three consecutive days without rain! though I think it will return soon, followed by snow next week. Hibernation is something I'm considering...

    Best wishes


  18. This has been such a terrible year for flooding. What has happened to cold, crisp winter days! I can understand you wanting to hibernate. Alfie's getting pretty fed up of having his paws dried after every walk!

  19. oh wow Bertie stay safe and you must be a bit bored hope it drys up

  20. Yowza, that's a LOT of rain! I'm totally with you on the hibernation thing. It sounds nice to just curl up and snooze.

  21. We think you should hibernate with no reduced food rations! (Spring walkies will take care of any extra poundage!)

    Lots of wagging here - it's finally a tad warmer in Idaho.

  22. Bertie: We just had the 6th wettest December on record here, and January is promising more (and more) record rainfalls. We are a river town too, and though we don't have your heavy flooding, some of my favorite places along Pony Pasture just south of us are no longer accessible because the river has filled in dried up creek beds. We are also south of the mountains here, and when their snow melts in March we could be looking for life jackets.

    I don't really mind the rain and the puddles are lovely, but Teka is a wuss.

    your pal

    1. The record for Aberdeen's wettest January ever was broken this year by 6th January (and we have had plenty more since then!)

  23. Dear Bertie,

    Hurray, a new friend! And one who doesn't fetch! Pawesome! Thanks for stopping by to say "hi"!

    Does hibernation include bacon? I don't think I would do it if there wasn't any bacon...