Sunday 17 May 2015

Good news from Human Granny

Can you believe that we came all the way down to Nottingham and a certain person failed to bring with her any sort of a device for taking photographs?

And when I complained about having no pictures to illustrate this post I just got a lecture about how I was supposed to be focussing today on Human Granny, who doesn't like having her photo taken anyway. And how nobody's world would come to an end for having to wait a few more days to see new images of my handsome phizog (or should that be phuzzog?)

So. We went to visit HGY in her nice new 'care home'. Gosh I thought Gail was skating on thin ice when she greeted her mother by saying, "Hi, you're looking well, I think you've put on weight".

Now we all know that etiquette is a sensitive and complicated issue, where humans are concerned. Being a dog, I can't pretend to have mastered more than the basics, but until today I was pretty sure you were ABSOLUTELY NOT supposed to tell a lady she has got fatter (even if she has). Only now I learn it's probably OK, if and only if, said lady has recently been very ill and had shrunk to almost nothing.

Well it's certainly true that HGY seemed jolly pleased to see both me and Gail, although apparently she had been a bit alarmed earlier in the day when Gail's brother and sister-in-law pitched up at the home with my two standard poodle cousins, Coco and Percy (he's HUGE). 

I need hardly tell you I was a big hit with all the care home staff and residents. As, I'm told, were Percy and Coco.

Well, OK, one old lady did look a bit grumpy when I trotted past, but Human Granny later told us "she's a right old misery, never happy about anything".

Oh how lucky we are that there is nothing of the 'right old misery' about HGY. She seems quite bright and cheerful, enjoying having time to read books and write letters to her many friends and not having to worry about cooking and housework. Really she is doing so well making the best of her new and more constricted life. I feel very proud to have such a brave Human Granny.

Gail, I hope we going to see her again soon?


  1. Dear Bertie,

    We are so happy to hear you and Gail arrived at the care home to find HGY doing so well, and to read your first hand (or should that be first paw) report. No photos required, as it is all great news, including the bit about HGY having three canine visitors in one day!

    With love and woofs from the bottom of the world,

  2. Oh Bertie. We are so pleased to hear this news. Our angel Nana was very very thin too and it was our aim in life to "fatten her up" Alas we never could. Yaahoo for your Granny. She is reading, happy and has time to do the things she enjoys. This must make your Gail feel happy and relaxed too. Good work on being the well behaved dog we know you are. What a lovely way to end our weekend, thinking of your Granny and how she has settled in at her new home. Take care mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  3. Very pleased to hear the good news. She's come through terribly well after such trauma.

  4. Glad to hear HGY is doin good.

  5. She is an incredible lady. So happy the news is good. Also, happy that you had the correct order in she was 'jolly happy to see ME and Gail.' Enjoy your visit. Hope the residents have some little treats for you.

  6. What great news! So very pleased HGY is doing so well and I bet she was thrilled to see you Bertie
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Hari OM
    For there to be such improvement - fantastic.
    To be able to travel home with easy minds... priceless.
    Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  8. Sounds like human granny has settled in well to her new home --- that's good news.

  9. Happiness at this stage of life is worth its weight in gold.

  10. that is wonderful news - it can be hard to adapt to giving up your independence but often the benefits outweigh the negatives - like not having to cook or do dishes :)

  11. Yes, the humans are their body weight issues. Never quite know what to say ...

    But, I am glad in this case, weight gain is a good sign! Glad she is feeling better and that she lives in such a nice place!

  12. Sorry, meant to say "humans AND their body weight issues."

  13. This is such wonderful news...and although there are no beautiful Bertie pictures, it sounds like you had a wonderful time with HGY!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  14. We are thrilled to hear Granny's good news
    Lily & Edward

  15. Bertie we are THRILLED to hear that HG is doing SO much better now..... THAT must have been a Delightful visit you had with HER and the other residents... You made their day fur SURE...

  16. Bertie, Thanks for the update on HGY. Great news. But picture of YOU?!? It's an outrage!

    -Otto and Ruby

  17. Bet Granny luv ed seeing you too.
    What, no camera ?
    Standards are slipping Bertie can't trust anything but your own paws.
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X

  18. We are glad things are going well for her in the new place. But really, no pics of you? That just isn't right!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  19. Wow, great news for HGY! I don't blame her for no flashy beast. BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  20. I am so glad Granny is doing so well!! I am sure your visit helped a lot. Nothing like a visit from Bertie.

    Loveys Sasha

  21. Hidey Ho Bertie and Gail
    Standing ovation and wild clapping for Human GMa. We are beyond thrilled with this post. Actually Gail painted a purtty good visual photo for our mind's eye on how things went. Maybe next time you should be in charge of the camera. MOL MOL Don't tell my dad but he forgot something pretty important on their trip this past weekend...'pjs'!!
    hugs madi your bfff and mom

  22. Dear Bertie...we knew you would love visiting HG in her new home. Those folks are wonderful, and most of them don't worry about dog hair or dog paws, they take care of the important things like kisses and hugs, because they don't need to worry about cooking and cleaning! It is great that HGranny is adjusting well, and we know that you will love visiting her next time, because you will see all your friends from this time and make some new ones each time you go. (ps...with a bit of training they can be taught to save acceptable treats. Just be sure that you look (briefly) to your mum for permission before you accept the handouts. That way no one will get in trouble for giving you treats.

    Gus and Teka
    (who have a total of 18 years of visiting between them)

  23. Its so lovely that you visit HG and Im sure you brighten the spirits of all

    retro rover

  24. I'm SO glad Human Granny is doing well! And of course you were a hit at the care home -- who wouldn't love to see a hansome lad like you bouncing by?

  25. I'm SO glad Human Granny is doing well! And of course you were a hit at the care home -- who wouldn't love to see a hansome lad like you bouncing by?

  26. What good news!!!

    Wirey woof, JH

  27. How good is that, Bertie. She's settling in nicely, aye?? that's so good to hear. There's a grouchy old lady at my Nan's home too. Everyone loves me except this one lady. Every time she sees me she says 'I don't like those dogs with pointy noses. They bite!' EVERY TIME ..... the same!!!!!! I've NEVER bitten anyone but if she says that one more time I might just bite HER!!!!!