Friday, 23 January 2015

Brusqueness etc.

Oh dear, I made a terrible mistake in my last post.

There has been such a lot going on here in Nottingham lately.

Normally, I pride myself on my clear and unambiguous writing style (unless ambiguity is intended of course).

Anyway, several of my dear readers thought I was saying that my poor dear Human Granny was being 'brusque' in telling me to get out of the way, when in fact it was Gail who has been failing a bit in the politeness department this past week.

Gail has apologised and explained that she is not really cross with me; in fact I am apparently "a much needed source of comfort and entertainment". Rather, she is upset because Human Granny has suddenly become very ill due to what the doctors call 'Parkinsonism', perhaps made worse by a small stroke, and moving even the smallest distance is such a struggle for her now.

Friends, thank you so much for all your supportive comments, and please be aware I haven't forgotten you and neither has Gail. But for the next few weeks you'll understand that our focus will be elsewhere.


  1. Have heard of Parkinson but not with the ism. All we can do is cross our fingers and send best wishes.

    (We knew it was Gail who was being brusque all along.)

    1. Gail says: Apparently Parkinsonism is a condition with some of the same symptoms as Parkinson's disease, but the root cause is different - in my mother's case probably a hardening of arteries in the brain.

  2. Lots of loves and hugs coming from us to Bertie and Gail, healing licky kisses to HGY. We'll be thinking of you
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. No worries Bertie and we continue to keep granny in our thoughts and prayers, Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Hari OM
    Oh Bertie, I do find that occasionally folk are less than careful in their reading also, so apologies are certainly not required of you. I have no doubt whatsoever that your presence is helping to keep Gail 'together' so you must snuggle up as much as you can, wag that tail as often as you can and every now and then pull the 'poor neglected me' look to help bring her into the moment. My darling Jade did lots of that for me during a terrible period in my life and I truly will never forget it.

    Hugs and wags to you both, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Bertie - It's at times like this that family fellows are worth their weight in gold.

  6. Dear Bertie no worries sweet adorable friend..once or twice my mom was a little stern with me when my gpeeps were at our house. I tend to dart about unannounced too.

    Dear Gail,
    I surely know 'exactly' your helpless feeling. Your precious Mom's health took such a sudden turn.
    My mom had Louie's Body Dementia which is a form of Parkinson's Disease. Now that you have a diagnosis I hope and prayer there is a PD med that will give your mom some mobility. Please give her a hug from me and a nose tap from Madi and we send the same to you and Bertie.
    Cecilia and Madi

  7. Sending you and your mom all of our excess terrier tenacity to get you through this troubling time.

    Gus and Teka

  8. Bertie I still cross my paws for your granny and I hope your Gail will find a way to manage all things to make it easier and good for your granny. Send a big hug to you all :o)
    Easy Rider

  9. Bertie, I know your terriertude will do wonders to help your dear humans as they deal with life's challenges . I know the comfort our furry bodies and wagging tails can provide. Sending you and Gail and your human grannyour love and hugs! Just Harry (and mom)

  10. We completely understand that you and Gail have other priorities! Please give Human Granny some gentle kisses from us. We hope she feels better soon.

  11. When the humans get stressed, they sometimes aren't at their best and forget their manners. We understand, don't worry!

    P.S.: We are having a little contest to celebrate our 500th post today. Hope you will stop by.

  12. WE knew right away Who had been... FORCEFUL with their Requests fur you to do HER bidding... and we also totally UNDERSTOOD the cause of her... Forceful Tone.
    We have your HGY in our thoughts and prayers and are sending her more POTP.

  13. Lady has aging parent issues and aging dog issues as well, so she empathize, and I sympathize with Granny. Love on her, Bertie.

  14. We knew that Granny was a nice Granny
    Lily & Edward

  15. We figured. We are still sending prayers your way.

    Monty and Harlow

  16. thinking of all of you. stella rose

  17. Stress from losing your human grandpop and you granny feeling alone has probably also contributed to the current issue - we have our paw crossed the something can be done to at least alleviate the symptoms

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  19. oh dear, Bertie - we are glad that you are helping to bring comfort and entertainment - we have a feeling it's much needed. Keep it up, my friend

    Edgar and his mum

    P.S. To Gail - My Dad has had Parkinson's Disease for about 10 years now. It may not be the same as what your mom is experiencing, but if I can be of help in anyway, please don't hesitate, even just to have someone else understand the complexities. My email is

    Take care, Katie

  20. Bertie, keep up the good work of being a "family fellow." This is probably our most important job!


  21. Dear Bertie,

    What a lot Gail and your HGY have gone through recently. Firstly with the loss of your wonderful HGD and now a big change in HGY’s health. Any “misunderstood brusqueness” is understood. Please let Gail know we know that you are both doing the best you can to sort out the best care for HGY. We know there will be days when there are many decisions to be made and days when the future seems overwhelming.

    Every situation is different, but in a very small way, we know about some of the Parkinsonism symptoms HGY has now. My human grandfather was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease in 1999 and then diagnosed with dementia (requiring secure care) in 2012. He passed away January 2014. My visits to my human granddad changed over time from regular to none, as I am so big I could knock him over or he would lose his balance trying to pat me. He had trouble moving and fell most days (without me there) for no reason I could understand. Enzo was the last puppy he cuddled. Instead of being upset that I could no longer visit, I focused on my human and doing things with her to help her deal with the changes that were happening in her dad’s health and in her mum’s health too. A wagging tail and a happy look on my face could make her smile at the end of a long day with her parents.

    Bertie, as I have probably told you before, you have to remind Gail to take good care of herself. Make sure she eats properly, walks daily, that she still does activities she enjoys and that she finds people who really support her. Tell Gail that my human found the Parkinsons Society very useful (no doubt there will be something similar in the UK) as they provided information and helped arrange support services (physiotherapy, speech therapy, dieticians, social activities, home visits by their field officer, etc.) for her father since 2000. In the later years, they helped my human through a carer’s support group where she could say the whole truth about what was going on and how she really felt in more detail than she was able to tell her closest friends and workmates. Saying aloud the stuff that went round and round in her head (she thinks too much!) to humans who understood and knew about these things really helped her. Of course Bertie, I know you are good at listening to Gail too.

    Sending love and woofs to you both,

  22. Gail is in a hard spot right now so we are glad you are comforting her!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    PS - Please look past any weird posts from us as they are currently being stolen from us and posted to an illegal blog.

  23. Family first...POTP being sent for peace and healing...

  24. Bertie, tell Gail I am sendin her and your human granny lotsa POTP and luvs.

  25. We are sending you tons of love. Thank you for the update, though it is a tough one, because we've been so worried about HGY and all of you. We're thinking of you. Don't worry about posting -- be there and care for each other. Such a tough time.

    All our love,
    Tootsie, Renee, and Dachshund Daddy

  26. Howdy Bertie. We have been thinking of you all since your Granny has been ill. Our angel Popsy had Parkinsons so we can understand some of the symptoms your Granny may be experiencing. Take care and know you are in our thoughts and hearts. No worries, and LOVE, Stella and Rory (and Carol)