Sunday 14 December 2014

A true and scary story about a dog sitter

On two of the four days* a week when Gail is out at work, I am taken for an hour long walk at lunchtime by one of my lovely dog walkers. I would like to tell you more about them, even post some pictures, but they are internet-shy and Gail says we have to respect that.

I only bring them up 'cos I thought of them with gratitude when last week I overheard our neighbour Kirsty the vet telling Gail a really scary story involving a dog walking/sitting service.

Kirsty related how a couple had brought an adult dog into a veterinary surgery (not hers, but elsewhere in Scotland), having recently purchased the dog over the internet. It turned out that the dog was microchipped and when the person named on the microchip was contacted, she said, that can't be right, my dog is dead.

Further enquiries revealed that the previous owner had gone on holiday and left the pet in the 'care' of someone who offered a dog walking and pet sitting service. Who told her that the dog had run in front of a car when out for a walk. Who handed her a jar of ashes upon her return saying that was all that was left of poor pup.

Except for none of this was true. The wicked pet sitter had made the whole thing up and, through an intermediary, had organised the sale of the dog.

The story had a happy ending in that dog and owner were reunited and the miscreants prosecuted. We hope that the unfortunate couple who were duped out of £200 found another genuine rescue dog to bring into their home and love.

Gail and I feel so lucky in having a dog walkers whom we trust completely. (They are a husband and wife team, a retired prison officer and schoolteacher, so I do have to mind my P's and Q's…)

Oh but if only everyone understood and respected the precious bond between us dogs and our humans.

*On the other two days, Gail comes home for lunch and walks me round the block.


  1. We had three children at our house yesterday asking if we wanted to buy the pup they had. 'Already have three' was our excuse. But wonder if a small price might have helped the pup find a new home.

  2. We had a someone offer us a dog while we were our having a puppicino one day. We soooo wish we'd said yes and taken the pup, that sort of thing prays on your mind for ages afterwards!

  3. Crikey Bertie ...... how scary is that?? I'm glad your walkers are trustworthy even if you do have to mind your P's and Q's. How can people do things like that??

  4. OMD that is awful but hooray for the happy ending. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Oh how mean is that? To create a story and to ignore the woe of the real dog owners, just to make some money? I sometimes wish we still had Mrs. G in the Bastille of Pawris for such bad people. I'm glad there was an happy end for the dog and his furmily.
    Easy Rider

  6. Hari OM
    OMD Bertie Lad, I know how wonderful it is to have 'sitters' who can be trusted... that is a horror story - but would you believe that I heard another similar one not so long ago on one of the doggy programs which come our tellies? Apparently the RSPCA are on the alert as this has become the new big business. Puppy mills and now this. Heart breaking. THANK HEAVENS FOR MICRO CHIPS! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. We read stuff like that all the time and it scares us so much. Mommy always keeps a close eye on us and never, ever leaves us outside alone either.

    We are glad to hear that the pup and his owner were happily reunited.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. That is indeed a scarey story. We are fortunate in having a human muzzer who has retired, and we know of a reliable service here in town which we use when one of the humans (or both!) is too busy, out of town, sickie or otherwise incapacitated.
    Glad the doggie found his/her way back to his family. Would that all lost dogs were so fortunate.

    Gus n Teka

  9. Bertie...oh my word what a horrid, mean evil person! We are so glad the pup was microchipped and MOST OF ALL ELATED the evil person was charged. You are indeed lucky to have such wonderful sitters/ walkers. I have the wonderful Miss Kathy who cares for me when I am abandoned!
    Madi your bffff

  10. we have seen a lot of stories appearing lately about people having their pups snatched right out of their arms, stolen from their yards, even grabbed while out for walk - it is devastating for the owners and terrifying and one the rare occasions the dogs are returned home it can devastating for the people who innocently purchased the stolen dog.

    1. Gail says: It seemed to me somehow worse than a straightforward theft, that in this case a person in a position of trust had lied, and so horribly at that.

  11. OMD Bertie... you are SO correct... having peeps that are TRUSTWORTHY is worth 87 Bazillion Green Papers... Or Euros or Whatever is used in one's area. BLESSING on YOUR Walkers...
    OMD that was a horrible and SCARY and SAD story. We are glad that it had a GOOD Ending..

  12. What a sad story.. with a happy ending. Trust. My mom says that she finds it harder and harder to trust what many people say or do. Happily though, she knows that we dogs are completely honest (if not totally trustworthy!!!). Wirey holiday wishes!!! Just Harry

  13. Dat are awful dat da dog walker did that.

  14. What is terrible that such awful people do that!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  15. We can't even imagine someone doing that!! Scary stuff for sure!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  16. That is freaky. My special vet tells me these kinds of stories, too.

    And you are a lucky duck to have those special walkies. :)


  17. that is a terrifying story too say the last made me want to hug all my babies

    retro rover

  18. That is so scary!! Mom has been looking for a pet sitter for us but she hardly trust anyone - guess that's a good thing!!

    Piper, Celti, Argie and Ivy