Friday 13 December 2013

I Will Growl

On behalf of Human Grandad

Gail is too gentle, but I am a terrier.
I can growl.

I can growl at Herr Alzheimer
Though I know he's not to blame
For HGD contracting
The disease that bears his name.

I can growl at the unfairness
Yes, I know Gail, "life's not fair".
You can lead a good and worthwhile life
And near the end, despair.

I can growl at those who cannot see beyond
A sick, demented man.
I can growl at those who will suggest,
Such suffering is Planned.

In growling, I can try to speak
For one who cannot now express
His thoughts. Beloved HGD
I'll make it known you were and are the best.

Gail is too gentle but I am a terrier.
I can growl.

I will growl.
Are we going to visit HGD again soon?


  1. We are adding our voices to yours, Bertie, on behalf of HGD. GGGRRRRRRRR!

    Bart, Ruby and Otto

  2. Very well put Bertie! Hope you get to see HGD over the holidays. The boys and I are off to visit our equivalent next week.

  3. We too GRRRRRR Bertie and another one for our recent events. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Keep growling, Bertie. We'll growl with is a horrible condition.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Beautifully growled, Bertie. You said it.

  6. We are joining the growling. Maybe we should have a growl-athon. Life is totally not fair. Keep growling and keep up the fight. Lee and Phod

  7. Oh Bertie, I'm sorry there is so much to growl about. It must be really hard to have to watch HGD's disease progress. We are growling with you.
    I do hope, however, that there are times when you can emit some happy growls. Those type may bring a smile to Gail's face.
    Please send lots of love to Gail and also to HGD and HGM.
    (BTW, you are an awesome poet)
    Maxmom, Tammy, Toby and Lexi in SA

  8. ps. Congratulations on all you accolades in the agility ring :)

  9. OMD Bertie you truly did tell it like it is fur HGD who CAN'T speak fur himself. Bravo... well said and well done.

  10. We will growl right along with with for our HGM who also had no voice .....and for you HGD. grrrrrrroooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  11. We will growl along with you Bertie; so much to growl at in this truly unfair world. Most of all right now we hope that your HGD somehow knows how many growling friends he has thanks to you and Gail.

    Wirey love (and human hugs),

    Just Harry

  12. You got to growl. I will fight like a Frenchie

  13. Hi Bertie my handsome and smart friend. Growl on for Human GD and all afflicted we say. Herr Alzheimer is indeed an evil evil disease robbing those fine worthy people of their dignity. Mom knows. Ironically today at my Grandma's facility there was a darling kindergarten class there with snacks and singing Christmas Carols to the residents.
    Mom learned a little more about a few of the residents.
    One was a talented singer, one talented pianist and other used to be an assistant to the Governor of NC.
    As you say, we need to look beyond the vacant stares of the afflicted....try to imagine what used to be....
    Many hugs to you and Gail as we know what you mean.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  14. Well said Bertie. We are growling as loud as we can with your for your HGD, and also for our own HGD who went into full time residential care in 2012 as he has dementia and Parkinsons. It is all so unfair that our HGD's are no longer the men that they used to be, and that life (as we dogs once knew it) for our mum and her mum has changed so much as they both try their best to get used to how things are progressing day by day.

    Sending you and Gail lots of love,
    Riley and Enzo

  15. Bertie, only yesterday I was tearing up thinking of my dear dad who passed away last year, and he had dementia. Hard to fathom, how smart, intelligent people get this disease. Sad and heart breaking, but you keep growling for all of us. Remus can join you when he is a bit bigger. Love and hugs to mum and self.

  16. All of us want to join with you, our grand paw had that and it's not a very good thing, and lots of peeps just think bad things about how grand paw acted, LETS growl away!

    The Mad Scots

  17. Bertie, we'll growl with you mate. Gail, we're sending you a gentle hug. We're here for you. You are in our hearts.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  18. Bertie-
    We join you in your growling. It's not fair.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  19. Bertie - It's clear how proud you are of HGD and how much you love him. You're right it's not fair.

  20. Wonderful words. You have expressed your feelings in the words...

  21. Hari Om
    I 'woohoo-d' on previous post for all the positive reasons. Now I 'woohoo' with you for all the negative ones you point out so eloquently here, Bertie. Having worked for several years with various forms of dementia, I can vouch for your truth - it's cruel.

    You and Gail have all my love, prayers and blessings coping through this time. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  22. Bertie, no one has ever said it better! Grrrrrr, grrrrrr, grrrrr!

  23. I am growling right with ya Bertie!!


  24. grrr grr grr mine say

    Stop on by for a visit

  25. Sweet poem, Bertie. It really shows how much you love HGD.

  26. great poem, your love for HGD is very moving and I hope you are seeing eachother very soon

    retro rover

  27. That was a great poem, and very meaningful to all of us who love the victim's of Herr Alzheimer's disease. Thank you for sharing it

    gus n teka

  28. Excellent poem Bertie and Mum said it means a lot to her. Her Nan be in a care home with dementia and her grandad got it too before he passed away. It a horrible disease.