Monday, 18 November 2013

Something new every journey..

 Enjoying a wee break by Edinburgh Castle, en route to Nottingham.

Such fun!

Oh gosh I do love travelling by train. You never know what is going to happen, and which lovely people you are going to meet.

Oh and by the way, I know that in the past there have been some adventures that Gail has - wrongly in my view - classified as misdemeanours, but these days I have learned that it all goes better if I concentrate more on the happy smiles and less on the barking and the escapology. So it was on Friday.

At Edinburgh, a lively group of young men came and sat just along the carriage from us. You could see they were well organised.

"Right, poker players round one table, drinkers round the other" said their top dog chappie as they were forcing their bags precariously into the overhead luggage space.

Although I did later notice that in fact they all were making use of the crate of beer they'd brought along.

Now look at me here!

Oh I can't tell you how grown up and, well, masculine I felt when I was invited to join the poker party.

But Gail says I shall have to work on my 'poker face'. And tail.


PS I know you all want to hear about HGD. Well he is 'semi-settled' in his new home, and still gives Gail a HUGE smile whenever he sees her. I am going to be allowed to visit later today. Yippee! 


  1. Bertie, did they share a beer with you? I've never had one but imagine I would like it! We aren't allowed on the train here. You are so lucky!!

  2. Blimey Bertie, beer and poker on the train..... you are settling into travelling big time pal. Soon you'll need one of those season pass thingies.
    Great news about HGD.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Ahh... the influence of young male role models!

  4. Beer and train traveling , that is special :p


  5. Bertie my handsome are for sure one of the look very at home with the handsome brawny young whippersnappers. Mom was wondering how long the train ride is from your home to HGPs home.

    We are so glad HGD enjoyed your visit this weekend.
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  6. That's great news about HGD! We bet that getting smiles from him warms Gail's heart.

    We are still impressed that you get to go on a train like that. You fit right in Bertie playing poker with the boy's. Did they give you a swig of their beer too?

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  7. hope these kisses xxxoooxxxxoooo are not too late for you and Gail to share with HGD.

    I am so jealous of your train trips. Our muzzer loves to ride the trains when the humans are in the UK ...her most favorite is the Royal Scotsman. Do you know if dogs are allowed on that train? I am saving up treat money so I can join them on their next trip.

    (he doesn't understand about quarantine, but the advantage is that he is losing some weight while saving on treats. (muzzer) )

  8. Happy birthday to HGD!

    I also love traveling by train and always make new friends.
    But I usually travel in my pet carrier because (1) I like to burrow and (2) technically it's the only way for me to ride for free (although Swiss conductors are never strict with little dogs).

    I loved your suggestion about a pee spot national security conference. It is after all a Number One topic, and we'd definitely leave our mark with a rigorous pee review process.

  9. WE are so Happy that you will be seeing your HGD today.

    OMD you got to play the POKER FACE game??? THAT is super. Guess you will have to SIT on your TAIL the next time..

  10. Bertie,
    I think you're just an all round talented dog - boffin scientist, charming and social doggie, poker enthusiast - I mean, what more can we expect! I can see you were getting in with the big boys there, although I do hope Gail deprived you of a pint!
    Glad HGD is doing fine, but doesn't he give YOU a big smile too?
    Pippa :)

  11. I absolutely love trains!

    Stop on by for a visit

  12. They never let us have fun, jealous

  13. So's, did you have a beer and win anything, betcha that was loads of fun, and you were the life of the pawty!

    The Mad scots

  14. Oh that sure looks like fun, you are one of the lads!

    urban hounds

    PS so happy to hear that HGD is still smiling

  15. You are so lucky to get to travel by train. Dogs aren't allowed to have fun like that where we live. Lee and Phod

  16. We are not even allowed to ride the city bus, even if we have the fare! It all seems wrong on so many levels. Give HGD a smooch from all of us!


  17. Give HGD a big smoochie from me.
    Hey! Momma says she visited that castle herself back in a time known as the 1980's.


  18. That sure is great that you can walk around like that. You're so friendly, making lots of friends. Hope you had a great time!

  19. Hari OM
    Oh Bertie, getting to visit HGD is the best news and I do hope that is fun for all. You will bring smiles to many faces I suspect!!

    As for the train trip... one of the boys, eh? Way to go!
    Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx