Tuesday 20 November 2012

Special privileges

Oh thank you Gail for letting me snuggle up on your bed, for once. And yes I do think that I deserve special treatment and also that you owe me an explanation. How come you disappeared off down to Nottingham for three days and I was consigned to what you euphemistically refer to as 'camp'?

Well Bertie, if I'd have been going for longer I certainly would have braved taking you with me on the train, but time was short and I thought it simpler to leave you up here while I was down with my family celebrating my Dad's 91st birthday.

WHAT!!!? This can't be true! Tell me you're joking. HGD had a birthday party and I wasn't invited? I feel a major tantrum coming on...

Just calm down and stop bouncing on me Bertie. Please. HGD is a bit old for parties now, and anyway he has outlived nearly all his friends. You didn't miss anything very exciting, believe me. 

So then. All the more reason for me to have been there to liven things up a bit. You know I am very skilled at that. Well, perhaps you will have some photos I can post on my blog, at least.

I'm sorry Bertie. HGD had another fall on Friday and now has a bit of a black eye so it didn't seem right to take any pictures. He did ask after you though, and he was disappointed you weren't around. And of course I missed you dreadfully, especially during those 'family moments' when it is so convenient to be able to say "I think the dog needs a walk". I promise you will be coming with me at Christmas, my sanity may depend on it. So can we be friends again now?

Hmmm. Well OK then. Oh and, by the way, it is true that therapy dogs are paid with extra mince pie rations......? 


  1. We love those 'family moments' when you need to escape! Happy Birthday to HGD! Ninety one is quite an achievement!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Bertie, I'm guessing Gail wanted you close by after leaving you behind. It is great that you have finally been allowed on her bed (Enzo and I have to remain on the floor - something about no space for us both), but now that you have got onto Gail's bed, remember what everydog knows - when you have done something once (or your humans let you do something) you can do it again! These are the rules - if they let you do it then it is forever your right to do it again.


    PS We hope HGD's eye is better soon, and that he and HGY both enjoyed having Gail visit for his birthday.

  3. I think there was ample opportunity to throw that tantrum Bertie! However - at least you made it to the big bed...... What took so long!???!

    I think that 91st could have really used your pawty skills...... Save them and give it a double dose come Christmas!

    Love to HGD, Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  4. Make sure to hold her to Christmas!


  5. Happy Birthday to HGD and we hope the fall wasn't too serious. Nevermind Bertie next time. Still laughing about you on the train. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Happy Happy 91st to your G-pa Bertie....
    If you need help with your therapy dog contract I highly recommend Mr. Pip at the firm of Burger, Burger and Bacon. I hope you didn't go all bouncy over Gail upon her return! She should have gotten your back of disrespect.

    Love your warm spot I hesitate to say this but you may have a tad of cat DNAs. MOL
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  7. Wishing your Grandpa a Hap-pee 91! Hope you got a piece of cake at least! Don't ever let Mom leave you again!

  8. Well a very happy birthday to HGD! We hope that his eye recovers very soon.

    We love that you too use the excuse of walking the dog.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  9. I can't believe she abandoned you! Your grandpa's birthday would've been SO much better with you there. Hrmph.

  10. Oh Bertie, she could have left out the birthday part! Hope grampy is ok
    Benny & Lily

  11. Bertie - As many mince pies as you can eat and a tickle behind the ear from HGD.

  12. Oh Bertie, I wish you would learn to accept things as they come along. Gail made a thoughtful decision and you went to camp, simple plan and worked fine. Accept,accept,and get on with life.

    Happy Birthday to your HGD and hope his fall didn't hurt him badly. Our very best wishes to him and HGY!


  13. Sorry to hear about HGD's fall but I hope you have a wonderful time with him at Christmas! (Definitely get extra treats to make up for this abomination!)

  14. Aww - so sorry to hear about HGD's black eye! Sheesh! But gosh - 91 - that's something to celebrate for sure! Woot woot! I think that your human should have skyped you in on the celebration at least. ;)

    Yay - at least you get to go for Christmas!

  15. Boy, just like a peep, thought you wouldn't have any fun, so she just packs you off to "CAMP". Think you should hold back your forgiveness for a few days and milk it for some extra special treats, Hey!

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  16. Poor HGD. Hopefully you get extra treats as you missed out this time, I bet you bring lots of Christmas cheer to HGD on the holidays

    urban hounds

  17. Oh poor Grampy with a black eye. Well at least it was not your fault Bertie. I think Christmas will be the best time to visit with all the festivities. It is the really big birthday after all.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  18. Gail, i've just read your comment on Jo's blog about the card your mum gave your dad for his birthday. Bought tears to my eyes. Next time you see them, give them a hug from me. I miss my mum and dad. Love Carol

  19. Ah families! Still I can confirm that therapy dogs are paid in mince pies (and tell Gail to pack that bottle of Malt....just in case!) Deccy x

  20. Well Bertie now you are on the bed it is of course yours now and not Gails! We hope HGD feels better soon.



  21. Happy birthday to HGD! I would love to be paid in mince pies!

  22. Bewtie
    I'm shoowe Gail and yoow Gwammpa missed you tewwibully. Sometimes we just can't go along. Hoomans have times that awe difficult sometimes and I'm so sowwy yoow Gwammpa had a fall. I know you will not be left again cause you make evewything bettew just by being yoow bouncy self. Hug Gail fow me
    Smoochie kisses

  23. I hope HGD is okay & you get to see him real soon!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  24. Hi Bertie,

    It is Thanksgiving in the USA so I wanted to let you know how thankful I am that through Suka we met. I am also thankful for the friendship you showed to Suka, and to myself. You are a very dear, sweet friend.

    You look adorable wrapped up in your lovely blanket. I am sorry you missed your HGD's 91st birthday, but great for him for reaching such a milestone. Happy late birthday to him and many more!