Friday 28 September 2012

Good behaviour, a storm and bye bye Bubba

A few things today.

First I want to show you what well behaved pups us wire-haired fox terriers can be.

I'm not saying always are, just can be, mind.

So in this wee movie you will see how I come back when called, even when out on a forest walk in Glen Tanar where there are lots of exciting smells. Then I pose patiently in a scenic spot by the Water of Tanar, before, further down river, again demonstrating my obedient recall. Finally I show that I am quite capable of playing nicely in Duthie Park with irritating little dogs, despite it being first thing in the morning (as you might guess from the low light levels and blurry pictures in this bit).

Sit back and enjoy!

Secondly, I want to tell you about a big storm that hit Aberdeen this week.

Some of you will have already seen this video, which was on the BBC, but if not, it's worth watching to the end so see what some poor spaniel had to put up with on his morning walk.

I am relieved to report that our Mini narrowly escaped damage from fallen branches in our neighbourhood.

Finally, Gail and I want to say how sad we are that this week our dog blogging community lost one of its finest and most distinctive characters.  I don't think we ever once saw a post by our friend Mango (the Relentlessly Huge)  that did not make us smile - if not collapse on the floor in hysterics - and brighten our day. Thank you so much Mango and your wonderful Momma for all the fun and memories.


  1. We are relieved you are safe and sound Bertie, we were worried about you when we saw the news reports about the storm.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  2. Very impressive good behaviour Bertie. You came after ONE call!

    Is that what Angus refers to as spume? We've never seen anything like that before. Glad your car is safe.

    XXXOOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  3. Yay Bertie you really are a clever boy coming back like that when called. Keep up the good work.

    And that Storm, i feel your pain! We are not far from you and and had it bad too. No foam here though!

    Mango RIP big boyxx

  4. You certainly are obedient! We are so happy you are ok after the storm but sad about your friend

    urban hounds

  5. Howdy Bertie, you were excellent little mate. We thought you were going to trick your Gail at first cause we thought you weren't coming back. Mum went squeeee when you sat and wagged your tail. We loved Uncle Mango too and he always made us smile and laugh. Take care. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  6. That is an awful lot of foam, but that little spaniel looks very happy in it!


  7. Bertie gosh you had it bad up there. We hope all is OK. Have a fabulous Friday. Stay safe
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Too bad you didn't get to play in the foam too. You are such a good boy with those recalls.


  9. Aw I'm glad you didn't get all foamy, although that spaniel seemed to be enjoying it! Your video was so lovely, what a cutie you are.
    I'm so sorry to hear about Mango, the second poor blogging pup that's gone this week, sad times :( xxxx

  10. Bertie,
    I am so envious of your recalls. Sadly, I am too timid to even try taking Pea about off leash. Perhaps some day if we are with another doggie as well trained as you are.

    The foam. What is that? Your ocean has a head on it like Guinness on tap? Only in Scotland.

    Thanks for your kind words about Mango and his blog. He certainly was a character.

    Mango Momma

  11. Hi Bertie. Love the video of you, aren't you good off the lead. Mom lets me off for a very short time but Tess no way, she has her head down and ears turned off mom says she would make a good ratter :)
    Yes we did see the foam storm what a mess, glad you came through it ok.
    I was in shock about Mango. He is running around waiting for us to all join him one day.
    Have a Good Week
    See Yea George xxxx
    PS mom bought the magazine with Gails write up in, Tess will be barking about it later in the week :)

  12. Bertie... you will NOT believe this ... butt I already KNEW about the big storm and all the FOAM that washed and blew up because of it. It was told about and SHOWN on our Nightly NEWS!!! I was all excited beclaws I was SURE I would SEE YOU.. butt I didn't. I guess you were all covered with the Foam or somethingy.

  13. Hmm....we never know what we will find here, Bertie. We have several observations. First of all, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND???? How in the world to all the dogs in the UK come when called. Or want to? ALL you got out of that was a well done, little chap? Not like a STEAK? We would never ever come. Actually, if Mumsie goes out in the yard and she brings a bag of cookies and rattles the plastic cover, we MIGHT come. But they have to be really good cookies. Secondly, you stay on that tiny little trail when you could be in the stream? WHY? Gail sounded a bit out of breath...was she chasing you dear boy???

    As for the foam; huh? Really? It looked like Mango took a bubble bath and it splashed down from Heaven. Actually, I'm pretty sure that's correct even if the dates don't mesh up. I know your all science and that, but I'm pretty sure those SUDS had something to do with Mango. Oh, I miss him. Actually, Mumsie's going to start crying again so I have to stop with the Mango musings. She wore out the kleenex box.

  14. Hi Bertie.... I was worried when you took a long time to "come" first up..... we were in "suspenders" here - But you made it!! Well done. I'm also allowed off leash where there are no roads. I'm fairly good.

    Oh I saw that Foam Storm on our news..... and I was looking for you.... I'm glad you made it through OK!

    I'm so sad about Mango - we went and said some things to his mum to try and make her feel a little better.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  15. Bertie - Storm ? Looks like a typical September Friday in Aberdeen .

  16. I have seen some of the footage of the 'flooding' in the UK. (Especially York) I'm glad to hear that you are safe, my friend.
    I must also say that I am most impressed with Bertie's recall. I wish I could get Toby to do that... :)
    Just LOVE Bertie's wagging tail...adorable!

  17. I'm glad the Mini was safe. We'll all miss Mango so much.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  18. Bewtie
    I'm so delighted that you at least give us wiwy kids a good name. You wewe most impwessive in wecall, posing and playing sweetly wif bofewsome little fuwwkids
    I agwee wif Lacie that those suds wewe a sign that Mango sent. He was obviously shaking his welentlessly hooge head in heaven. So glad yoow Mini escaped hawm. Mango will sty in ouw memowies and heawts fuwwevew
    Smoochie kisses

  19. Bertie, you take the best walks!! Our recalls are pretty good. Mom says something about being a responsible owner epecailly of big dogs. Whatever. Nice job not chomping that annoying little dog at the park.

    Bart and Ruby

  20. Bertie, need I remind you that you are a TERRIER and as such, one does not just come trotting along with the first call, no!!! First we must see what treats are being offered--a biscuit, some bacon, a new tennis ball? Remember, for us TERRIERS, there are no commands, only suggestions! Sure, let Gail know you'll "come"...when you feel like it, just not right now. As for that foam, holy smokes! Who put a whole bottle of detergent in the washing machine! We've seen little foam "floats" at the beach but never stuff like that!

    Your pal and fellow terrier,


  21. We had the same thought as Petey. We know the Scots are famous for being bonny housekeepers, but to put detergent in your Sea to wash it clean is really going a bit far. For one thing, it will kill the fish. Glad those tree limbs didn't do you any damage. Last big storm we had, a smallish [3" diameter] limb impaled our roof all the way through to the attic.

    Jed & Abby