Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My very important Christmas role

So here I am cheering up Human Grandad (HGD).

He had been feeling a bit down. You see, while Human Granny (HGY) is now so clever on the computer that she no longer even needs me to supervise...

...HGD finds anything modern terribly confusing, and that upsets him and makes him anxious.

So anyway, I asked him about some of the interesting things he had done in the past, and suddenly he relaxed. I found out that of course HGD still knows lots of good stuff. Gail only had to prompt him a few times when he couldn't remember the words. He told me about how to fly a Mosquito across the North Sea to Norway, to fire rockets on German shipping (a valuable skill in 1944!) He also told me how to discover new and useful substances. (When HGD was a research scientist in the 1950s he apparently patented a chemical for dipping sheep in to prevent disease.)

Well now, all this morale boosting is important but tiring work.

OK, that's enough break time. HGD needs me again. I have to go.

Well I have lots more I could be telling you, like about yesterday's visit from my poodle cousin Izzy (she of the lovely pom-pom tail, for those of you with long memories) and her new brother, Percy 'Fat Boy' poodle.

Gail says I was "surprisingly well-behaved" during their visit. A back-handed compliment if ever I heard one.

Oh, if only there were more time. I have been so missing my blogging pals.


  1. Sometimes the Grand-people just need someone to listen! Good job, Bertie!


  2. Aren't grandpawrents great? :o)

    You just so wittle next to dos big poodles. Me Mommy jus loves poodles!

  3. We just knew that you'd be a great therapy dog for your HGD! He sure does have a big smile on his face with you sitting on his lap! Poodles?? We've never met one. They look like they could be fun.

    -Bart and Ruby

  4. HGD sounds like a very clever gentleman and I can understand his anxiety on the computer- can be very annoying things! My Mum is often shouting at hers! Looks like you did a good job! And lucky you spending the day with that very attractive poodle!!!!!;) from Alfie

  5. OH Bertie, It would be so wonderful to listen to your HGD tell his very VERY Much INTERESTING stories. My mom would love it TOO.

    You are soooooo lucky to have a HGD and HGM.

    I can't wait to hear MORE about your visit.
    PeeS... I am inpressed that Gail was able to behave in such a Civil Manner. You must be very much PROUD of her.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful holiday to me, Bertie.

    We went to visit my Brother and his wife. They don't care for inside dogs, so we had to stay in the garage (myself and another dog named Coco). It wasn't bad, a nice bed for us, some heat on, and the beer is kept in our area, so all days long, we had visitors, we got walked and Coco and I got along great!

    Speaking of computer like things, my Mom got an e-reader for Christmas and she is having a hard time setting it up. I have heard some choice words here this AM.

    Happy New Year to you, Gail and HGD and HGM!

    Stella, Jo and Zkhat(who stayed home)

  7. That is a wonderful thing that you did for HGD Bertie. Being listened to, without interuptions, is a special gift, and in the process it sounds like you found out alsorts of interesting things about HGD.


    PS My mum would trade some of the things he's done for using a computer any day.

  8. Your HGD sounds like one awesome dude! How cool is that that he was a scientist!

  9. What's Gail's definition of well-behaved? We think you're always well-behaved....maybe a tad exuberant at times...but that's the way to approach life.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    You're right, Aussies are wimps in the cold, of course cold to us is probably warm to you.

    The other day on the news they interviewed a few tourists on the cold, wet weather in Sydney. One guy said it was just like home--Scotland.

  10. How nice that you were able to help your HGD! Sometimes, all we need is someone to listen to us.

    Your pal, Pip

  11. Hi Bertie, oh if only we could get your Grandad and my Poppa together they would never stop talking. My Poppa was a Navigator in the RAAF and loves planes. I'm sure they would have a great chat.

    Your poodle cousins are very amazing. Do you call Percy "Fat Boy" or just Percy? Of course you would have been well behaved. You didn't want to miss any treats did you. Take care. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  12. Well done, Bertie. It sounds as if your HGD is a remarkable person - and quite fascinating as well. Us four legged ones come in very handy t times, for listening and being good company.

    As to the 'surprisingly well behaved' comment - hmmm, I seem to be on the receiving end of that "compliment" quite a bit myself and bah humbug is what I say to that!



  13. Hi Bertie - I sure your Human Grandpawrents are so happy when you are around, and the morale boosting is invaluable. Older peeps need more attention than they sometimes get.

    Those poodles look friendly and relaxed. I'm sure you had good conversations with them too.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  14. What a wonderful Christmas! Wish we could get your HGD and Stella & Rory's granddad and our granddad together to tell war stories; our granddad was also a WWII pilot, in North Africa, then Italy and Yugoslavia. One of his jobs was landing in Yugoslavian corn fields behind German lines and picking up downed American pilots who had been rescued by Tito's partisans. They truly are the Greatest Generation.

    Poor Percy; with a name like that, he may prefer being called Fat Boy.

    Enjoy the rest of your visit, and have a safe trip home.

    Jed & Abby

  15. Grandmaw is adorable on the computer. hope you ask grandpaw lots of questions and find out everything
    Benny & Lily

  16. Sounds like HGD knows lots of cool stories. I am sure he enjoyed telling them to you.


  17. Grrrreat that you made your HGD feel lots better Bertie!

    Your HGD not only sounds super smart but pretty amazin too! I sure is happy that you gots to spend so much time with him!

    woos, Tessa

  18. That is nice of you to keep your HGD company. I like to hang with my Grandma, she feeds me cheetos :)

    Your curly cuzins are very cute (and big)!


  19. DARLING BOY!!! here we are late as always(really lets just call it the way it is IT IS ALL HER FAULT) enough said.... We wish you a happy new year. You look like you are a big help to HGD. PL2 said maybe HGD knew our HGD who was also a research scientist at the same time in London.That would be cool........ Would that make us related( well really we have been through that haven't we, we are all sort of related) Archie is working hard on his smell o vision and making joke books, I have been busy tidying around the house and stalking cats and stuff outside( well if I don't who will?)Happy New Year dearl pal All of our love the A team

  20. Bertie you did a great job helping your HGD by the sound of it..well done! HGD's always have such interesting tails to tell. Gail had lots of reasons to be proud of you!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  21. Your HGD is lucky to have tyou to help him with the remembering. We've been away for a few weeks so we've missed some of your posts - but now we're caught up and hope our Mom will keep us caught up (we heard her making some sort of resolution... but we've heard that noise before).

    Lots of wirey love and best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and Gail and HGD and HGM!!!

    Jake and Just Harry (and Mom)

  22. Bertie dear boy. What a smashing post! A real treat to put my mince pies ( did you get to swipe one of them proper tasty ones while the humans were busy?)on you in your role as therapy dog.

    Got to bark it Bertie, I'm proper proud of you for doing a grand job. If HGD, HGM and Gail had tails they would of been wagging 'em too.

    And those other sort of talesd of HGD's sound well wicked, like something from a Boy's Own adventure annual eh? Pick up any tips? Pass 'em on.... And next time I pass one of those little Sunday Lunches I'm going to tell him he's got a lot to thank HGD for.

    Wagging you and Gail a Happy New Year! Your proud Uncle E.xxx

  23. Hi Bertie, looks like you did a great job cheering up grandad I knew you would, who dosen't smile when they meet a terrier, ok maybe Gails friend Mr Meldrew dosen't :)
    Anyways how did Hogmanay go I know its a big thing in Scotland, hope Gail's not to hung over.
    Happy New Year to you and Gail.
    Love and Hugs George and Tess xxx

  24. Hello Mr bouncing Bertie!
    We have been reading your blog and we love it.
    It sounds like your HGD did some amazing things! Our HGD just rambles on about nonsence.

    We hope you had a fantastic new years eve- we look forward to reading your posts this year.


    Dante, Daisy-Boo and Sampson

  25. We have missed you too. But you have been doing incredibly important work there.

    Nothing could matter more.

    Well done Bertie boy.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  26. There you are. Clear across the pond. Helping us understand (and be more patient with) Gramma.

    Thank you. OurMoma thanks you, too.

    J and F