Sunday 18 September 2011

A wee chat and a nice walk

What's that Gail, you want a wee chat? Then here I am, bounce bounce, on your lap, all (exceptionally cute) ears.

Well Bertie, the thing is, I'm going to have to go into hospital for a few days next week, it's all happened very suddenly and I only just found out, but don't worry, I'll be right as rain again before too long.

Oh dear Gail, what's the matter, it's not my fault is it?

Silly billy Bertie, of course it's not not your fault. It's one of those women's problems you see...

[Bertie looks very alarmed and quick as a flash puts his paws over his (exceptionally cute) ears.]
No, no, that's OK Gail, I quite understand, I really don't need to hear any more details, us males are very sensitive about these matters you know. Let's talk about something else shall we? Like, what's going to happen to me while you're away?

You're going to be going camping Bertie! No it's not the 'prison' it's somewhere you've not been before. It's a lovely camp, run by that nice Kevin at the agility club. You know, the instructor who said you were 'a fantastic dog'. Believe me you'll be having a lot more fun than me.

I s'pose. But how long until I can come home?

You'll be away about a week I think. But Bertie, now do listen to me, I'm afraid that when I come out of hospital I'll be feeling a bit delicate, and there certainly won't be any of this bouncing up on my lap for a good while. You do understand that don't you? And I won't have as much energy as usual and will only be able to take you for very short trots round the block. But Jake's owners have kindly promised to take you for some 'proper' walks too, so that'll be fun won't it?

Walks with Jake? Yippee!  Oh. And what about my blog?

Perhaps you'd better tell your readers that you won't be able to blog very much for the next week or so. But remember to say that you'll miss everyone and will be back as soon as possible.

Oh I will miss my bloggie pals. But hey, Gail, this is all a bit boring, can we post some pictures of the nice walk we had by the River Dee yesterday afternoon? After all, my readers don't come by this blog to read about horrid hospitals do they?


So. Here I am by the River Dee, just upstream from Banchory. It's been raining so much lately that the banks were on the verge of bursting, and the rapids were very, well, rapid.

We normally see men in waders standing in the water fly fishing on this stretch of the river, but I think today they'd have been swept away.

We did encounter one fishing party, but they were concentrating on the party side of things (I saw wine, whisky, yummy looking sandwiches and cakes on the picnic table).

I went inside to inspect their little hut. No-one seemed to mind. Gail said the man in the wellies looked like something out of 'Monarch of the Glen', which I believe was a BBC TV series best watched with the sound turned down so you could enjoy the scenery without bothering about the lame plots.

We saw another bigger cabin later.

But this one said 'private' so Gail didn't let me go and inspect it. I did at least get a close look at the Land Rover. So much more impressive than our puny little Mini.......

Yes it was a jolly nice walk, all in all.

Missing you already.


  1. Bertie - You'll have to have a wee blether and let Gail know that everything will be just fine and that you'll look after the fort until she's sfaely, and quickly , back home again .

  2. Hope your Mum is back home and feeling better in no time! Get well soon!

  3. We will miss you Bertie. All the best to your mum. Hope she is up and about real soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  4. Oh Bertie I am soooooo sorry to hear that Gail has to go to hospital. I hope that all goes very very much well. I will be thinking about her and worried.. so you hurry back and let us know how she is doing.. OKAY???
    I am sending her some very much strong get well quickly and home to Bertie... VIBES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  5. Bertie- I hope evrything goes really well for Gail and she is back on her feet in no time! Make sure you are extra specially good when she comes home:)

  6. Hey there Bertie-bud,
    We are so sorry to hear that Gail is going to hospital...please tell her Maxmom is really worried about her...hope that it's not too serious. But a week is quite serious, methinks. We'll keep her in our thoughts and prayers. Hope it all goes well. We'll miss you, buddy and we'll miss Gail too.
    Sending lotsaluv to you
    TOBY (and MAXMOM) in SA

  7. Oh Bertie! You and Gail take the best walks EVER!! Please tell Gail that we are sending gentle rottie kisses and 'get well quickly' vibes her way. We think Gail must be very fit with all of her bicycling and all the walks you take her on. She should recover quickly... You enjoy your time at camp. We look forward to seeing you soon!!

  8. Oh I hope Gail gets better soon.

    It sounds like you'll have some fun at your camp and I know you'll look after her when she comes back again.

    We gave your love to Nottinghamshire when we were at the Great Greyhound Gathering because we remembered it was Gail's home town.

    We liked her idea about bicycle racing too.... (Monarch of the Glen comment made the LOTH laugh too).

    The LOTH and I will miss you.

    Love and licks till we meet on Blogger again, Winnie

  9. Heavens! That photo of the wheaten Cairn looks just like me...Buzzy McDuff. What a beautiful place to have a long walk.

    Wishing you an easy surgery and quick recovery.

    Buzzy, Pippa & the Mum

  10. Hi Bertie,

    Thanks for sharing your river walk with us. Did you get any food from the fishermen?

    Gail has done a very good job explaining why you are going camping and why other people will take you for walks. We hope she is feeling better soon. My human and I know that you'll make her smile lots when you get home, and do all that she asks you to. Just remember that smiling and laughter are the best medicine, though be careful making Gail laugh before she is ready as her girly bits and her funny bits (that make her laugh) are all connected somehow, so if she doesn't see the funny side of some of your antics after her opperation that is why.

    Thinking of you both,

  11. Bertie old pal old pal, Please tell Gail that -- even though we two guys are not too smart about hospitals and "lady things," -- we do love Gail and wish her the best while she is enduring her stay away from you and then her gentle recovery. We'll miss you but know Gail has done everything she can to make sure you have a good time while she is away.

    Your pals,

    Jake and Just Harry

    (And our mom sends Gail her very best wishes!!!)

  12. Dat was a very nice walk you gots to go on, Bertie. We'll miss you but your Mom is very important right now so tell her we're all sending big hugs from across the pond in sunny Florida.

  13. Bertie,
    I bet your Gail would rather be at camp with you than in hospital. Do spare her a thought while you are having fun to help her mend more quickly.


  14. Well Bertie it looks like you had a lovely walk and enjoyed the partying fishermen too.

    But you need to be very careful and gentle with Gail. Sheesh, boys. Be on your Very Best Bertie. Really. Mom and I send you Gail hugs and wishes that her surgery goes quite well and that she will feel lots better and be home quickly!

    Now you look after your Gail Bertie, don't make me come over there!

    Woos, Tessa

  15. Dearest Bertie,

    Give Gail some extra snuggles and kisses before you go off to camp. We wish her all the best.


    Miss Kitty and Ann

  16. we are keeping all our feets crossed for momma
    Benny & Lily

  17. Hope you have fun at camp mate and that your Mum feels loads better soon. Deccy x

  18. Ciao Bertie,I know that for us fox terriers jumping on our humans is natural as eating a bowl of food but be careful with Gail after you'll see her again after the hospital.We have strong and long tails and you can wag it at her.Take care both!

  19. Love to Gail, you tell her to take it easy, I have to say looks like you are going to have a blast stopping with Kevin, you'll be jumping though hoops in no time, hope Gail is as well.
    Mom loved "Monarch of the Glen" Gails right he does.
    Have a good time Bertie and rest up Gail
    Have a good week
    George and Jan xxx

  20. Oh, Bertie, we're sorry Gail needs to go into the shop for some maintenance work, but we're sure she'll be running on all cylinders soon, ready to resume your normal routine. Until then, of course, you need to baby her along to be sure she mends properly. Hope you have fun adventures at the new camp.

    Jed & Abby

  21. Oh, you take good care of your mom Bertie and she will be back to normal soon. Have fun with the little walks too.


  22. BERTIE.......................WE HAVE BEEN MIA........................and IMAGINE...............we come back to this news..WE have alot to say so sit back.. Listen before we start.. those flexi leads?? So you think she had a brilliant idea how about when they tried it with BOTH of us??!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA We are surprised that they both have fingers and arms left...... and as for modeling.... TAKE A STANCE ON THIS ONE MY LAD....NO WFT SHOULD BE.... GASP MODELING......OK now as for Gail....... You must be a good boy and take good care of her when she is home.... No naughtiness for a little bit.. She will need kisses and licks and hugs and stuff but no jumping and stuff.. then when she is all better you add up all the days you were good subtract the days that you weren't able to jump divide the days when you rested quietly by her feet multiply by 365 and that is how naughty you can then be,,,, It is a calculation made by Archie and it works every time... We are sending hugs and kisses to Gail and hope she has a easy recovery and hugs and kisses to you ..just because.. Love PL2 and A+A

  23. PS Would she like Archie to make up a puzzle or joke book for her? Let me know.. He is kinda good at it.... Love Ags