Monday, 30 May 2011

Feis Alligin - the trip was worth it

I think Gail is lucky she has me around, to help her make the right decisions. 

Take this past weekend for example.

We’d known for ages that there was going to be a village fete, ‘Feis Alligin’ taking place on 28th May, just a mile along the shore from our Loch Torridon cottage. All sorts activities were planned. Childrens games, duck races, craft stalls, a piper, a raffle…… It sounded such fun.

So I couldn’t believe my flappy little ears last week, when I overheard Gail saying to a friend, “well I was intending to go over to the cottage but the weather forecast is so dreadful, especially for the west coast, it’s going to be rain and gales the whole bank holiday weekend, I think I might be better off staying in Aberdeen.”

I like to think it was my enthusiastic bouncing around the house all Friday that persuaded her to change her mind.

So on Saturday morning Gail pointed the Mini into the increasingly strong westerly wind. The sun reluctantly accompanied us to Inverness then retreated cowering behind massed ranks of fast moving and ever darker clouds. An onslaught of horizontal rain and hail then slowed the car down as we drove across the Highlands, but thankfully the worst was over by the time we reached our cottage.

As soon as we’d unloaded the car (yes of course I helped!) I was itching to set off to the festival.

No matter that the recent downpour had turned the footpath into a stream.

And white horses were tearing up the sea loch.

Soon I spotted a crowd of people (a rare sight in this part of the world)

The signs told us we were in the right place.
This is Scots Gaelic for 'Welcome to the Alligin village fete'

But, oh dear, some of the activities seemed a bit boring. For dogs that is. Did I care how many balloons there were in this car?

And Gail kept me well away from the men playing crazy golf.

And, unfortunately from the cakes too….

And dogs weren’t allowed a ride in the RAF search and rescue helicopter.

I didn’t even get to sniff or decorate the ambulance.

Just as I was beginning to wonder if we should have stayed in Aberdeen after all, I finally spotted my big chance, and, after much clamouring, persuaded Gail to part with 50p so that I could demonstrate my skills in agility.


Oh you must be!

Gail was trying hard not to look too full of pride when Ian and Sylvia, the couple who ran the agility test, told her I was better at it that their two border collies.

But I know that she was pleased that we’d braved the bad weather after all. And so was I.

PS So my football team (see previous post) didn't win on Saturday night, and I was a bit fed up, but, you know, it never takes me long to bounce back! 


  1. Oh! What a magical day. And look at that rainbow!


  2. Bertie, your a natural at agility well done, not tried it myself, there might be a club you could join at home, enjoyed looking at the photos and going along with you.
    The team didn't win but hope you go your prawn sandwiches ;)

    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  3. What great agility Bertie! Lovely scenery and that rainbow is fabulous!

  4. When will they learn to listen to us?? We do knowbest right?? Sounds like a great time and well....that rainbow is just beautiful!! That made it all worth it!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  5. What a fairy tale land you live in! With the rainbow and everything. I knew you bounced, but I didn't know you could fly.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. We're very proud of you, too.

    It's for sure that we would never have got to the fete--or out of Aberdeen in THAT weather! You're very lucky.

    Gail could have got you a couple of cakes though.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. Better than two border collies!?!? You go, Bertie!!
    Beautiful rainbow!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  8. How fun Bertie! You got some jumps girlfriend! Duck races huh?
    Benny & Lily

  9. It looks like Gail was lifting you over the bars! However I know you have enough bounce in you to do wonderful things at agility, and I'm glad Gail and you got to go to the feis despite the Scottish weather.

  10. Bewtie
    I'm sowwy youw team didn't win..we watched too and I was yelling my loudest to cheew them on, but....
    howevew, thank dog we awe tewwiews and we DO bounce back so well.
    I think youw bounciness was cewtainly the deciding factow in going to that lovely faiw.
    I wish I could have seen you on that agility couwse..I know you made not only Gail but all of us vewy pwoud wif youw incwedibull leaps
    I wouldn't mind that weaathew ackshooly, it's melting hot hewe all of a sudden and I can't even wun fow long at the wun wifout wanting to lie down in the shade
    smoochie kisses

  11. Excellent job with the agilities. You're a natural.


  12. Bertie, I am proud of your agility abilities!

    You mean to say Gail didn't buy you even ONE cake for your efforts?

    It all looks quite lovely and I understand you Scots are fairly well used to inclement weather.

    Stella, Jo and Zkhat

  13. Good heavens,Bertie...what bootiful pics..that rainbow! You jumping through hoops!!

    Was that a phone booth in the middle of a field??? Hmm...

    The weather looked most threatening...

    And you looked totally handsome...

    Kisses, dear boy...

    Miss Lacie

  14. hey Bertie,

    What a smart pup you are to convince your mom to go to the village fete. Such fantastic photos! It looked like so much fun! I am really sad, though, you were kept away from the cakes. Why was that?

    I am furry impressed with your agility abilities! You look magnificent jumping through the hoop! Bravo, Bertie!

    I think the rainbow photos are beautiful, and a sign that you were meant to be there. :->

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous day!


  15. We are envious of your weather; at least you're not in danger of melting when you pop outside for a pee. We hope you got a nice prize for your agilities performance; a cake is always appropriate. Or a large bone.

    We had not heard of the movie you 'accidently' overheard being reviewed; kinda doubt it's going to play well on this side of the Pond.

    Jed & Abby

  16. Good for y'all for braving the elements! And you even got a rainbow in the end! Lovely :D

    Waggin at ya,

  17. WOW what a gorgeous place that is!!! Doing Agility by the sea side? That is just too awesome! Did you get to play in the sea afterwards? MMM those cakes look delish! he rainbow picture are beautiful! What a great day you had.

  18. Look at you go Bertie!
    I can't believe Gail didn't let you pee on some of that stuff! Very rude if you ask me.
    I has to tell you I know why your team lost. TNP also supports that team (proving your theory I think) and does all sorts of shouting at the where'stheremote box. He went down to watch them play and whenever he goes to watch a final the team never wins. At least he didn't go all the way to Rome this time. So, it's his fault I'm afraid.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  19. Well really we were about to tell you to yell at her..( although Arch said it might had been fun for you to fly the helicopter...) but then we saw you FLY yes FLY Bertie through those hoops!! A BORN NATURAL really ... You must follow throught with this Bertie,, What Arch? Oh he wants to know if you want an agent or anything.. Call him on my cell phone( he lost his at the Arboretum the other day) You should try Earthdog as well Bertie( going through tunnels to catch rats.. I SHUDDER thinking of it..) I am really good at it.. Arch? Not so much.. We are going to do some of that and TRACKING classes this summer( we hope) Love and kisses Us the A team PS WE are sorry about your team We had heard about that shoe incidient isn't that funny?

  20. Bertie, I went back to Agility class today too and I have to say... I was AWESOME. Okay, so I wasn't too crazy about that wacky see-saw thing and the scramble was awfully steep, but Mom was amazed that I ran right through the tunnel, through the chute and the tire with hardly any persuading (IE: treats). And I was the best in the class at our introduction to weaving (going through the poles, not making tartans). Like I said - awesome. Terriers rule.

    Your pal,


  21. Well done Bertie. Not only did you coerce Gail to take you to your cottage but you were awsome at agility. Abslutely excellent!

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie.

  22. What Pawsome pics Bertie! You pics look just like where I live here in Oregon USA except we are surrounded by lots and lots of trees!

    Looks like you finally had lots of fun! Great job!

    woo woos, Tessa

  23. Hey Bertie Bud'
    Your agility ability simply ROCKS!
    My, my, are a rock star! No wonder Gail was beaming! In fact I think that is why she decided to go anyway - to show you off, big boy!...and why not!
    Man, I'm proud to be your friend.
    Thank you so much too for posting all those interesting pictures.

  24. Hi Bertie,

    I just dropped by fron another blog to meet you. What a wonderful adventure you had this weekend and I loved the pics of you running the agility course.

    I hoep we can be friends, cause I am gonna follow you anyway. I love hearing and seeing other places and you live in a most wonderful place


  25. Bertie! Reading this was almost like being there (and, oh, how we'd like to be there!) We're not sure what was more amazing and impressive: you leaping through the hoop or the rainbow over the loch. Oh, yeah. Not to forget those tempting cakes. (We hope you got one for a well deserved prize.)

    Hey! Remind Gail about pictures of Ponca City! The day is rapidly approaching, and we haven't forgotten!

    Much love. Many licks. And dreams of one day visiting. (It's true ... we can sometimes be idealists)
    Jake and Fergi

  26. Annnnndd???! Did Bertie win a prize??