Monday, 20 July 2020

Panic stations!

Imagine my horror.

Back in Aberdeen on Friday morning, after a disappointingly hurried walk around the park Gail did something completely unheard of and deeply worrying.

She announced she was heading off into town, to ..... I can scarcely bear to say it..... to visit a bathroom and kitchen showroom, supposedly in order to "get some ideas".

Never before in the ten years I've known her has my human darkened the doors of a such an establishment, nor spent much time at all thinking about interior design, beyond perhaps admiring the insides of some of the homes we see when visiting our friends' blogs.

Hitherto she has, entirely reasonably in my opinion, focussed her efforts in her free time on finding beautiful places in the natural environment where she and I can go exploring to our hearts' content (e.g. see photo below).
Loch Torridon a week ago
And my little heart was quite content with that.

Apparently the new kitchen and bathroom stuff will be for a planned modernisation/upgrade of the Torridon cottage.


The way I see it, if the clear Torridon mountain streams are good enough for my bathing requirements, then why not for Gail also? And for any visitors who come to stay? After all, it's not so many days in the year when you have to break the ice before getting wet...

Humans are a mystery aren't they?

I am mightily relieved to report that Gail did not linger too long in the showroom, and normal service was restored in the afternoon when we revisited a favourite Aberdeenshire spot. Here I am, at the summit of Millstone Hill, lord of all I survey. The ridge in the background is Bennachie

Panic over. Bertie's in his heaven and all's right with the world!


  1. As long as you weren't neglected Bertie. Sounds like there's changes afoot.

  2. we agree.. we have so much ponds around our crib, they are perfect for taking a bath and they could combine it with a nice walk for the dogs... humans, huh?

  3. Well, at least she didn't spend too long wif dat kitchen and bathroom stuff. I think the only kitchen remodel that da humans need to consider is a open concept fridge.

  4. Hari OM
    Crikey, Bertie lad, has the wummin been touched with some fever??? Never mind, boyo, such planning is good for the mind of the humans, so think of it as mental therapy. (Then again, such plans can also result in stress reactions... jus' warnin' ya!) Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Beautiful walks are so much more fun than new kitchen and bathroom designs. We love that last photo of you, Bertie!

  6. Bertie my darlin' WFT...tread softly on these words "Bertie's in his heaven and all's right with the world". I'm here to tell you when a human gets a renovation brain worm ...the only cure is the completion of the task. Good news is Gail didn't 'drag' you along.
    Hugs and frankly excited for Gail...

  7. You sure look happy to be at the top of Millstone Hill, Bertie. Renovation projects are no fun, but maybe since it isn't for your primary residence you won't have to be there when it is happening.

  8. Bertie, don't be too downhearted!
    When the men come to do renovations they sometimes forget to put their sandwiches in a safe place! It's quite easy to snaffle a bite or two before they remember! Or even better - your human just has to apologise that you've eaten them all, and make them some new ones!
    I know that you are probably worried about lack of attention and all the upheaval, but there are compensations. My human will always say "I hope you don't mind Inca?" and I've found most workers are very keen to make a fuss of me!

    Inca xx

  9. Humans are very strange sometimes. You just have to put your head down and muscle through the weirdness.

  10. WE bet you were scared! Many years ago, before Rosie was here, my house was renovated with me in it (well, in a crate) it was horrible and very loud. So do what you can to discourage Gail!

    Your worried friend Kiki

  11. We do love that last photo of happy Bertie!!! We are happy to say that all that bathroom/kitchen renovation here is done - seems like it took forever, was very noisy and disruptive, and cost way too many green papers.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. We are glad Gail made it up to you by a nice afternoon hike! Hopefully the fresh air and hiking cleared her mind of any notion of renovation!!

  13. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Humans are indeed a mystery sometimes! I think you should go along and help pick out furniture that would be comfortable to snooze on!

  14. Oh Bertie, humans are indeed a mystery. Their thinking often puzzles me too. Why, oh WHY do they have to stress us out with their noisy remodeling and fixing up stuffs??? sigh.
    I am glads you finally barked some sense into her, and made her focus on the impawtence of nature! BOL!
    Ruby ♥

  15. Dear Bertie,
    Here in New Zealand we know of people who renovate human bathrooms and at the same time (because they have a plumber onsite) decide to put in a "human waist height" (to save thier human back) dog bath complete with one of those long showery hose things with hot water) on the wall outside their bathroom upgrade. They do this so their most important family member can have a warm bath/shower/spa treatment complete with paw wash and papmpering after being outside in the mud. Some of these dogs even get towel dryied plus hot air blown at thier furs before they go inside! From what you have said Scotland never ever has days cold enough to require water warmer than a Torridon stream for Gail to bathe you in!

    Love and lots of woofs, Riley (who is overdue for a cold winter bath).