Friday, 31 July 2020

A tornado?

It was nice and sunny when Gail and I set off to ascend Morven, our favourite Aberdeenshire hill, last Sunday.

Needless to say, conditions were not so favourable when we reached the 872 m high summit.

After a few minutes braving the full force of the westerly gale, I opted to direct photography from the relative comfort of the stone wind shelter, where I also had high hopes of finding morsels of food carelessly dropped by previous hikers.

Gail says you have to biggify the next three photos for full dramatic effect.

Before descending, I posed in front of some little yellow flowers. These are Alpine lady's mantle and they grow in the wild at high altitudes in Scotland. The harsh conditions dictate they are much tinier than their lowland cousins. That the photograph below is focussed on my beard rather than the plant is not, to my mind, a shortcoming, but Gail insisted on taking a close-up of the flowers, which also turned out to be imperfectly focussed - well it was rather windy up there...

On the way down we spotted what almost looked like mini-tornado in the distance.

By the time we reached the lower slopes, the sun was shining brightly on the blooming heather and, miraculously, we somehow dodged the showers and made it back to the car without once getting wet! 

Happy Nature Friday friends! Once again we are delighted to join in with Rosy, Jakey, Arty and Sunny for their weekly blog hop. 


  1. What a beautiful adventure and your photos are just gorgeous, Bertie! We love the last one best.

  2. That weather change is amazing! It looks like walks on two separate days. What a beautiful place to hike around.

  3. Bertie you and Gail had several weather systems on your walk. Your WFT beard is well groomed and the Alpine lady flower is lovely. BUT your beard is the winner. Gail good some wonderful photos from atop the hill. What vistas in spite of the crazy weather. Jumpin' Catfish I agree with your happy sprint there at the end.
    To answer Gail, thus far I have not seen bikers wearing masks. On trails I have not seen the joggers aren't wearing them. which is why they recommend them for walkers. The heavy breathing by the joggers is 'supposedly' prime chance of C19 in the air. Who really knows...not me for sure but we are not walking on the trails.
    Hugs and happy Friady

  4. You found lots of interesting nature to show us today, Bertie. Our favorite shot is the last one with you enjoying a romp through the heather. You sure look happy and it made us smile.

  5. Hari OM
    that does look a bit like a water spout, doesn't it Bertie? What a view you had though - in spite of any weather! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  6. OMD...that DOES look like a tornado! What wonderful views Bertie and a lovely hike. We have to say though, we had to cover our ears during Mama's loud squeeeing at seeing the last picture...something about "cutest ears ever"!

  7. That does look like a tornado - glad you missed it. The little flowers are pretty but we were mostly focusing on your handsomeness:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. You are so brave to climb that mountain and stare down a tornado just to take such pretty pictures for us.

  9. It's beautiful scenery Bertie, but I liked the last one, biggified, best of all!

    Inca xx

  10. We could see the 'spout'! We can see why it is a favourite walk....just gorgeous!

  11. That was crazy, that little tornado! And the view that goes for miles and miles! But what we love most of all is how joyful you are running through the heather!

    Kiki and Rosie