Saturday, 7 April 2018

What, no doggy bag!

Well Bertie my dear bouncy little pal, did you miss me when I was down in Nottingham this week?

Oh Gail, of course I did! Let me come and have a cuddle on your lap. I only pretend to prefer staying with Neil and Yvonne you know. But I want to hear about Thursday. Did you see lots of your friends and relatives? Please tell me that my poodle cousins Coco and "Fat Boy" Percy were not invited to Human Granny's funeral service.

Rest assured Bertie it was a humans only affair, at the church and in the pub afterwards. 

I believe it is usual to offer refreshments on these occasions? Sausage rolls and maybe even pork pies (after all Nottingham is not a million miles from Melton Mowbray). I don't suppose you brought a doggy bag back with you, by any chance?

Oh dear Bertie, I would have done, had the funeral guests - whose number exceeded our predictions by some margin - not scoffed the lot, down to the very last ham and pickle sandwich. I must say I admire your optimistic spirit, and am sorry to disappoint you. 

Well never mind Gail. I am so glad that lots of people showed up to pay their respects to my wonderful Human Granny, and I'm guessing all that hymn singing and praying and listening to tributes gives one a good appetite. But I notice you are looking tired.

Bertie you are a sensitive and observant wee chap. How about we go for our evening stroll around the block, and then turn in early tonight?

Suits me! Shall I tell you a secret? I sleep so much better when I can rest my little head against your leg. It's nice to have you back home in Aberdeen.

It's nice to be back Bertie, it really is.  


  1. We think having Gail home again is much better than a doggy bag. And we think she sleeps better with your wee head against her, too.

    Sounds like HGY had quite a send off....

  2. Dear Bertie and Gail..we are so very glad to read that HGY who was so deserving and loved had such a wonderful and warm service and we are sure all remembered here radiant smile as they spoke of her.
    Well at least you didn't have to worry with left overs.
    Bertie darlin' I hear you I sleep best when all my big kittens are under one roof. Just before lights I out I count noses instead of sheep too.
    Hugs and kitty kisses to you and Gail
    Madi and Mom and Dad too

  3. Hari OM
    Bertie lad, without a doubt you two are good for each other... Rest well this weekend, cuddle and walk and then cuddle again. Best prescription in the world. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx (who is impressed at the 'wipeout' wake!)

  4. Doggie bags are nice, but nuffin beats havin you peeps home!

  5. Welcome home, both of you! It's lovely to know that there were all those people in attendance. We have followed Human Granny's journey for quite a while now, and she had a fitting send-off. Although we only know her through you, Bertie, we can tell that she was brave and kind and positive. And her spirit lives on in the many people whose lives she touched.

  6. Bertie, we bet you were delighted to have Gail back home, and from her words, it sounds like she feels the same way. Treat here well and let her get some rest.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. Glad you are there for each other. snuggle up and get some rest
    Hazel & Mabel

  8. Lovely photo of you both and good to hear you are both together again.

  9. Love to both of you. Warning to Bertie: even the finest humans get tired of “Velcro dog” when their extremities fall asleep.

  10. Bertie, you are lucky to be able to cuddle up to Gail in bed at night ! I'm not allowed on the bed, but I do have a snuggle on the sofa at night when we watch TV. Sadly that will stop soon too, because the nights are getting lighter and warmer, and we'll soon be sitting outdoors again.

  11. Have a nice cuddle and rest, you two. Sweet dreams of sausage rolls and ham sandwiches.

  12. Bertie - And now it's time for long sleeps and even longer walks on the beach. There are some things in life that no one ever tells you are completely exhausting.

  13. Sweet dreams you two!
    Arty, Jakey & Rosy

  14. Oh dear Bertie I saw you comment about my out of control tail and YES please any helpful hints on control would be greatly appreciated from someone who has tamed a tail.
    With hugs Madi your bfff

  15. Hi Bertie,
    I am so glad Gail is back close by so you can snuggle up to her and let her stroke your furs, as I know how this gives our humans something nice to do at times when they have so many other thoughts going round and round in their heads. I also know there is something about the routine of feeding and walking us that helps them even on the saddest of days.

    In the absence of a doggy bag from Nottingham, perhaps one day Gail and you could have a special "tea for two" (a.k.a.afternoon tea in my part of the world as tea means something different in the UK!) where the two of you share your best and most private memories of HGY overs some food and light refreshments. Just be careful about leaving scones on the table as I have heard stories about what your predecessor did!


  16. I’m glad you are back with Bertie, but I’m sad to see the news as to why you were gone. Time for me to back up a few blogposts and read. So sad ...