Wednesday 19 April 2017

Top notch Easter Weekend

As my regular readers know, I have come to expect excellent service on the East Coast trains when I travel between home in Aberdeen and visiting Human Granny in her Care Home near Nottingham.

But I must say, the conductor on yesterday's train back north excelled himself. After noticing that I was languishing on the floor while a seat was available next to Gail, he patted the empty seat encouragingly,  saying "Come up here Bertie; you'll be much more comfortable", and he lifted me so I could cuddle up to Gail. Then he took a nice photo of us (see below) and offered to fetch a bowl of water any time I should feel thirsty.

This is what I call Top Notch customer service.

In fact, it was all round a Top Notch Easter Weekend in Nottingham. Of course I got to spend quality time with Human Granny (whom we found in good spirits), played lots of tug-the-roadkill-fox with Gail's friend Janet, and on Easter Monday visited my poodle cousins Coco and Percy in Derbyshire.

I also met a most agreeable WFT called Teddy when out and about in Nottingham.

And finally, when taking a stroll between trains at Newcastle, I had good cause to feel grateful that I am a dog not a human...

Yes all in all, it was a totally spiffing Easter weekend.

PS Gail is betting that somewhere in the world someone is offering colonic irrigation for dogs...


  1. We think Gail is probably right, though no one in this household will use the service.

    Was a great weekend. Lots to do, and being treated so well on the trail. It WAS spiffing.

  2. Bertie, what a splendid Easter you had, catching up with everyone. Such attention from the conductor, and a seat - that's what I call travelling in fine style.

    Inca xx

  3. Totally agree Bertie. Spiffing. I hope you took some Easter eggs for human Granny. Glad to hear that she is in fine spirits and hope that she is well. By the way the Conductor seems like a real dog person.

  4. Hari OM
    Oh my word - that is above and beyond service indeed! So glad you had a fun time and are safe back in the granite place now. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. wow that was nice to offer you a seat... hugs to this fab conductor. And you really met the second-beautiful WHFT of all the land...he looks as good as you, but you are still the N^1 in my book :O)

  6. Bertie what a wise and kind conductor. I bet dollars to doughnuts he recognized greatness in your handsome face immediately. Lovely photo of you and Gail too. Human Granny is amazing!! Yay for her good spirits.

    Colonic irrigation OMCs I have no words except RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN like the wind.
    Kitty kisses to you and hugs to Gail
    Madi and mom

  7. Oh Bertie! You and Teddy are walking, Barking photo ops for lovers of Wirey Fellows. So glad you got to share Easter with Human Grannie and other family members. We would love to send the most kindly conductor a thank you note on your behalf. Did you get a badge number, or could you send the train Number? Or should we not say anything lest we get him in Trouble? Great photo of both you and Gail. Love to all. Teka Toy, not Gussie Boy.

    1. It was the "delayed 14:28 Virgin East Coast service from Edinburgh to Aberdeen" on Easter Tuesday. We are thinking a thank you note could mention the young conductor's outstanding and dog-friendly customer service, but gloss over the bit about him encouraging dogs to jump up on the seats...

  8. What a nice conductor! It looks like you had a grreat weekend.

  9. What a fun day. Looks like you were looking in the mirror. BOL. Yikes! Glad we are not a human
    Lily & Edward

  10. Yes, that is excellent customer service! Maybe that conductor should teach a class for United airlines! Ew, the colonic . . .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. What a great conductor!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. The add cracked us up! Humans sure do silly things.
    We are impressed with the train conductor, but worry you may feel others aren't providing the right level of service in the future.

  13. OMD BERTIE... that was a FABULOUS Easter Vacation. We are so happy that Human Granny was doing WELL.
    OMD the Grand Treatment you had from that SUPER Conductor. We give him 8 Paws UP fur being so considerate.
    We love that you had PLENTY of OTHER DAWG time on this trip. We suppose you left PLENTY ofgroup Pee Mails.

  14. Top notch in every way possible, I would say, Bertie. So glad that HG is doing well. Teddy looks like a fine sturdy fellow.