Monday 10 April 2017

A Gentle Spring Stroll at Drum Castle

So Gail and I were both feeling somewhat delicate this weekend - she still a bit shaken up after her close shave in St Petersburg last Monday, and me 'cos my paw has been playing up again this week.

[Oh and regarding St Petersburg - congratulations to Inca, the first to guess correctly that the 'odd picture out' in the last post was the fourth one down and was a metro station (Avtovo) not a palace!]

But by lunchtime on Sunday I was getting bored with staring out the window, and suggested to Gail that we go for a short walk in the grounds of Drum Castle.

She readily agreed, and as it's only a ten mile drive, we soon were there. I am disappointed to report that, because apparently (and I think outrageously) I am not considered to be an 'assistance dog' I was allowed no closer than this to the actual castle.

Fortunately the ancient oak woods nearby are well worth exploring, and are the perfect place to forget the world's troubles, and one's tender paws, at least for an afternoon.

PS Gail and I read the sad news about our dear blogging friend Dory when we returned from our walk. Dory, we will miss you so much. You were the sweetest, dearest little pup and we send love and hugs to Beth and the rest of the family.


  1. Gosh it looks like a lovely walk Bertie. Sorry to hear that your paws are still bothering you. Oh those daffodils.. harbingers of Spring.

  2. I love your castle and oh how I wish to live there :o) has it a ghost too? Your Gail was in our thoughts that day we saw the sad news in tv... and we are glad that she is back now....

  3. Hari om
    Bertie lad, I was only yesterday telling my father how you had been having paw-trubs, but were sorry to hear news of worsening again. POTP for a little bit from me to you. Yes nature is a wonderfur soother. Glad you had some quality time with Gail. Hugs and wags YAM-aunty (whose heart is a bit achy fur Dory's furmily.) xxx

  4. You are providing a service to us, but teaching us about that castle, they should let you closer!

  5. Bertie...I hope the fresh air helped you and Gail perk up. I can surely understand the images of what could have happened in St. Petersburg became move vivid and worrisome once home. Mom would have been rattled too.
    I hope your paw is on the mend.

    I'm 100% in shock that a handsome WFT named Bertie was not allowed near the castle. Next tell them you are an assistant pup. You assist us all with cheeriness.
    Dory was our first gal pal and a pure RAY of sunshine and happiness.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  6. A CASTLE!!! Woohoo, oh how could they refuse you entrance Bertie??? The woods does look a pawsome place fur a walkies though, I do hope your poor paw gets better soon.
    I am very sad that Dory has gone to the Rainbow Bridge
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Bertie, it's a disgrace that they didn't let you into the castle. How else are we all going to learn all about it's history?
    However that lovely walk was probably much more enjoyable. You take care with your poorly paws, I hope that they are soon better.
    We were so sad to hear about sweet little Dory, too, but we're sure she has many friends waiting for her at the Rainbow bridge.

    Inca xx

  8. We thought you were relocating to a castle. Those old trees are definitely something to see. Hope you watered them BOL
    Lily & Edward

  9. What spoil sports at the Castle for not letting you in Bertie. I think you'd make a great Lord Of The Manor there. So sorry to hear about Dory. May your memories of the friendship you made bring you comfort.

  10. Bertie, how sad that they do not recognize royalty when they see it at Drum Castle or you would have been properly escorted inside. Wonderful pictures today and the last post, too. And very sad indeed about little Dory.

  11. What is it with not letting dogs into places? NOT FAIR!! But the beautifur walk you had was good. And we are so sorry and sad about Dory...
    Yur Furend
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  12. such a lovely place straight out of a fairy tale

  13. What a lovely Spring walk Bertie!! Thanks so much for your kind words for Dory.

  14. You weren't allowed closer to the castle?!! In days of old, dogs just ran around in castles and were thrown bones! Sometimes progress is no good.

    Glad you got out. Now, what are we going to do about your poorly paw. Maybe some tea tree oil.

  15. Too bad you weren't allowed too close to the castle. But I bet the moss covered trees were much more fun anyway

  16. Thanks for taking us on a virtual stroll around the castle. We are surprised that the doors did not open wide for you, Bertie. Don't they know how famous you are?

  17. What kind of castle would not allow you in it? We are sorry your paw is acting up again.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  18. Evening Bertie,

    Anything special planned for the upcoming Easter break?

    1. A trip by train to Nottingham, to visit Human Granny. Yippee!

  19. Bertie how is your sore paw doing?
    Please give HG a snuggle from us
    Madi and mom