Tuesday 1 November 2016

A scene on the ferry home inspires a new research project

"I'm expected to go there in that sandbox?

"As if I were a cat?


"I need to be outside.

"When I said outside, this was not what I had in mind. Look, this ship is moving all over the place. If I lift my leg I might topple overboard into the North Sea. 

"I think I shall wait until we reach Newcastle. It can't be long now surely."


After seventeen hours on the ferry, I finally gave in and peed in sandbox. Just enough to relieve the pressure. I saved the rest until I found some good solid Tyneside soil an hour later.

I  am wondering how long my friends can go without needing to pee.
Do smaller or older pups need to go more often?
Is it a breed specific thing?
And what about gender?

It occurs to me that this topic merits a proper scientific study. And who better to conduct the research than your very own Bouncing Boffin!

I am hoping my readers can provide me with data, on which I can conduct an in-depth analysis in my own inimitable style.

So, all I need you to do is leave me a comment stating your age, gender, breed, weight and length of time you can go before you need to pee. You can tell me about your friends too.

The more data the better, so please feel free to include any additional information - hard facts or even anecdotes - you might consider relevant (in the broadest sense).

In compliance with the usual ethical data protection principles, strict confidentiality will apply...(sort of).


  1. Harris, 4-year old Hungarian Vizsla weighing 20 kgs. We think we have a potential world champion here. Harris thinks he can go 18 hours without a piddle. That's not the record though... It's the resulting piddle that can last for ages...so much so... His leg gets tired and he starts to walk mid piddle..

    1. It's probably best not to include Horatio in this study. He's been on steroids for a skin allergy which has somewhat reduced his control ehem of such business.

  2. OH MY CATS Bertie I am sorry but I had an itty bitty kitty giggle when I saw that box. It is for sure the largest box I've seen. A kitty could get lost in there.

    Bless your heart you woulda thought there would have been a patch of grass or astro turf for the K9s.
    Now for the info

    I'm a Cat
    14 yrs. 8 months
    10 1/2 lbs
    My box is always available 24/7 so I don't HAVE to hold my peepee. I can go ANYTIME

    Another issue with studying is if I, Madison
    D. Cat, could possibly give a Cliff Notes class in Litter box 101 to my K9 friends?
    Good luck with this research project

    Hugs madi your bfff

    1. Gail says: Bertie DEFINITELY needs Litter Box 101. He actually peed on the outer edge of the box on the ferry!

  3. Hari Om
    Very interesting project Bertie... I do recall that angel Jade was a 'retainer'. She was very particular about where she watered - but in all fairness, I do not recall there being anything longer than, perhaps, 12 hours between stops. I do know she was absolutely mortified when she got into her dotage and started to 'leak'... and that she happily accepted wearing nappies in order to save embarrassment! Jasper cat always had outside access, so cannot report on his 'activity'.

    On a side note, this article is a most interesting read! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Gus Dagger, WFT. 13 years will be 14 in Feb. 25 lbs. But I am tall. Used to be the CHAMPION1 On one long auto trip, I did not find a rest stop I liked anywhere in New Mexico, Texas or the first part of Louisiana. 15.5 hours! Now I am much older. Last month I had my first ever Urinary Tract Infection and now I am much more interested in peeing than in napping. So we are not back to making it through the night all the time. Muzzer is looking wan and losing weight.

    Teka is a JRT, 10 years old, 14 lbs. She goes out with me every time and tries to keep up with my output, but some times she just barely makes the grass damp.

    I am taking Proin to see if it helps my sphincter muscles.

    ask any questions. We will be very interested in any questions you might want to ask. gusdaggerwft at gmail dot com

  5. Very interesting research project Bertie. I can't think that I could hold on very long at all being a very small and young affenpinscher (3 kg and 4 months old) although I do manage overnight from 10pm until 6 a.m My big sister Trilby ( miniature schnauzer 7.5 kg ) once waited 11 hours to pee as she was going to a show and would not use their facilities ( from 6 a.m to 5pm when she got home). Good luck with your research! Nose licks and love from Moth xx

  6. Okay...I'm a Princess, a girlie nefer gives her age (but it is my 3rd burfday at the end of the month), my weight is a very sore subject at the moment(DIET!), and if I'm snuggled up in bed I can go for like 87 hours asleep or at least 12 hours.(way longer than the peeps anyway, hehe)
    Does that help?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Humans are nutty and mad the things they expect us to do! Let her do pee pee on one leg
    Lily & Edward


  8. We're both girl Labs (yellow). Petite-Chose was 11 years old in September and weighs in at er, um, sort of around 35 kilos - give or take a half kilo or two. Inca was seven last month and weighs 34 kilos. Both of us can go through the night without ever needing to go out - so that's about seven or eight hours. We don't rush out when our peeps get up either. If it's raining we don't go out unless we really have to, and Petite-Chose sometimes only pees twice or three times a day ! She was a show dog in her former life and was obviously trained to hang on.
    Our peeps still talk about their very first yellow Labrador, Sultan, way back in the mists of time, (over 30 years ago) who once went 26 hours without going out. It was raining with thunder and lightening, and he was terrified of storms, so he'd hole up in the shower and would just cross his legs - the big jessie !
    That sandbox doesn't look very inviting, Bertie, and we can understand your reluctance to use it. You just don't know who's been there before you - and it's not the same as trees is it?.
    Petite-Chose and Inca xx

  9. We should call you Bertie the Scientist. And this is an impawtant study,so I'll try to help.
    I am a ten yer old Maltipoo and I weigh ten pounds.
    I can actually go fur about 15 hours if absolutely necessary but I don't like witing like that. I love my walks, so I take the peeps out as much as possible.
    If they won't come out on time I have been known to pee on pillows and jackets. That's how I train the peeps - to avoid me peeing on their stuff they make time for lots of walks.
    So who is the smart one around here?

  10. It depends on whether it's raining here. We can go all day and night, if it's raining. On walks, we can only go a few feet between wees....BOL!

  11. A sandbox? That is just crazy! Couldn't they give you some grass?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. Howdy Bertie dear furriend. Well, I've seen it all now. My sister Penny has a sandbox but she is a cat. Hey, maybe I could try and use it too!! My sweet angel brother Rory (aged 2 1/2 at the time and weighing 91 kgs) once went 23 hours without doing a wee, but that was after his embolism so it may have held things up. As you can imagine, when it happened, it was a gusher! I, Stella (aged 5, Cocker Spaniel, weight 16 kg), can hang on for 12 hours if I have to. Hope your survey is successful. Say howdy to your Gail from us here in Oz.
    No worries, and love, Stella x

  13. Hi: If you have read my blog, I am a female mix around 8 yrs and as of yesterday 71 lbs. I am very proud to say I can go 24-26 hrs without having to pee!!!

  14. Hey Bertie!
    Wow, that sandbox idea is strange indeed! BOL. Well, I'm a mutt and male and 10 years old. I am paper trained, so can hike a leg whenever. Butt, I can wait about 10 hrs if necessary. I hope that helps...I love your scientific stuffs. BOL. Now, my Mom can't manage to make it through the night. She pees about 3 times and drives us all crazy. Can't sleep for all the flushing. BWAR HAR HAR
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  15. Dear Bertie,

    I do not pee on sand. Dirt, yes. Gravel, no. Grass, yes. Sand, absolutely NOT. Unless it's at the Beach, then I will make an exception. But a sand box? No way.

    I am a Vancouver Island Rescue breed. That probably means husky/shepherd/border collie. I am eight years old. And almost my whole life I have been able to hold my pee for ten hours or more, easily. When it is yucky outside I will pee on our Walk in the morning, and then not again until bed time. That might be twelve hours! I am pawesome.

    Ojo is a southern belle from Alabama in the United States. She is some kind of retriever and maybe whippet, and she is four years old. If she's awake she has to go outside to pee Every Two Hours! (This is ridiculous, really.) If she's sleeping she can hold it for four or five hours during the day, and overnight of course, but then she really has to go!

    Hope this helps in your research!


  16. THIS is an Exciting Scientific InSniffigation. WE are Quite interested in the RESULTS.. Here is OUR info.
    FRANKIE FURTER... 10+ years of age... DACHSHUND... 10 Pounds... I can HOLD IT 12 hours EASILY.
    Ernest VonSchnitzel 5+ years of age 14 + Pounds Dachshund I can Also HOLD IT fur 12 hours... NO SWEAT.

  17. Somehow, Mama missed out on your study..but don't worry, we saw it!! We have a doggy door, so we are able to go outside when we need to. We also have a VERY nosy mother, who keeps tabs on us!

    Bilbo - 14 1/2 year old lhasa apso - Being of a certain age, I find that, while I can sleep through the night without piddling (about 8-10 hours), while I'm awake I am a every 3-4 hours kind of guy.

    Dory - 12 3/4 year old Lhasa Apso - I can usually go for 8 hour periods without going potty...but if I HAVE to, I could hold for 12 hours.

    Jakey - 9-10 year old Lhasa Mix. Dude, I could go 12-14 hours EASY. Mama can't believe it!

    Arty - 4 year old Shih Tzu - Like Jakey, I can go 12 -14 hours...I am the only "den sleeper" (sleeps in his crate) and Mama can't believe I don't go potty as soon as I get up...but sometimes wait another hour or 2 before heading outside!

    Hope this helps!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  18. Our Real life hiking buddies, the Rottrovers sent us over. Macy Blue can go 12 or more hours if need be... I haven't really pushed it. But she flies and travels for 8+ hours and often doesn't "need" a stop when we land.
    Macy Blue is 53 pounds and 5 1/2 years old... Are you sure your want her pedigree??? We did a DNA test...it's quite long.

    She is 3/8 pit bull, 1/4 lab (labradork!) 1/8 German Shepherd, 1/8 Chow and 1/8 sight hound mix! Got all that??

  19. Bertie, first of all, I totally would have peed on the outside of that sandbox thingy. I mean, really? A sandbox for dogs? What did it smell like? Was there other dog pee imbedded?? I don't get the whole thing. Why not have some bushes or something? Butt I digress.

    I am a 4 and a half year old male rottweiler, I weigh 110 pounds. I can wait 12-14 hours if it's raining. I don't go out first thing in the morning either, though I could because I have a dog door. Sometimes Lisa will wake me up from my afternoon nap and take me outside and I pee forever. I'm not one of those guys that has to put one drop on everything. I generally will pee over my friends' pees, just to protect them from other noses.

    Hope this helps!


  20. Dear Doggy Godson:

    I'm happee to contribute to your Peeh.D. project.

    Your Doggy Godmother (who's really worried about the planet)

    Age: probably 10.
    Gender: female.
    Breed: officially miniature dachshund, but I suspect I may be part Newfie given my size.
    Weight: 9.5 lbs.
    Length of time you can go before you need to pee: up to 15 hours give or take, but only when I fly to/from the US.

  21. Dear Bertie- Hope this will help with your research. I'm a 60 lb. Airedale (8 Yrs. old) and I refuse to pee in my 20'x20' outdoor kennel! I can hold it for 10+ hours. My 14 lb. Lakie sister has the tiny bladder. She is good for about 30 minutes and will pee anywhere-anytime!! Hope this helps with your pee HD. ♥ Wyatt