Sunday 13 November 2016

My Favourite Barista

Sometimes (actually, almost every time) when I go for a walk with Gail's friend Yvonne, we end up at Costa Coffee in Cults.

And although dogs are not allowed inside the cafe, I am pleased to say that my favourite Barista, Sophie, understands how a wee pup might just feel a little lonely as he waits patiently on the street, especially when he has been 'parked' so insensitively right beside a litter bin, and so she kindly takes the time to come out and say hello and give me an ear rub.

Now I don't doubt that young Sophie is a true expert in the matter of making coffee for humans, but I would like to draw her attention to the fact that a blogging friend of mine in England, a certain cute wee Cavalier King Charles Spaniel known as Princess Leah, is a frequent visitor to her local branch of Costa's, where she enjoys her very own 'Puppicino'.

I am sure that Sophie could master the Puppicino in time for my next visit?


  1. She PARKS you outside next to a rubbish bin? And you stay there????? OMD Bertie ... You're a better bloke than I am! I'd chew through that lead thing so fast she wouldn't know what hit her. The hide of her! NEAR A RUBBISH BIN??? Oh my!!!!!! Start complaining mate! That's just not on!!

  2. Oh Bertie, that's just terrible - Charlie's right - it's a disgrace. We go for coffee now and again with our peep, but we always go into the café with her and just lie quietly under the table. Of course we're not averse to accepting the odd smidgeon of biscuit that comes our way. Our only complaint is that one small biscuit isn't really enough for two hungry Lab girls !

    Petite Chose and Inca xx

  3. Hari OM
    OMD Bertie lad, there really are grounds for protest here; particularly as Aberdeen city itself is now making pup-spaces in hostelries... what is more, only two days ago I was out with Mac1 in Edinburgh and we had cause to pop into the Cameo Cinema Cafe Bar... whereupon I was immediately greeted by "Spike" - a rather hunky Jack Russell. His two ladies said he was an inveterate smooch. Just fine with me, who got a lovely cuddle. Right there in the cafe!!! Clearly the franchisees of Cults Costa require a letter being sent - maybe from the Blogville Legal Office?... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. WHAT!?!?! I am writing a letter of complaint to Costa on your behalf Berite….I understood that EVERY costa had outside seating fur pups and special puppicino cups, I am devastated to nose this only happens in England.
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. We bet Sophie will learn the art of Puppachino in no time!!
    Dory, Jakey, Bilbo and Mayor Elect Arty

  6. That is terrible Bertie to leave you outside in the cold. My peeps will only take us to Filmore & Union cafe/restaurant here in Yorkshire as it is truly dog friendly. We can go inside and sit on a lap or under the table on a warm rug.. and sometimes even get a smidgen of sausage to eat. We wish more cafes in the UK were dog friendly - nose licks and love from Moth xx

  7. Bertie- As handsome as you are, we are surprised you don't have your own table and signature beverage!
    Wyatt and Tegan

  8. Bertie...I guess your branck of Costa doesn't have outside sitting for Pups and their peeps!!
    That is their loss for sure but thank goodness Sophie recognizes just WHO YOU are and knows how to pay proper respect.
    Oh would it be the best fun for you and PL to meet up!! Maybe in the Spring
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. now that just isn't right being parked next to the trash - what if someone thinks you have been thrown away/

  10. Perhaps the new Blogville administration can start a movement to get us pups into all coffee shops.

  11. It seem more place are becoming pet friendly.
    Coffee is on

  12. Oh nose Bertie you definitely need better seating and a puppicino!!

    Matt & Matilda

  13. i hope more placces get more pet friendly, here pets must always be outside food establishents we need dogs inside coffee shops

  14. That sounds disgraceful! Surely your friend could find a dog-friendly coffee shop??

  15. Barista, Sophie could have at least brought you out a Puppicino ~ we call that curbside serve here in Nati City. I get curbside serve.
    But me thinks the problem is Gail does not want to pay for your cup.
    Thank for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  16. Sweet Bertie. I wish we share a puppicino now. My mom needs your mom to cheer her up.