Sunday 12 June 2016

Not the real Stade de France?

So when Gail told me she was a bit worried 'cos her brother Max is going to a football game at the Stade de France in a couple of week's time, I was, frankly, puzzled.

But Gail, I said, we pass by the Stade de France every Friday on our extended 'day off' morning walk. Surely there is nothing to be concerned about, except possibly your brother's sanity in wanting to come to Aberdeen to watch a bunch of overweight amateurs play five-a-side football on an artificial pitch?

Imagine how put out I was to learn that the ground pictured above is not the real Stade de France.

It seems that Max will be going to Paris in early July to see a Euro 2016 quarter final, and there are fears about terrorism at the tournament.

I think it would be nice if Max (and his wife Kathy, and their poodles Percy and Coco) came to visit Aberdeen instead and joined Gail and me on our Friday walk.

PS: Thank you to those who took part in the poll to decide whether or not my furs should remain in place. In the end the Outs shaded it by a single vote (a foretaste of the 23 June result, one fears?) No-one will be at all surprised to learn that Gail was attacking me with the stripping implement even before the final vote was cast…
Bertie post strip/trim

PPS: Hi to all our friends who attended the Blogville Awesome Retreat. Oh how we wish we could have been there too.


  1. Bertie I'm with you... it's better to visit you than the stade de france... and if we could we rather would visit any place of slice earth, till this soccer-event is over :o(

  2. With you there Bertie, but fancy that, another Stade de France ! It would be much better if Max and his family came to visit you, so that you would have company. Reading about all the trouble the English fans have already caused, Max would be much safer with you and Gail.

  3. Crikey ... Is Gail's brother ok?? We just watched the news and that football match didn't look all that friendly to me!!!
    Your furs look good in that picture, Bertie. Gail didn't go crazy, aye?

  4. Hari om
    Bertie lad, remember that your voters may not have a say in the bigger vote coming up. At least let's hope so!!! Here's trsting your 'uncle' survives the fray... hugs and wags from the BAR (it's everything it appears!), YAM-aunty xxx

  5. that would be a bit worrying - not only the terrorist threats but also the fact that the European soccer games often turn into all our brawls between the supporters

  6. Bertie, with the votes so close, I think you might have requested a recount but too late! I have to say though that you're looking very handsome after the trim.

  7. Bertie hi oh how we missed talking to you and Gail....and we missed the voting. So sorry we could have been the swing vote! Thank you for visiting the BAR VIA VIDEO STREAMING.

    We WILL SURELY KEEP THE Paris events in our thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs cecilia

  8. We think you still look handsome--even if you may be cold. Tell Uncle Max to come to Aberdeen....he wasn't involved in that fracas with the Russians, was he?

  9. I must say, the final result of your tortur..I mean spa event, has you looking quite handsome, Bertie!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. It is a sad world when one has to think about terrorism. Again it has hit us in the states. We pray for all those that have lost their loved ones.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  11. It is a terrible world but the only way to fight the forces of hate and fear is to continue to live our lives without disruption.

  12. All the horror in the world is so upsetting. However, we cant let fear run our lives we have to live our lives free of fear or try to

  13. Dear Bertie,

    You look very nice! Also we hope Gail's brother stays safe!


  14. You're looking great Bertie. You will have to meet up with Yam after she gets home cuz she has pressies from me to you!