Sunday 11 October 2015

The terrier who forgot how to dig..

Don't you think it odd, and a tad unfair, how humans will make sweeping generalisations about different dog breeds, while often strongly disapproving of anyone doing the same with their own species?

For example, I am a terrier. (Did you know?) Terriers supposedly like to dig, and in fact it is a skill I mastered at a very early age, as described in a post from my puppyhood (Work, rest and play, 4 May 2010).

But the truth is, I very soon tired of the whole digging thing, and anyway, who wants to be stereotyped like this?

I think Gail could be more sensitive about such issues. You know what she said in the park this morning when we stopped by one of the ponds to inspect some excavation work?

"Bertie, I don't know what kind of terrier you think you are. You seem to have completely forgotten one of the signature traits. Let's just watch how a real digger operates, and perhaps you might be inspired to act more true to type again".

You know, I soon got bored and wandered across to sniff around the base of a tree.
Now that is something I really am good at.

PS Some readers might be wondering why I have been quiet on the subject of the Rugby World Cup tournament, currently taking place South of the Border. Well I am a tactful wee laddie, and would hate anyone to think I was gloating if I mentioned that Scotland, however shakily, are through to the quarter finals and, er, England are not...


  1. Bouncing Bertie's Blog has been included in our A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  2. you furgot how to dig? oh bertie we have a mission... to dig the world tunnel so we can visit each other... you can come for some digging lessons if you want, it's not boring because there are 87 tulip bulbs we have to rescue while working on the tunnel :o) Congrats to Scotland!!! today is France vs. Ireland, I have some doubts that team bleu will win :o)

  3. Hari OM
    Ohh THAT pond, under the bridge... this immediately took me back to our walk together in Duthie Park very nearly a year ago Bertie lad... crikey who has time fur diggin' when there is so much else to fill up that space called time??? Peemails and visitations and keeping up with the sports scene is much more impawtent!!! On which matter, I now face the schizophrenic task of watching OZ v Thistle. That is either gonna be one of the best matches of the cup; or a bloodbath. Pawsibility is it might manage both! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Bertie exits stage left, whistling "Scotland the Brave"

  5. Dear Doggy DogSon:

    Of course digging is not something you ever forget to do. It's like riding a bike. We know how to ride bikes. I mean, duh. What is Gail thinking?

    Your DoggyGodMother TUBEofFUR Tootsie

  6. Bertie,
    Hold your head high good buddy!! You are a smart learned early on that digging=bath time.
    hugs madi your bfff

  7. I'd dig too but Mom won't buy me one of those excavator things.

    Abby Lab

  8. Well, we did sort of help England out of the running, you know. Bertie, maybe you should dig up some of Gail's plants just to show that you DO know how to do it, but just choose not to.

  9. Hailey will do your digging for you! Maybe she is part terrier.

  10. We popped over to see you Bertie dear and blogger ate our first comment....wanted to see how things were going with you.....XXOOO Scuffy, Lacie and Stan!

    1. Things here are going just peachy! And with you?

  11. I's only ever really dug at da beach. Our clay soil are just too much work, BOL.

  12. Wanted to stop by & say "hi"! We aren't diggers either Bertie. Decided to leave the excavation work to machines...We Terriers are also very bright and know how to conserve our energy for better things. Like barking at wild critters and eating!!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  13. Sheesh, humans! They complain when you dig, then complain when you don't. Make up your mind, Gail! As for me, I dig in the pillows and blankets a big to make my perfect nest, but that's about it.

  14. Bertie-
    I think you just need some better dirt. It's all about the quality of the dirt. If you like, I could send you a box of Oregon soil, it's very diggable. ♥ Wyatt

  15. Oh I agree with you Bertie. In my younger days I dug also.....Ex..all the rose bushes but now I just sniff too. Its so nice to have the same things in common with my main squeeze!!


  16. I hope that Pierre will soon tire of digging. I'm afraid as long as he hears moles underground, he will try to unearth them. ☺

  17. TND was in a dark depression for days about the Rugby. Lots of his friends are Scottish from his time in the oil industry and I thinks they is not as tactful as you.

    We just had a digger in our garden and it was no fun at all!