Monday, 19 October 2015

Eez zees where we seez zer Duerrl-fins?

It was only last week, wasn't it, when I complained to you about Gail impinging on MY walk time by stopping on the way to the park to talk to HER friends.

It gets worse. Quite often she talks to complete strangers too. And then blames me 'cos she says before she had a dog, everyone just ignored her!

Take yesterday's outing as an example.

There I was, with Gail, enjoying a stroll around the wee headland at the mouth of Aberdeen Harbour, when a couple carrying a map stopped beside us. Below I faithfully report the ensuing conversation.

(The lady to her husband:) "Regardez Gaston, c'est Milou!" (And then to Gail) "Oh, excusez moi, excuse me, is zat duerg zee same teep as Tintin's duerg? C'est un Fuerx Terrieur, n'est-ce pas?"

Gail: "This is Bertie, and you're right, he's a wire-haired fox terrier, like Milou. Although we call Tintin's dog Snowy over here."

"We av a duerg at ome too, and ah am meessing eem. But, pleez, can you tell me, is zees zer place where we seez zer Duerrl-fins?"

"Zer Duerrl-fins? Oh, (light dawns), the DOLPHINS. Yes it is. You can quite often see them playing at the harbour entrance.

"And av you seen zem today?"

"No, I haven't, the sea is a bit rough just now. The best time for dolphin spotting is in summer at high tide, especially when the water is calm."

The lady translates this to her husband, then proceeds to ask about the ruined building behind (was zees un chateau?) the boats in the harbour (are zey feeshing boats?) the structure in the water nearby (eez it an uerrl rig?) and Gail gets sucked into a lengthy explanation of the history of the Torry Battery, the difference between fishing boats and vessels for taking supplies to oil platforms, the need to dredge sediments from the mouth of the harbour and the fact that the oil fields are over 100 km offshore. All this is again translated to husband and elicits supplementary questions. Then Gail asks if they are visiting and lady says their daughter is studying in Aberdeen for a year so they came over from France to see her. Then Gail says she once had a French student lodging with her and what a lovely girl she was and, on and on it went...

I think you would have got bored too.

P.S.  Gail, who does not always appreciate the subtleties of my writing, has just asked if I am looking for a new career as Inspector Clouseau.

(Video clip included to bring a smile to any despondent Scottish rugby fans...)


  1. We think that dog was Frankie. SHE thinks it was nice of Gail to take the time out to talk to the visitors, we're with you....boring. Maybe they were taking about France and Scotland in the World Cup.....sorry. (even our Sportscasters were saying Scotland was the better team.) Another Steven Bradbury event?

  2. Hari OM
    But Bertie lad, you must appreciate the generosity of Gail in assisting the lost and foundered; she is the lifeboat of the tourist! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Oh Bertie I totally agree wiv you, the peeps are always stopping to chat, what Is that all about, it's OUR walkies afterall. Good job Gail nose what a Duerrl-fins is, I had no idea, but maybe they did sum gesticulating to explain?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. maybe you need to carry your own "do not disturb me when I am walking" sign :)

  5. I love the video, it's a classic and always great... that is not my dog LOL.
    I sometimes wonder what the french people think when I try to talk to them.... they sometimes have such a sceptical look :o) ... oh and I wonder that the name of Snowy is Milou .... it's the nickname for girls named Emilie... and Snowy/Milou/Struppi is a boy...

  6. Bravo bravo to Gail for her listening and translation skills!!
    Bertie dear sweet friend you must just accept the fact that your darlin' WFT tail and adorable smile are the Universal welcome sign and oh we loved the video...that was hilarious.
    hugs madi your bfff

  7. Dear Bertie: As your senior advisor, I suggest you learn to love the interruptions. Use them efficiently, and you may have time to do a more intensive scavenger hunt for food scraps or lost treasure.

    People who want to talk to your humans about you are a fact of life. Muzzer calls them "impromptu WFT fan club meetings." We have met many fine people that way, and a few who keep in touch and now have their own WFT companions now. My calling card (ahem) has fox terrier rescue numbers on the back, and my personal cell phone number on the front, along with my gmail address. All that helps, but what the fan club members REALLY want is a chance to pet us and a kissie or two. Live with it.

  8. I know, I know. It's hard with all the paparazzi. But try to focus less in the boredom and more on the opportunity for ear scratches and treats these delays sometimes include!

  9. WE Feel your Pain Bertie... Now that we are living in Pencil Vane E Ah... and Can go fur Walkies... they seem to be Constantly interrupted by Peeps that Mom INSISTS and Blabbering with... it is quite distracting... and they NEVER want to stop near a good Pee Mail Station to do it...

    PeeS... we have more information about that Strange... Pressed Butt Smearian place... that our mom has been going to... Last Sunday... Dad took Jessie Jeep to a Turkey Shoot thingy... and our mom is SO intent on going to the Pressed Butt Smeary place that she ACTUALLY WALKED there... BY HERSELF... We were terrified that she would get lost and stuffs... BUTT she made it back home safely... We think she has gone a bit DAFFY like a Duck ... Who would EVER want to have a GROUP Butt Pressing and Smear in?????

  10. The biggest question -- did the lady who was missing her dog spend any time petting and fussing over you?? Momma says she goes and talks to dogs all the time when she's traveling and missing us. She needs her "dog fix"!

  11. Bertie - You should learn to join in the conversation.

  12. Bertie..our Mama is laughing so much at your movie clip, that she can't type for us now....and you think you have it rough...she is off to dig up her Peter Sellers DVDs!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  13. What in the world do you have to do to get the woman's attention! Act up
    Lily & Edward

  14. It sounds to us that Gail is getting out of control. She needs reigned in before it gets even worse. Do you have a muzzle that will fit her?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  15. Oh no, Bertie! Gail, what shall we do?!

    Tootsie & Renee

  16. That sounds super boring Bertie, didn't they even give you a nice pat on the head?
    These days I is quite relaxed and lie down for a bit of R'n'R when things look like they are going to be boring for a bit, but a couple of years ago I'd have probably barked my head off!
    ~lickies, Ludo!