Sunday, 9 August 2015

Detecting a worrying pattern of behaviour

I don't know about you, but I watch my human very carefully indeed.

Any deviation from the normal pattern of behaviour, and I'm onto it like a labrador sniffing a treat-filled pocket from half a mile away.

All summer (well what passes for summer in these parts) Gail has been out on her bicycle every weekend for a few hours, and sometimes in the evening after work too. I'm not saying my walks have been neglected, but the snuggling on the couch together time has not been happening quite as much as I would like.

These last few weeks, the bicycle-related absences have been getting longer and I notice Gail has been returning with a face redder than the frame of her second favourite possession (after me).

I note also there have been purchases of what I believe are cycling jerseys, short sleeved  and of material so thin that if you wore them in Aberdeen you would be hypothermic before you'd ridden to the other side of Duthie Park. Long disregarded sunglasses have been excavated from the back of the box room. High factor suncream has made an appearance on the kitchen table.

On the MacBook, Gail has bookmarked Google Earth and the other day I caught her looking at the profile of the 'Loup Loup Pass' on a website called

I think Gail imagines I haven't worked out that for me this betokens imminent abandonment and a spell in prison.

Humans can be so naive.


  1. Wow a mega adventure for Gail! I had to google loop loop pass. Sounds incredible. And Bertie it's not the kind of thing you'd enjoy.... Although I recent holidayed with my sister and went cycling. Her jack Russell Bruce was ferried around in a chariot pulled by her bike. He seemed to love it!

  2. Oh dear, Bertie, we fear you're right! You have to watch those changes from routine.....even the slight changes. We'll start digging a tunnel in case you do end up in prison....(chariot pulled by the bike, above? Sounds good.)

  3. Howdy Bertie, we'll bake the cake and send it immediately. What address is your prison, mate? No worries and love Stella and Rory

  4. Hari OM
    Uh oh... geocaching by any other name is still canine unfriendly!!! If I were you Bertie lad, I'd be patching together the 'guilt and pout' wrapper sharpish, as befits a fine guilting stitcher... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    [ps-st...Gail... WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO... don't say that out loud..... Yxx]

  5. she is going to abandon you AGAIN - all for the sake of a sweaty bike ride - really these humans have no sense of loyalty do they?

  6. In sympathy and solidarity

    Gus n Teka

  7. Bertie that sounds promising... you can look for the next ferry and you can visit me before your Gail runs away with that pedal-car on two wheels... butt I have to admit that our couch-time is short now too, because it's tooooo hot. butt I'm sure we will find a way to spend the day :o)

  8. I had to look it up from your clue Bertie but surely Gail could find some space in her luggage for Washington State for a well behaved fox terrier?

  9. Oh I agree Bertie...Gail has 'cycle-fever' and the only cure is a vigorous ride somewhere on google earth!
    As you can see from today's photo...I am demonstrating how to act upon her return and your release from said confinment
    hugs madi your bfff

  10. We think you are saying those walks have been cut in half
    Lily & Edward

  11. Hmmmmm....We think maybe Gail needs a contraption on her bicycle for you, Bertie!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  12. Great detective work Bertie. We hope your prison is not too bad a place to visit.

  13. Oh dear Bertie. You need a side car so you can come along
    Retro rover

  14. Oh, the evidence is mounting! Start making her feel guilty!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  15. Can ya bite dis bicycle and destroy it? Might be worth a try.

  16. Bertie-
    You need to point your paws to a bicycle built for two!
    This country Airedale wouldn't know a loup loup pass from a dandelion, but surely it's for Fox Terriers!


  17. Mefinks you should make sure mum has a basket that sits on the front of the bike, that way yous can go toos.
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X

  18. OMD, she's going to ABANDON you?!?!?! Why can't she do her riding on a proper bicycle with a basket in front big enough for a certain wire-haired wonder to ride in??

    1. Wire-haired wonder?
      Oh yes, I like that.
      Thank you!

  19. Why the only Loup Loup Pass I know is in the Cascades in the state of Washington. Maybe Bertie you should pull the plug on the and stop Gail from looking at all the rides.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  20. Washington!! Gail will be on OUR coast!! Our mom is so dumb she looked on google maps and found some loup thingy in the south of France. WE thought she was going to ride by Bob and Sophie's!! I'll join the tunneling effort - we'll break yu out of jail, Bertie! Humans!! SO inconsiderate!!

    Ruby and Otto

  21. Rutt roh Bertie!!
    Come to my place and hang out!!


  22. Humans are so silly and easy to read. If only they could read our minds as well as we can read their minds!

  23. This is worrisome! We sure wish that we were going to be in the American West in August! :)

    You are a very special doggie godson, Bertie.