Monday, 29 June 2015

Heat and Pressure…

Bertie? I hope you are working on analysing the entries for the Darwin-lite Award contest. Remember, you promised to announce the winner tomorrow. I fear you are falling behind on your schedule.

But Gail, it is impossible to do anything in this extreme heat. It was 24ºC in Aberdeen this afternoon! Now let's think, ((24x(9/5))+32. Wow. 75ºF! No-one can be expected to work in those temperatures, surely?

Bertie dear lad, I think I can hear the guffaws of your readers from distant lands. And even those from England. And I'm not hearing about your compatriot Andy Murray going on strike at Wimbledon just because of a few rays of warm sunshine.

Well OK Gail, I admit I am behind with my analysis. You see the Darwin-lite entries were of such a high standard (and one or two were, frankly, painful to read), so it is going to be VERY DIFFICULT to choose which one gets the prize. In fact I am quite exhausted with the stress.

Dear little Bertie, you are tired after all. Now I'll tell you what. We are travelling down to Nottingham tomorrow to spend a few days with Human Granny. It is a long train journey. Seven hours, and that's if everything goes smoothly. So we will have plenty of time to review thoroughly the stories from your friends and decide which of them best illustrates the failure of natural selection in the human species. 

Hmmm. I suppose we can do that. But what if we get distracted by other passengers telling us the life stories of all the dogs they ever owned? You know that happens quite often when we travel together on the train.

Bertie, we will just have to frown intently at the MacBook and state that we have important scientific data to analyse. I'm sure they'll move on pretty quickly…

Er, I guess so.



  1. Sorry, we're laughing at the 24°C. -0.6°C here this morning....guess which dogs will not have a morning walk until much, much later.

    Bertie, after reading some of those Darwin-lite stories, it's going to be a hard choice. So you do need to relax. Hope Gail doesn't decide to give you any of that relaxing medicine again.

  2. You COULD enlist the PASSENGERS to Read and VOTE fur the Winner (or is that actually the LOSER, in this case). THAT would put the Pressure of Chewsing ... on unknown persons and relieve YOU of the chore...
    Have a super wonderful trip.

  3. Ok Bertie it is 85 degrees F here and we live by the beach!
    Lily & Edward

  4. Hari Om
    Even in Edinburgh, it has not reached 24 degrees quite yet...sigh...but it is at least a better week than for many before it. I think the train journey is indeed the perfect opportunity for scientific analysis...or meditation if that is your preference.
    Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Make sure you pick an air conditioned train!!!!!
    Believe me the commute in this weather is no funs fur peeps or dogs
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. It was that warm last week here, it is cooler today. It should be that warm for the next 2 months. Stay cool and we look forward to the results.

  7. 24C and your HOT!!!! Get a grip Bertie ....
    Say hello to human Granny for me. I LOVE Granny's. I've been visiting my Nan all this week.

  8. We saw on the news this morning some interviews with peeps in Glasgow and London about the heat wave.

  9. 75 hah that's my ideal temperature

  10. 75 degrees - really BERTIE !!! We have had nothing less than 93 for the last 4 weeks !!!!! We would gladly swap out weather with yours :)

  11. C'mon Bertie, "GET UP" Terrier!!


  12. Stay cool Bertie!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  13. Bertie,
    You will figure it out. Try the drop and pick up method. Just drop all the papers, and the one your paw touches ones.
    Sally Ann and Andy

  14. Yeah... 75 is Spring or Fall temps... not summer. We'd be shiverin' if it were dat cold!!

    We's in da triple digits!!!

  15. 75 degrees in Scotland. Good grief that must have broken some records. Bertie quite frankly I think you have the right idea by exposing that handsome tummy to any cool temps!!

    Have a wonderful visit with Human Gma and tell her we said howdy!! Oh dear you have some serious reading to do on the train...but at least you won't have time for another great escape.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  16. Bertie - We hope the air conditioning is working on the train .

  17. Oh, Bertie --I wish it was that cool here in AZ. The temps have been around 100-110 for ages, so I don't get to go out much during the day -- the ground is WAY too hot!! Have fun on your trip.

    toodle pip


  18. Quite right Bertie to cool yourself with your legs in the air. Perhaps a little un dignified but effective none the less. I might just take your lead. As for our hot but cool to others temperatures - it's not the degree it's what you are used to. Safe travels you two.