Sunday, 22 March 2015

A new home for Human Granny - mixed emotions

Note from Gail: Due to some scheduling confusion (details too boring to explain), I'm repeat posting this blogpost as I know many of Bertie's friends are concerned about Human Granny. 

I was all bouncing with delight to learn that Human Granny was finally coming out of the rehabilitation hospital this week. I've been so missing her fond pats and her calling me Petsy (no-one else does that). This house in Nottingham feels a bit empty when she's not here.

So then I felt sad when Gail told me that HGY is moving to a new home called 'Westcliffe', where she can be looked after night and day. Gail says it is for the best as she has been very ill indeed and even before that she was struggling so much after Human Grandad died.

Checking out the garden at Westcliffe

Has Human Granny really been so ill? Yesterday Gail took me to see her and she looked better than she has done for, oh, for ever so long. She was sat in a nice comfy chair in a bright room overlooking a well tended garden, reading the paper and appearing content. There were other old ladies in the sitting room, and one of them seemed friendly and gave my ears a rub and told Gail she was born in 1916.

Now relative youngsters like me are all about excitement and new experiences, but Gail tells me when you are older these things get harder, and she suspects Human Granny is wearing a brave face, something her generation are often good at.

But that is so much better than wearing a glum face isn't it?

I have my paws crossed that she will be OK.


  1. Things are always changing. Some changes are easier than others. This looks like a nice place and they will give your HGY the care she needs. Now your job is to give her the love she needs!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Hari harm - double doses of Bertie causes no damage!!! H&W Yxx

  3. Thank you for the post Gail. I have been away for a bit and did not know this about your mom. I hope she is comfortable and enjoying her home.

    Hugs and wags,
    Willows mom Gail (Mistaya's and Maggie's used to be mom).

  4. Oh Bertie. Thanks for letting us know about your dear Granny. We hope she settles in well and we are glad she has company to care for her. We are sending special love to you and your Gail too. A brave face shows your Granny's love to you both. We will be thinking of her with love. I wonder Bertie, would your Granny like a card from Oz? Let us know mate. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  5. That's okay. We think HGY is lucky to live in such a beautiful place, hope she'll be able to enjoy the garden.

    We did want to see The Humble Cat...which we read as The Horrible Cat at first (pre coffee and it was a thumbnail.)

  6. Thats good Bertie. Our grandma is in a place like that too but she isnt putting on the bright face for us.They will take good care of her there.

    Oreo and Addi

  7. We have our paws crossed that Human Granny likes her new place and is very happy there!

  8. It seems like our comment went missing... want you to know we're thinking of you all and sending much love. It's a hard transition. Very glad HGY is in a safe place with people who will give her good care.
    Much love, Renee & Tootsie

  9. Bertie, It's difficult for a young lad like you to understand what happens to our humans as they get older... but I've watched as my mom and dad experience the changes in their parents and deal with them having to leave their homes to be better taken care of. We're just glad Gail has found a good place for your human granny and wish her well there. xxxxx Just Harry

  10. Bertie thank you and Gail for the repost!! We had company this weekend and were off line. What a lovely place for Human Granny. We love brick buildings and we love the name of it too. Mom says folks from Human Granny's era are very good at doing what my grand ma called 'making do/wearing a brave face)!!!!
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS I, Madi, have been a little under the weather for 3 weeks...but we hope today's vet visit will take care of things. Frankie suggested Mom put up a post about it so we just did it.

  11. Thank u for letting us know. It looks like a lovely place. Reminds mom of Totleigh Towers at least on the outside. I'm sure it's hard on all around but love will see you through
    Retro rover

  12. We hope that your Human Granny settles in at her new home. It was no doubt a tough decision for Gail to make butt hopefully she will have peace of mind that Human Granny is being looked after.
    Wally & Sammy

  13. They say there is no place like home, but I think when you are tired and have lived a full life to be looked after kindly and in a beautiful place like Westcliffe where there is green grass and gardens must put ones mind at ease. So many places look institutional and concrete. We pray that your Human Granny makes new friends.
    Thanks for being our friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  14. I was away, so I'm grateful for the reposting. Hopefully, the garden view and companionship will ease Human granny's transition. She might grow to like it, as it will be less lonely....We can hope.

  15. It seems you keep staying one or two steps ahead of us on this path. We're keeping you in our thoughts and hoping for an easy transition for HGY. You're both doing an awesome job in a difficult situation!

  16. Dear Bertie and Gail: Our Aunt Marie is in a place like that in St. Loulis. I love it! All the folks there now know me, and Teka too. We get lots of pets and pats when we visit, and of course the inevitable questions about where Muzzer found me and how they all had a dog just like me when they were a child. I always try to be well groomed when I visit, because you never know where they are going to put their hands!

    Aunt Marie did not like it at first, but we KNOW that she would not have gotten to her hundredth birthday without the help of the staff there, who have been quite vigilant in caring for her.

    Kisses for you, Gail and HGY.

    Gus (and Teka)

  17. Best of luck to human granny in her new home. I am sure she will miss her old one but will make lovely new friends. My Granny who i never met went into a home and soon strutted around like she owned the place once she had improved health wise.
    ~Lickies, Ludo