Friday 11 July 2014

Why the Queen's Cross

Do you recognise this lady on the plinth?

Yes, ten out of ten, clever readers, it is indeed Queen Victoria.

She stands in the middle of a roundabout in the West End of Aberdeen, at a busy road junction known as Queen's Cross.

It is an odd feature of life here in Aberdeen, that all our roundabouts in the city are sponsored by oil and gas companies.

I'm am wondering whether Queen Victoria would have approved of having to share her space with adverts for First Oil plc…..

PS from Gail: Bertie and I  are off down to England for the next ten days, visiting Human Granny and meeting up friends. Blogging activities may be reduced. 


  1. you know round-a-bouts are a bit of a rarity in the USA....Mom says she is use to them because they have them everywhere back home in Australia......chuckles - she doesn't think the average American driver could cope roundabouts :)

  2. at least all dogs will write her pee-mail on the oil adverts and not on Queen Victoria and that would make her smiling, think she loved dogs :o)

  3. We have a road that has several roundabouts but they do not have big statues nor are they sponsored by anyone. Unfortunately, here in South Florida we have a lot of "older" residents (who shouldn't be driving anymore)...and one time Ma saw one of those "older drivers drive right onto the roundabout...and get stuck...and then sit there blocking the roundabout. Oh dear....

  4. They gots those roundabouts up in Boston... Momma went "What da woof??" when she had to drive in one... down here in Texas we don't got those things. Well, to be honest, "woof" weren't da word she used, but I's tryin' to be more ladylike than she wuz when she had to drive in dose crazee things!

    I's nominated ya fur a Liebster Award, Bertie! I know ya are goin' on vacashun, so don't worry about answerin' da questions, da Award is yours to keep whether ya answers or not!
    Details on my blog...Finley's Fables

  5. Take two:
    Give human Gma a hug from us...we hope she is well and you three can have lots if great fun!

  6. Take three:
    Crazy iPad keeps freezing. The pictures od your town are beautiful. Hugs
    Madi your bffff

  7. We have many roundabouts here in Portland, Or. But, we do not have any Queens in the center. I think the one on 39th and Glisan has Joan of Arc....

  8. Bertie,
    I honestly can not believe you managed to cross that road to get on the roundabout, and during the daytime!! It's well worth it though, what a lovely picture of you there. We will be blogging again soon, very soon, or I will have to cancel Eve's school, as it is getting in the way of my social blog life.
    Pippa :)

  9. I like the sound of a roundabout. I don't have any in my city and I don't think we have to many in the states. I think it is great that Queen Victoria stands in the center. The church in the background look quite similar to one close to me.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot