Sunday 20 January 2013


Gail, I have been thinking. Have you considered outsourcing your job to China? You know, like that programmer 'Bob' chappie in the USA did.

Why ever would I want to do that Bertie?

(Jeez, and this woman is supposed to be intelligent...) Well, obviously, so that you could spend more time with me. Going for walks. Cooking me some of those home made treats we keep reading about on other dog blogs. Practising your dog agility handing skills. Oh I could go on.

But Bertie you see, I quite like my job. You've been to the office, it's a pleasant work environment, only a short walk away. I often come home for lunch don't I? And where else would I have the opportunity to engage in deep and earnest debates about how many football teams in the Highland League have grounds that lie North of the Great Glen Fault?* Plus of course there is the need to fund dog treats and vet insurance.

Gail, your reasoning is not at all convincing. I mean just think. Didn't we have a super time at the cottage in Torridon this weekend? The snow-capped mountains were stunning, for once the skies were sunnier and the ground drier than Aberdeen, we had a lovely evening round at Michael and Renate's (although I confess to being a bit disappointed you didn't ask for a doggie bag, that pork smelled divine...) Wouldn't it have been great to stay over there all week? And frankly, how hard can it be to do your job?

Readers, you know I'm right don't you. Look at these pictures from the weekend and tell me if you too think Gail should 'do a Bob'.

*This conversation really did take place last week, and is what you get in a workplace with an excess of Scottish male geologists....


  1. I think Gail should definitely spend more time with you! How can she just LEAVES you??

  2. Bertie,

    Instead of outsourcing, Gail should insource and train you to do half her work. That way (with full disclosure) you could both work at the office in the morning (to earn enough money for your lifestyle), and spend every afternoon elsewhere playing and going for walks.

    Seems like the perfect solution to me, and Gail may have already taken the first step towards this when she took you to her office the other day,


  3. Ernie and I certainly believe that you have stated the case for Outsourcing Gail's work... and INsourcing her TIME with YOU. We do not see a flaw ANYWHERE in your thinking.
    In FACT we believe that it would bring Gail much JOY and VIM and VIGOR.

  4. Haha! Typical male Aberdonians! Can't get enought football ( or fitba') can they?
    Your cottage at Torridon looks beautiful and the scenery stunning!
    I don't know who to side over this. Gail should be allowed to work where she likes, but you should be allowed to eat homemade biscuits and it would be good if Gail could practice her agility skills!

  5. Bertie
    Madi here and I 100% agree with your reasoning.
    Two leggers sometime cannot see past their noses.
    You my friend see beautiful for sure. Mom and I had the same conversation for the last 10 years..she kept telling me she would retire when the time was right. I'm happy to say she retired 4/1/11. We 3 spend 24/7 together and let me just say naps are few and far between. MOL MOL MOL

    Mom loves the pictures from your cottage. She has always wanted to see out mountain outside her windows.
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  6. Well, Bertie, I think that even when you outsource, you still have to show up (even if you spend your day looking at cat pictures on the Internet). So perhaps not such a sweet deal after all.


  7. I have talked to my Mom about this at length. She is long retired from work but she did say that People should take care of their own business and decide all by themselves what they wish to do. As for dogs, we just have to go along for the ride, and that includes you, Bertie!


  8. Bertie, when I look at your sweet face, I just can't believe Gail wouldn't want to spend every waking moment with you. I guess Gail must do what is right for her. I am sure she misses you and will give it some consideration.

    Loveys Sasha

  9. Seems a perfectly reasonable request to us :)

  10. Bertie, those pictures are stunning! The light is really special there, isn't it? We just think Gail might work from Torridon on Mondays and Fridays, thereby allowing for more beautiful hikes.

    -Bart and Ruby

    So this discussion about football teams north of the Great Glen Fault...does that mean that if there's an earthquake they might float off and become their own league???

  11. Gosh, Bertie, what amazing photographs!!! You are very fortunate to have that cottage for weekend trips aren't you? Strangely enough, She and I often have a similar conversation - surely, She could outsource what She does (She certainly doesn't seem to enjoy it) but She always brings up the same points as Gail - dog treats and vet costs ...... Geez, why do they have to always revert to good old common sense???



  12. Heck, maybe my assistant should outsource her job and then we could move to that beautiful place! Would you mind putting us up for a little while? Just kidding.

    Your pal, Pip

  13. Such a gorgeous place. We think Bertie has come up trumps. Great'd better be sure she gets enough money to buy you treats!

    Love the pictures. Must put it on the bucket list.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  14. Too gorgeous! Yes Bertie I definitely think your Gail should pull a 'Bob' ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  15. We vote Gail should do a Bob. How could she not want to spend all her time with you Bertie? Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  16. Definitely, and our mom should do it too How can they not spend every waking minute with us!

    urban hounds

  17. Yep, Your mom should spend everyday hiking with you, Bertie!!


  18. Its a beautiful place Bertie, but you both have got to eat and that's why its a must for Gail to go to work, she's very lucky she enjoys her job just like my Mom.
    Have a good week
    Hope its not to long before you are on another hike
    George x

  19. Bertie, it pains us to agree with Gail, but when the job is outsourced, so is the money that pays for the house and the cottage and your treats and toys and train trips to visit HGD and HGM. Maybe Gail can telecommute a couple of days a week?

    We're so sorry for the loss of your friend in that terrible accident.

  20. Oh Bewtie
    I hate that the weaslity of how to finance those wondewful weekends and tweats and dogtows has to weew it's ugly head. yoow weekend does look like heaven and I'm quite jelly, as I've had nothing but soggy gwey skyes and mini walks..i am thinking of outsouwcing myself to youw house
    smoochie kisses

  21. I'm with you Bertie... Work is a four letter word after all! Deccy x

  22. Maybe Bertie you could find Gail a work from home job that she could do both from home and the cottage. Then she would never have to leave you. I love the cottage.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  23. Oh Bertie, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could holiday any time we wanted and had our peeps with us all the time. Sadly mum says to get our heads out of the clouds (well Rory, not me. At least your Gail gets to see you at lunch time and take you away on wonderful weekends. Your photos are so lovely. Take care mate. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  24. Could you encourage Gail to work part time? That way you would have more time together and she would still be earning pennies to buy you all your treats. Sorted!

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  25. Beautiful photos! But, um, Bertie. Maybe you should just go to work with Gail more often. What about that solution?!

    But off-shore the job to China? No way! :)

    Keep on bouncing, and I'll keep on wagging,

  26. beautiful pictures.....

    china, not so much...

  27. Dear Bertie,

    Dachshund Daddy about this:

    1. Gail could outsource the boring, time-consuming tasks that come with her job. No matter how good a job is, there are always boring tasks one would rather avoid. Note that such tasks tend to be time-consuming and may very well cause her to miss out on a lot of Bertie time.

    2. Gail would of course continue to handle the interesting tasks and would definitely not miss out on the deep conversations.

    3. As Tootsie suggested, she could take you to work more often. Recent research shows that taking a dog to work boosts the productivity of anyone within 10 yards of the dog. Apparently it has something to do with dog fur.

    As Bob showed us, outsourcing works if you get someone else to do something you're supposed to do and use *a relatively small fraction* of your own compensation to compensate them. worries about funding treats and doggie insurance :)

    Keep on bouncing!