Friday, 12 October 2012

In the balance - a trip to Nottingham

Oh I have been ever so looking forward to a mid-October trip to Nottingham to see my Human Grandparents. Gail bought the train tickets ages ago, first class even, so that I would have plenty of room with no danger of being crushed. She specially planned the journey so that I could have a good romp around Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh en route too.

Now she is saying she's not sure I should go with her next week.

I am rather upset.

I know that Human Grandad is not well after his fall. We are hoping he will be home from hospital in a few days.

Oh but I SO want to see him again, and try to cheer him up. HGD always smiles at me and gives me friendly pats on the head. And it's not like I don't know that I must be on best behaviour. I've been reminding Gail how Human Granny said of me "he's no trouble" last time I visited.

So HGD is very, very wobbly at the moment. But also restless and confused. And HGY is coping magnificently but she too is no longer young and bouncy. Things are difficult.

Well, I would like to point out it's not as if I'm like my predecessor Hamish, who had a reputation for  getting under people's feet. I mean, Gail doesn't have to issue 'trip hazard' warnings to workmen who come to our house these days...

Another of my strong points is providing in-house entertainment. If HGD cannot go out, or concentrate on reading or the TV any more, he can always sit and watch me and my manoeuvres. And I've noticed he likes it when he's in his favourite armchair and I come to I lie at his side and rest my little russet head on one of his always well polished shoes.

I have until Tuesday to convince Gail that I should come with her to Nottingham, to work my own brand of magic on HGD.

Please help me!


  1. I think you should definitely go! Studies show that being around dogs make people feel better, so if Gail really wants HGD to get better, she should INSIST you go!

  2. Oh, I hope she decides to let you go! Remember dogs provide people with happiness! AND you can always lay next to him on the bed and on the couch so he can pet you. Good luck on your quest!

  3. We vote you go to Snottingham Bertie you will be just the tonic. Go Bertie Go. Gail relent Bertie will bring his own magic. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I VOTE that you DO get to go !! It will be super fur HGD and You will be out and about Too.
    I see NO problems with you going and only PAWSitives!!! YES fur SURE you NEED to go.

  5. hi bertie - i know you and gail are scientific folk, so this might appeal to your mum's grandma had alzheimer's as well, and so mum's done a bit of reading on the topic. studies have shown that the presence of a cat or dog can actually reduce those bouts of restlessness and confusion you spoke of and provide a quite calming effect! given this news, i really feel it's in your HGD's best interest that you accompany gail.

    edgar & his mum

  6. C'mon, Gail! You've already bought the tickets! And Bertie isn't a puppy anymore, he's become quite the gentledog. I'll be good for everyone. (and who doesn't need an excuse to"go outside for a walk" when visiting their parents?)

    -Bart and Ruby

  7. I say yes, only because when I feel ill or upset, I love having Stella or Zkhat nearby to pet. As long as you or another younger person can take Bertie out when he needs to go, all should be well. On the other hand, if your DGY prefers you stay home, why thats all there is to it!


  8. I think you should go, Bertie. Recently, when our HGM fell and cut her leg pretty badly and had to go stay at my big sister's house for a couple of weeks, she enjoyed her time there because my sister has two new Abyssinian kittens that kept her entertained the whole time; all she had to do was sit there and watch them, and she said it was better than any TV show! I'm sure you could provide some entertainment and comfort to your HGD while he recuperates. And I know you'd be a good boy and not get under his feet -- you're a sensitive boy who notices when the humans are a bit wobbly, aren't you?

    Good luck to your HGD on his recuperation no matter whether you get to visit him or not!

  9. Well stated case, Bertie. We think you should go. Everyone knows that patting a dog is therapeutic for humans! Just our opinion.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Bertie, watch Gail. We're a bit worried after Angus' latest video link that she may try some of those stunts.

  10. Dear Bertie,
    I’m sorry to hear things are difficult for your family at the moment. No doubt HGY and Gail will be busy working out how best to care for HGD after he gets out of hospital.

    So that you can visit this time, and in the future, has Gail considered an open roofed play pen (filled with your favourite toys and treats - not a prison but a stage area for you), so you can still be in the room with HGD and he can see you and smile at your antics. That way HGY and Gail would know you couldn't surprise HGD, especially if they went out of the room to get something and they couldn’t be on “Bertie Watch” to see where you were in relation to his feet. At other times you and Gail could sit beside HGD, and you would be there for extra hugs from Gail (and a reason to go outside and have "Gail to Bertie" secret conversations) which might comfort her too.


  11. Bertie, you must work on Gail. It is proven that pals like us are good for the humans to be around. It makes the pressure inside of their blood get better and they just feel all better in general. You must go!! It will help to heal HGD in ways that no one else can do. Work on her day and night, don't give up please.
    Good luck my sweet pal
    Loveys Sasha

  12. Oh Bertie you will cheer HGD up so much. We totally agree with Sashay a visit from you will help in many ways. Send our love to your Gail we know this must be tough on her

    urban hounds

  13. We commenters appear to be unanimous about your future travel plans, young Bertie. True Story from mama's Annals: she had an elderly cat who was declining and had just given up. She happened to rescue a kitten - about 8 or 9 weeks old. The old cat perked up like you wouldn't believe, adopted the kitten, and lived several more months. [That's years in human age] We think you'd perk up GHD no end, and if truth were told, just having you around will perk up Gail and HGY, too, in this difficult time. So pack your bags, young man.

    Jed & Abby

  14. You should go! If anything, you will be wonderful for Gail to have around - she can take you for walks!


  15. hey Bertie,

    You tugged at our heartstrings with your post. Of course you should go! Animals, ESPECIALLY us pups, work wonders on the human who is ill. That is why doggies are doing hospital and nursing home work. There is something about us and our loving, adorable spirits that bring cheer to the elderly and sick. You must go and cheer up your HGD! He will love it, and love you even more for it!

    I think your presence will also bring happiness to your HGM. She may be feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I bet a visit by you - a cheery, happy, jovial pup - may really brighten her spirits. :->

    Good luck Bertie! You seem to have 100% support from your pals. And please know my paws are still crossed and we are still sending prayers for your HGD to get well very soon. :->

    Happy trails!


  16. I think you've won the argument all by yourself mate! Everyone knows there is no tonic like a dog. I'm sure you are just what HGD needs. Deccy x

  17. You must go to help Grampy.Pack your bag and wait by the door
    Benny & Lily

  18. We think Riley's reply was addressed safety and the need for both your Granddad and Gail to benefit from dear Bertie's presence...

    Lots of consoling licks to all of you!!!


    Scruffy, Lacie, Stan and Mumsie

  19. Bertie - if Gail should read this - it is a known fact that the older humans greatly benefit from cute furry canine contact - that's why canines get schlepped into nursing homes and such. It is a medical fact that a human will feel better just by being able to touch us or see us do our stuffs...... so to me it's a "no-brainer" of course you MUST go - and enjoy some first class hospitality along the way!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  20. Bertie - There are certain times in life when the presence of a family fellow is needed.

  21. AWWWWW! I hope you get to go and see HGD :( XX

  22. Hey Bertie,
    The benefits you offer are not only to the human Grandparents, but also to Gail. She needs you! Sometimes things can get rough and the humans need fuzz therapy. That's where you step in.
    I vote yes.
    sending lotsaluv to you and hoping that things ease up for HGD.

  23. Oh yes you must must go, there's nothing at all in life better than a pooch to cheer anyone up and to provide things that no human every can, we hope you get to go xx

  24. Bertie, you absolutely must go. Sorry Gail, no doubt about it. We feel everyone will be much happier with you there, Bertie. You are such a happy little fella and we are sure your Grandad would love to see and pat your cute little self. If Gail doesn't take you, Rory has volunteered to go in your place but tell Gail, he loves to sit on laps and we don't want Grandad's legs squished do we? So Bertie, you must insist even if just for the sake of Grandad legs!! Hugs to you all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  25. Bertie-
    Yup, You should go!! Dogs fix everything.
    Your mom will be happier, Your Grandpa will be happier and you will be happier...WIN-WIN-WIN!