Sunday 15 April 2012


So Gail's just back from her cycling holiday and she's gushing about this beautiful wire-haired fox terrier called Wotan whom she met when enjoying an end of tour bière with her friends in a café opposite the cathedral in Metz.

I'm thinking if she's that keen on seeing a beautiful wire-haired fox terrier she could have just stayed home and not banished me to 'camp'.

And what kind of a name is 'Wotan' anyway?

Friends, I have been missing you. Normal service will resume shortly.


  1. Do you believe these humans! Isn't Wotan soup?
    Benny & Lily

  2. Yeah! Bertie's back. Sorry about your mum cheating on you though.


  3. Bertie,
    Your Gail sounds more and more like some sort of fickle huzzy every day. Imagine going off on a tour with some other WFT and then flaunting it in your face while you were stuck in camp with who knows what sorts of riff raff. Do I need to talk to her?


  4. My Mom says Wotan is the German name for the Norse God Odin. No details, thats it.

    So how was camp, Bertie? Did you have any fun there?

    I wouldn't worry about your Mom visiting with other dogs. Mine does that all the time but she always comes home to me.


  5. Oh no, I am sure Wotan meant nothing to her, absolutely nothing. Glad you're back!

  6. Oh my, Gail cant have had her head turn, dont worry. She already has the cutest dog right at home

    urban hounds

  7. You are soooooo right. She has the most handsome WFT right there. But maybe she needed to see that you are indeed the most handsome.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Glad you're back.

  8. Were glad that your back Bertie, whats the meaning of Wotan? :)

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  9. Bertie THIS is simply NO WAY fur YOU to be treated. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING??? Astonishing. I think Gail has Slipped a Cog.
    I certainly am glad that YOU are back with us.. where you are LOVED and Cared About. I'm just sayin.

  10. Brilliant to have you back Bertie! Am sure Gail will forget Wotan now she's home.

  11. Bertie, I think it is horrid that you are being treated that way. I am thinking, however that you need to use this to your advantage. I suggest a few days of sad eyes, whimpers and turning your back to her might indeed get you a nice amount of treats, hugs and on and on. You have beautiful eyes, please use them and let me know how it works. I am glad you are back.

    Loveys Sasha

  12. p.s. Wotan???? Are you kidding me??

  13. Hey Bertie!
    Wow, I think that's horrible! Definitely give her the silent treatment for awhile. Her guilt should win you some extra treats and scritches!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  14. BTW: Isn't a Wotan some sort of a couch or sofa?!? Nutty.

  15. Bertie - Watch out. Gail will be changing your name to Siegfried before you know it .

  16. We're shocked that Gail would be so insensitive as to reveal this shameful indiscretion to you in such glowing terms. Did she show any signs of remorse? Did she promise never to dally again?

    On the one paw, we guess it's better that she did fess up; on the other, she didn't have to tell you that Wotan was beautiful. Anyway, he's a guy, so perhaps handsome would have been a better choice of words...

    Wirey love,

    Jake and Just Harry

  17. Bewtie
    I think I need to have a sewioos talk wif Gail

    Bootiful Fox tewwiew????/Is she blind???she has the most bootiful one wight in fwont of hew nose, sheeeesh

    I've missed you Bewtie
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess.. I hate most of that Wagnew guy, and think the name Wotan is thewe

  18. Welcome back from camp, Bertie!
    Thanks for all the healing thoughts you sent my way -- they worked!

    I hope Gail will give us plenty of info about her cycling trip!

    Keep on wagging,

  19. We hear you, Bertie!!
    Our peeps come home smelling of other dogs all the time! We get left home and they are out there gushing and fussing over strange's just not right!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  20. Welcome home, Bertie! We know it will take you a bit of time to check out the premises and patrol your park to be sure nothing is out of order. We're sure Gail was just petting that Wotan because she missed you so dreadfully and she was racked with guilt at having such a fun trip while you were confined in durance vile. Be generous and let her make it up to you in many, many ways.

    Jed & Abby

  21. Oh Bertie, I hear you - I'm often subject to 'Oh, Groucho, you would not BELIEVE the wonderful Westie we met blah blah blah'. Really? I thought they met a wonderful Westie every day - ie me. Geez, what is it with the humans. Hope you had a good time at camp.



  22. I was just wondering how one pronounces 'Wotan'?

    * Woe-tan?
    * Wot-an?
    * Here boy?

    Glad you are back and glad you enjoyed yourself.