Tuesday 17 April 2012

Gail's cycling trip / Bedraggled Bertie

Can you believe that, having neglected me and gone swanning off to the Continent on holiday for ten days, upon her return Gail has been refusing to help me with my blog, all because she promised her London friends that she would write a report on the bicycle tour?

To add insult to injury, she didn't even listen to my suggestion that she should write it from a canine perspective. And then she ignored all the stuff she tells me, about not writing too much 'cos folk won't have the time to read it.

In the unlikely event you want to read her long-winded (and somewhat idiosyncratic) account of the 'Five Countries' cycling trip - and I have to warn you it contains absolutely no mention of dogs, not even 'Wotan' - you can click here.

And in case you have forgotten what I look like, here is a photo of me, all bedraggled after my morning walk in heavy rain.


  1. Sometimes the world is a tough place, Bertie. Can't believe that Gail can write a treatise without mentioning you....even how much she missed you.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Wow our Dad would want to hear about a 5 countries cycling trip, he is nutso about bicycles. Parents, sheesh! We however would rather hear about you!

    urban hounds

  3. I had a quick look at that report Bertie - and you were right - no mention of us woofers anywhere!! It made me a little sleepy too. Don't worry about bein' a bit damp - but if she starts running' the bath taps......hide under the bed.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  4. OMD... WHAT is up with your GAIL. I can not believe that after leaving you fur like 87 days and NIGHTS.. she refuses to do thingys the way you want.. and then she dared to

    DRAGGLE you out into the pouring rain!!! I think you need to come live with Ernie and ME (Frankie Furter).

  5. Oh my what is wrong with her???

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. Bertie - You could easily have sat in a basket on the handlebars !

  7. Oh little Bertie, what one earth is Gail thinking!
    Bad enough that she is too busy for your blog but she takes you out in the rain. Does she not have a hairdryer to blow dry your furs?
    The human wants to go read what she has been writing but we are not sure we should allow it if there are no dogs.........!
    Down be down hearted little Bertie, the only way is up!
    Much love
    The Aunties xxxx

  8. I'm not supposed to be here either, Humans are just rubbish aren't they mate?! Deccy x

  9. Bertie, If you and the others are all finished whining about one thing or another, I'd like to say my Mom read Gail's report to me and it sounded like a wonderful thing to do. To have all these pals and go biking around Europe, and still be friends at the end. One poor fellow got hurt, but it sounds like not too serious.
    How would you like it if 16 of us dogs, just got to run that far together. We would love it and you know it.


  10. Oh Bertie, we can see the neglect on your little face. That's right little mate, keep up the sad face. You will soon have Gail feeling so guilty she will be eating out of your paw, or is that, you will be eating out of her hand? Oh well, whatever, either way, you win! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. Bertie,
    At least she didn't post it on your blog, right? As if! Like having you talk about an adventure from which you were excluded.


  12. Oh Bertie, this is just NOT right! How could a bike trip be as fun, entertaining and fabulous as life with you! I don't buy it for a second!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: My assistant may pop over and read your assistant's story.

  13. Bertie, they never listen then they expect us too
    Benny & Lily

  14. oh Bertie sad to hear it, But I'm sure next time Ms. Gail will write on your blog, just remind her.

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  15. Deawest Bewtie
    Gail should hang hew bicycle up and have it gwow moss like the one on my bloggie..you awe so much mowe impawtant than any twip she could have had(although, mommi seems intewested). I am having bedwaggled gwey weathew hewe too..i hate it, cause it means no long walkies ow sitting on tewwaces eating nommie foods
    Smoochie kisses

  16. Hi, Bertie,

    Gail's account of her cycling trip is hilarious! It is upsetting, as you remark, that it contains 'absolutely no mention of dogs' :)

    Keep on wagging,

  17. Hi Bertie, I have been reading your blog for a bit and finally felt the moment was right for a first comment! My human and myself have the same problem: we write too much! And then, my human acts all surprised cause no one would comment, but i know that it's because we're writing a blog, not a novel! By the way, my humans loves how your blog is about dogs and science! They are studying Environment & Sustainability at Keele, so really, your blog is about everything they love!

  18. Well Bertie what can I say, words fail me. I'm just gald you are out of boot camp and back to blogging in a fashion.
    Did Gail get saddle sore?
    Have a good week
    Its raining cats and dogs down here, not seen any WFT's
    See yea George xxx

  19. Surely Gail rubbed you dry with a nice, soft towel after your wet walk? It's our impression it rains about 300 days a year in Scotland, so we expect you're used to wet walks.

    Mama is all eager to go read about Gail's trip. When she was MUCH younger, mama used to bike with her Danes, but only for local rides. Has Gail ever taught you to run along side her bike, so you could go for a nice ramble in the country? Of course, she should have a basket on the bike in case you get tired and need a lift home.

    Jed & Abby

    1. Jed and Abby, I absolutely hate, loath and detest bicycles, and will not come within 20 yards of one. No way am I going to run alongside Gail's bike or sit in a basket. Believe me she's tried to make me several times, but thankfully has now given up!

  20. Well done Gail- I only managed to get around the block on my bike recently!

    I have nominated you for the "Leibster award"-it is a bit of fun. You can read about it here


  21. BOL! Well Bertie looks as though you're having a bit of a ruff time of it lately ;) You know, that wet look is really quite becoming on you ;)

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: Contest Today!

  22. hey Bertie,

    I think the females like the bedraggled look in males - gives the vibe of the "bad boy." BOL!

    Sorry you have had such a tough time of late. I hope Gail has all that bicycle nonsense out of her now so she can focus 100% on you. My human has started bike riding again. Silvius is silly enough to follow her but not me. So, I feel your pain, Bertie!