Wednesday 23 March 2011

The Not So Silent Rooms ....

I expect you all want to know what else I got up to during my time at Inshriach House (see previous post) and if I behaved myself.


I went on lots of snowy walks with the humans. 

I am now (almost) always well behaved on walks. Except of course when there are Highland cattle to scare away.

Indoors, I concentrated on looking adorable.

Which worked quite well, especially on Lyn.

This fellow Max joined us on day two. Only problem was, he seemed to be under the impression that he was some kind of a Top Dog. Which of course was JUST NOT TRUE. 

As I told him loud and often. 

We did make friends in the end, after a fashion.  Well, at least for as long Gerry had treats to dish out. 

Talking of dishes, boy, you will not believe how much those humans ate. 

And after dinner we all settled down in the comfy sitting room.
Well I was comfy, anyway...

On Sunday night we listened to Sean read one of his intriguing ghost stories *. The title of the tale was 'The Silence Room'. Was someone trying to make a subtle point about my barking, I later wondered...?

I have to admit I was not the quietest member of the party...

Also, to continue in confessional mode, I did, er, 'dampen' the hall floor a couple of times.

And, I now want to formally apologize to Lyn, for objecting so strongly to her riding in the passenger seat of the Mini. Had I only realized what a fine lap she has, I would most certainly have been gentler on her wrist...

Yes, I must concede that my behavior was not at all times perfect.

However, the fact that the owner of the house will be tucking into a delicious casserole one night this week, made from a freshly killed and very local chicken, has, I want to point out, absolutely nothing to do with me. No, the culprit shall remain nameless.
And you would think that butter wouldn't melt in his mouth....

PS Watch out for my next post, which will be my long awaited important scientific publication on climate change.


  1. Great update...You're having good times walking around with humans and you have a very interesting adventure there even though sometimes you're not that behave...Maybe that kind of behavior is normal to a cute dog like you...^_^

    dog pens

  2. Bertie - Are you upside down in that photograph with everyone in the living room ? Hope that you've not learnt to snore.

  3. Awww Bertie, you are still a young dog...people (and other dogs) need to remember that.

    Looks like a fabulous walk area and with an admiring public.

    Just remember not to bit the wrist that may cuddle you in future.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Hey Bertie Bud,
    I'm disappointed!
    The least you could have done was to shred that book and tell them it was one of his 'phantoms', BOL!
    And another thing...If those humans can have their own damp weather outside, why can't you have yours inside?
    Hope you got some of their feast at that table.
    Sending lotsalicks

  5. Food glorious food! HOLY MOLY! What an awesome time you all had.

  6. what a fun time Bertie!! WOW!! That was some BIG table, ggeezzz...HA! Good job on keeping that other dog in line, he has to know just who IS the boss round there!! WTG Bertie

    Jazzi and Addy

  7. Bertie, that looked like so much fun - glad you showed dat brown rascal dog who was boss! You snooze on the couch just like us - all paws up!

    Buzzy McDuff and Pippa Posey

  8. hey Bertie,

    You had me at "snowy walks..."

    BOL! What a pawsome adventure you had!


  9. I'd say this was a very fine group of people to put up with you, barking at the other dog, dampening the hallway, insisting on a certain seat in the car. We learn by doing, Bertie!


  10. You had one fun filled adventure Bertie, you look adorable no matter where you are
    Benny & Lily

  11. What a lovely adventure. Reading the previous post, of course it's always about you -- no matter what Gail thinks. Snowy mountain hikes, good friends, fine food and drinks --- but still, it's always about the foxy guys. Trust us!!!

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  12. That looks like a lovely time Bertie. Did you really catch your own chicken?! Did you like catch it and shake it? Or did you chase it to death? I am in awe of your hunting prowess Bertie!

  13. Sounds like it was the most pawsome trip....well maybe wit only a couple of exceptions! (oopsies I call em)

  14. Oh Bertie! What a wonderful adventure you had. I think for such a young guy, you do very well. Max on the other paw...

  15. You just spiced things up with your vocalizing and somewhat creative choice of potty spot. They will never forget your visit.


  16. Darling boy So sorry we have been MIA( we simply MUST update our blog....I must tell you about the book Archie ate, I mean read) Listen as for dominance, really we know who really won in the end..Was Toby on the lap in the Mini? Was Toby sitting on a chair for dinner(well we didn't see it but are SURE that happened) I have been a bit busy with the wedding coming up I know I know you said this is a wedding free zone but I am helping out in little ways with Kate( she does know know A THING about what to do and Archie is busy well being just naughty... We are getting more snow as we speak and we are quite distraught but not enough for plows(whew...) WE look forward to the scientific publication although I hope you didn't overdo it.. Love and kisses A+A

  17. Bewtie
    It sounds like you wewe an entewtaining and genewous guest. I know they must have loved having you thewe(I cewtainly would!)
    Tweats always help gweese the wheels of fwiendship, hehehe
    That place fow the hoomans feast is pawsome..wewe you allowed at the table ? I hope?
    smoochie squawe welative kisses

  18. Bertie. What would we do without you and Gail? Our home would be so dull and monotonous. Just from this post we've learned about: tail postures, long long tables with amazing delicacies (we MUST entertain more), chasing cattle, tall shadows, extreme comfort, lap riding and ghost stories. We now have the book on hold at our library, and we'll be practicing some of those comfy poses as Moma curls up with Winter's Bone later this week. (It seems we remember that we may learn more about barking at that time. Yes?)

    See what we mean? You teach us so much. You adorable pooch, you.

    Fergi and Jake

  19. Bertie, what a postitively adorable bum you have, my dear...

    So you dampened the floor?? Strong work...Scruffy dampenes our floor all the time! What a cold slushy walk that was...when does spring come to those ends of the earth??? I bet you just adore the MUD too!!

    Now tell us how the chicken sounded well "fresh"....


    Miss Lacie

  20. Scrumptious! A Country House, a literary gathering, a real homicide [well, chick-a-cide] with the culprit unmasked, a dashing young leading man, er pup. What a weekend! Just like the programs mama likes to watch on Masterpiece Theatre. [That's high-brow BBC entertainment here on our PBS which has not yet been slaughtered by the Republican Vandals, usually costume dramas or mysteries.]